Thursday, December 31, 2009

.: Sayang..... :.

JC : Sorry Dear. You can't touch this blog. You have to say "YES" first ^-^

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

.: Sherlock Holmes : A Review :.

I have been an avid fan of Sherlock Holmes ever since I can remember.

There is just something that I like bout reading a mystery novel that I love, hence I’ve traded Sweet Valley for Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys.

At that time, I have heard of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes, but never got the chance to sink my hand into it until I got it at a discount in one of the Penguin booksales (when I was in Std 6?)

I started off with the first book and finished the whole novel in matter of days.

I just love the way the way Conan Doyle writes of this very interesting character and how his character could brilliantly deduce and come to a conclusion based on his observation of minor details.

And, contrary to what many of you may think, Sherlock Holmes NEVER did once mentioned “Elementary, my dear Watson”

My all time favourite quote from Sherlock Holmes (which CSI Gil Grissom did quote in one of the Las Vegas CSI series) has to be:

“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”

Now, like many good novels, they made Sherlock Holmes into a movie. And I had a chance of catching this movie with fellow ICAEW members & students in Cathay Cineleisure last Sun.

It was a very much anticipated movie as I was not very such how Robert Downey Jr could pull out this idiosyncratic character portrayed in the movie thriller I have seen. And how all this could fit to the notion of Sherlock Holmes from the novel from what I have read. But I must admit Guy Ritchie did a brilliant job into modernizing and reinventing Sherlock Holmes to what, in my personal view, resembles that character of Dr. Gregory House (House M.D).

No spoilers in this movie review, but the ending of this movie practically scream for a squeal, and I am very such that many fans would love that very much.

A movie worth to watch!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Bloggin from Uncle Albert's office! :)

.: Hello, My Name Is ... :.

This year, my name is ShanLyn, not JC's girlfriend *laughs*

Thanks Bridget for the Christmas present (and the last minute handwritten card! *wink*)

.: Photoshoot Lesson with Daniel :.

Photos from Photoshoot 'workshop' with Daniel & the other boys (Brandon, Brendon & Benedict).

Location : Ikano & e@curve & The Curve
Date : 18th December 2009

As I have mentioned earlier, the photos didn't turn out that great systematically, due to wrongly pre-set settings in my DSLR.

Anyhows for the pros out there, do leave (constructive) comments to give other pointers on angle, framin of objects, and other photography tips! Big thanx! :)

Photo # 1 : Show me the way

Photo # 2 : Beware HIGH VOLTAGE (not the boys, but the Christmas tree)

Photo # 3 : Canon D Minor(ity) (the only Canon user among us... Nikon rawks!)

Photo # 4 : Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree!

Photo # 5 : Picture of you!

Photo # 6 : Listen to the rhythm of the fallin rain...

Photo # 7 : 'House of Wine' Cellar

Photo # 8 : Eldest Aunty's place

Photo # 9 : Dim sum, you touch-my-heart

Photo # 9 : I-Dragon, U-Lion?

Photo #10 : Start clowning around!

Photo #11 : Oh Carol!

Photo #12 : Rain-dew

Photo #13 : Rain-deer

Photo #14 : I've got joy like a fountain

Photo #15 : Ele-phunk

THE E.N.D :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

.: Dilbert @ Sales :.

When year end approaches...

And sales is down...

There's only one thing left to do

Thursday, December 24, 2009

.: Congrats! :.

Does this retarded looking picture looks like someone who can scores 8A's for PMR?

Well, be amazed, coz he did!

Congrats Kevin! :)

He usta be so cute (pic here),
but something bad happened to him and now he's like this...

The bad thing that happened was -

HE GREW UP! *sigh*

P/s : Ladies, he is still single, available, and VERY desperate! :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

.: Not Fair! :.


How many times have lil kids, having fun, playing gaily and happily screaming and shouting. And then, in a split second, those merry screams suddenly turned into terrifying shouts and cries.

“NOT FAIR!” they shout out between sobs “he push me first!” “she don’t wanna share the toys” “she took a piece more than me” “he

The word – NOT FAIR, so habitually used by those lil kids, who perhaps have not truly grasps the meaning of fairness.

