Thursday, June 18, 2009

.: 4 Movies And A Review :.

While flying to London, transiting at Dubai, I watched 4 movies on board the plane :

1) Marley & Me

2) Twilight

3) Bride Wars

4) High School Musical 3

And I will never ever trust the judgement of anyone who tells me that Twilight is a great movie. It wasn't even ok, barely palatable. It was just rubbish.

Marley & Me was ok, I cried the part where Marley died, and the family was gathering round and saying a few words before burying Marley....... but sadly, the storyline was just too random. There wasn't a good climax, there wasn't really much substance except for the finale.

HSM3, well I must admit it was ok. I really enjoyed HSM 1 & 2. But if I were to benchmark HSM 3 with the first HSM, I would have to say that the standards have fallen.

Bride Wars was alright, exactly what I expected out of this chick flick (lower expectation mind you). So this movie has meet up with my expectations. If you are in for mindless entertainment, this movie should do :)

Ok, gonna have my dinner soon.......


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