Saturday, June 13, 2009

.: Flower Power :.

I love flowers.
And tho I do think that its a waste of money to buy 'em,
just to have 'em all dried up in the end,
I still love 'em.

Two red roses

A bouquet of baby pink roses

Another bouquet of darker pink roses

A dozen red roses

More pink roses (with Martin bear at the back)

There are loads more in my handphone which I have not uploaded coz I lost the cable and I have no other means of uploading the pics. I am very sure there's another way without cable, but I am too lazy to find out - however, as the capacity of my hp decreases, the desperation for me to offload it off my phone increases. Soon - is all I can say for now!

Well, for the 3 years (and counting) of courtship, JC has on numerous occasion bought me flowers that ranges from one stalk to a bouquet of roses and daisies (I just love daisies). Sometimes as a surprise, sometimes to say he is sorry, and a few to commemorate special events - like passing my final papers or Valentines day surprise [read here].
All the flowers he have given me, I still keep in a big brown box until today.
Just wanna thank you JC for all these special memories - the goods ones, but even the bad ones too, so that we learn to appreciate the good ones even more.
Love you to bitz.

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