But what about the supposedly-know-it-all adults?

Do they really know the true meaning of fairness?

Quote an example. Recently, Reebonz have been giving a 12 Days Christmas giveaway contest. At 10am everyday from 12 December onwards, they will upload four collages of photos of bag into Facebook. All the fans have to do is to tag a bag of their choice, hoping that it is the bag that Reebonz will pick as a giveaway for the day. Due to the limitations of Facebook, only 50 tags per photo are allowed.

Well in the morning, everyone waits patiently til the clock strucks 10 and put their motar skills to test. It’s matter of luck (as well as good internet connection for some) as the pictures are very quickly tagged (sometimes in matter of 2-3 minutes, all four photos are fully tagged).

I have participated in this, and there are times that I have missed out – due to slow internet connection and some facebook log in error.

But nonetheless, it’s just a contest and I am having fun participating in it.

But…… there are those who have missed (and have nil sportsman(woman)ship) have only one thing to say bout this – NOT FAIR!

NOT FAIR – only 4 pics where go enough?

NOT FAIR – bags today not so nice!

NOT FAIR – I can’t tag, I am not gonna waste time in some al’cheapo contest!

NOT FAIR – this contest is creating more negativity than positively

NOT FAIR this, NOT FAIR that!

Sigh. It’s just a contest la my friend! Grow up la! Ugh!

.: Financial Jargon 101 :.

The financial terms of relationship status :

Single – listed and actively trading
In a relationship – listed but not actively trading
Engaged – in the process of de-listing
Married – de-listed

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

.: Santa's Humour :.

Why is Christmas just like any other day in the office?

You do all the work but the fat guy with the suit gets all the credit.

Monday, December 21, 2009

.: Avatar :.

Kudos James Cameron for another spectacular cinematography! Well known for his Academy Award, Golden Globes Award & Grammy Award winning hit blockbuster, Titanic, James Cameroon did it again with Avatar.

It is actually quite a difficult task to meet up to the expectations of many, especially with a film like Titanic setting an almost-impossible-to-defeat benchmark, but I am sure many who has watched this show have not been disappointed.

The movie Avatar is basically about a ex-marine, Jake Sully, who has lost the functions of both his legs from a war – was given a chance to drive a body of a genetically engineered hybrid of human DNA and the natives of Pandora, the Na’vi.

The really expensive avatar was actually genetically engineered for Jake Sully’s twin brother, but he was killed. Since twins do have similar DNA structure and all, Jake Sully was the only candidate suitable for the job. And his mission was spy and identify the Na’vi archilies heel, as the Na’vi has become a major obstacle to mining precious mineral from this land.

With almost similar storyline to Pocahontas – Jake Sully fell in love with Neytiri, a Na’vi princess.

Torn between his own race and of the Na’vi, Jake had to pick sides when an epic battle between the two erupted.

How does he make that choice?

Well, one just has to go and catch this movie to find out! *wink*

I absolutely love the graphics and I am sure that those who caught it on 3D would have enjoyed it even more!

Go on, and don’t miss out on one of the greatest films ever! :)

.: Wedding Bells :.

An acquaintance (ex-secondary school classmate of mine) I know just got hitched a couple of days back.

And tho I am not very close to the couple (hence, mere acquaintance), I can’t help but admire them. Their relationship really stood by the test of time.

From primary school sweetheart to a legally wedded couple after 11 years of courtship.

Eleven years. Gosh, some people I know don’t even have relationship lasting for more than eleven months, yet alone eleven years.

Anyways, to the bride and groom (not like they will read my blog anyways) – congratulations Meng Juan & Sarah Tan!

May God continue to bless your relationship as you grow more in love with one another day by day!

Friday, December 18, 2009

.: Celebrating Your 21st :.

Finally 21, and legally able to do everything she's been doing since 15!


.: Yesterday & Today :.

Review of this movie comin up! :)


Today, me & the rest of the CC boyz are getting a crash course on DSLR photography.

I desperately need one as I have yet to open my manual yet. Hehe :)

- Updated -

Today was not a fruitful DSLR day for me. I think my camera may have been set prior to shooting (I think I somewhat adjusted the ISO wrongly), hence, ALL the pictures today didn't turn out that well.

Plus, it was raining the whole time, so outdoor shots were grey and gloomy.

But fret not, this noob DSLR user is not givin up - just yet!

Practise (or practice? *shucks, I never really could get these right - same like borrow or lend*) makes perfect!

Erm, Avatar review coming soon.

Not today, too tired

Not likely tomorrow, I have a full packed day (as usual) tomorrow.

And Sunday is my rest day.


Let's just see how it goes okies? :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

.: My Wishlist :.

In my most manja-est tone “Dear, I want a COACH as a Christmas present”
He replies “Ok, a coach ride to Singapore right?”

Okay, so I didn’t really asked him that…

But IF I did, that would be the answer he’d MOST LIKELY reply coz :

A) He’s absolutely oblivious as to what a COACH is
B) Even if he, for some divine intervention, does know what COACH, he would rather pretend to be ignorant (coz, like all accountant, he’s so darn stingy)

Anyways, thank goodness for super-duper-ally-ooper big-hearted people such as Your Shopping Kaki ( for organizing The Big Bang Series!  ( to reward faithful readers *coff* like myself  *coff* to truckloads of competition and absolutely mind-blowing, orgasmic giveaways!

THE BIG BANG! event will run from 16th December til 31st December where a series of 5 fun contest (plus a bonus contest – that one is entitled to take just by entering 4 of the 5 contest; entering a contest by entering a contest, HOW BE-AWESOME IS THAT!). THANK YOU YSK FOR SUCH BE-AWESOMENESS! :)

And one of the 5 contest is

Now our dear fairy godmother; How2Shop ( has are gonna play Santarina this Christmas and will giveaway one item from the three items on the selected winner’s wishlist.

It is not easy to decide ONLY 3 items to put in my wishlist, as there are plenty of unbelievable items up in their blog. They have Coach (not the ones that goes to Singapore, dear), Nine West, Liz Claiborne, Victoria Secret, Gucci, and many much more!

Note that How2Shop are GENUINELY SINCERE in their giveaways, they are freezing all items for this contest (from the 16th to the 23rd December). And that’s not the only thing that is GENUINE! In spite them promoting the blog as sort of a “pasar malam” type of blog (albeit they sell all different ranges of products) their products are of top quality, genuine (100% money back guaranteed) goods, not those you get from Petaling Streets ya!

Ok, so after much and much of deliberation, I have narrowed down my WISHLIST to these three items (in no particular order of preference) :

1) Liz Clairbone Necklace and Earring Set
(click here to view)

What I love so much bout this is the pendant that looks like a snowflake. So Christmasy and I guess the closest to a white Christmas that I will ever have (I’ve never experience in my whole 24 years life a white Christmas before *sobs*)

2) Flora (Gucci Fragrance)
(click here to view)

I have tested this perfume and I absolutely it so very much! It has a floral scent, with a hint of fruitiness; citrus-like. I love that it is light; not overpowering and it has the clean, refreshing note! I heart! I heart!

3) Coach Brook Op Art Large Wristlet (in baby pink – awwww)
(click here to view)

This is THE ultimate wristlet! Like seriously fallen in love with it. (Dear, THIS COACH LA!). It’s in such a sweet shade of pink. Now, I am not exactly a fan of pink (like Xiaxue is) but this lovely wristlet is just the right. I absolutely heart!

Now, I do hope that this post is enough to win myself one of these three items (or all three!), but even if I don’t win, I’m having fun taking part!

And, because it’s the SEASON OF GIVING, if I actually do win something (or all three things *keep fingers cross*) from this competition, I will actually donate the equivalent value to what I have won to World Vision.

So again, a BIG BIG BIG thanks to YSK & How2Shop! :)

Wanna take part in this competition too? Head on over to YSK to read the rules and regulations on this! :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

.: Two Zero One Two :.

I would say that even tho I have heard positive reviews of this movie, when I finally watch it after 3 weeks since it was released here in Malaysia, I was still awed, inspite of the high expectations I already have.

I anticipated really great effects, what I got was absolutely spectacular effects. Well, one could expect any less from the master of destruction, Roland Emmerich, who was also director of the film such as Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow and Godzilla.

Themed around the Mayan calendar prediction that the world will come to an end on the 21.12.2012, this movie shows in epic proportion how the earth is going to end, combining the world’s greatest catastrophe – earthquakes, tsunamis and volcano eruptions on that very day.

Tho admittingly, one should not expect a great storyline, or a storyline that actually make much sense; like how Jackson [play by John Cusask] could actually outrun an earthquake with his limo, avoid falling skyscrapers in his small plane, and stuff like that.

But one should go for the great special effects, the blast and explosions, the crashing of tall skyscrapers and world’s monumental structures such as the Eiffel Tower, gigantic tsunamis swallowing the shores of India, and all that.

But I must say, the greatest ‘effect’ is those touching on human nature when it comes to situations like this. Aside from all the melodramatic effect, this show also highlights the true character of human when it comes to survivorship.

The integrity of a leader
The faith of a believer
The love of a mother and of a father
The kindness of a Good Samaritan

Afterall, a man’s true character is really tested in time of adversity. How true is that!

.: My Second Cheque From Nuffnang :.

Dear Nuffnang,

Thank you so much for the early Christmas present! :)

Loads of love,

.: Homework :.

Why it is good to always check on your child's homework! :)

.: Kids Say The Darndest Thing – Part IV :.

I was at DUMC’s Christmas play last Saturday.

In one of the scene, the narrator was narrating on the celebrating the birth of Jesus.

“What do we give as a birthday gift to a God who has everything?”
“What do we give the a God who made the sun shine and the ocean roar?”

To which a lil boy sitting from behind me shouted out loud “Mummy, ocean can roar wan ah? Like a lion, RAWR!”

LOL! :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

.: Restaurant Dae Jang Geum @ Section 14 :.

Note : Updated on 31 March 2011 (read here on why we decided to boycott this place!)

So I have tried a couple of Korean restaurants before in PJ and KL, but I have to say that this place is by far the best I have tasted.

Restaurant Dae Jang Geum (if this name rings a bell for you drama junkies out there - its also the name of the show "Jewel In The Palace").

It is located in Section 14, Petaling Jaya (within proximity of the infamous Jaya Supermarket, at a corner lot above Kemaman Kopitiam).

As it is a BBQ place, the grilled meat (of pork, beef, chicken and seafood) is absolutely must! And to top it all, the grilling is done by the waiter/waitress, so one could enjoy the starters and not have to check and flip the meat as it grills on the grill pan. The grilled meat is grilled to perfection. Mmmm......(sorry, no pictures as I was too busy eating! Hehe!).

They have a wide variety unlimited complimentary starters, such as kimchi (a must try - but, like durian, it's more of an acquired taste for some. As for me, I immediately loved it), potato salad, mini Korean pancakes, vegetables cooked in kimchi, tofu, crispy fried anchovies, etc. The choices varies (I notice in my couple of patronage to the place) but the variety is definately aplenty. As it is unlimited, do not feel shy or hesitate to request for second helping, third helping or even forth helping *paiseh* of the starters you enjoy most! :)

The of course, also complimentary, but limited to one serving, steamed eggs (which taste like any ordinary steam eggs, but really nice nonetheless).

If you come in a really big (and HUNGRY) crowd, I would definately recommend to order the Korean pancake (which comes in a special dipping sauce) and kimchi soup, aside from the variety of meats that you can choose to grill.

And then of course a big hearty meal is never completed without dessert. For dessert, they serve complimentary fruits; usually watermelon and a special Korean rice dessert drink (Shikye), which I absolutely love! It's made of basically boiled barley and rice, and taste absolutely refreshing when served chill! Of course we couldn't help but have a second round of this thirst-quenching dessert. Again, it's complimentary AND unlimited! :)





So decided to try some Korean food? Then go on over to this place! :)

Not to worry, the price range is quite reasonable too (considering you can stuff yourself full to the brim). For a party of 8 people, the total bill came up to RM 200++ (can't remember the exact amount), so approximately RM25++ per person.

P/S : If you wanna save more, don't order rice, as a bowl cost up to RM5.

Restaurant Dae Jang Geum

20B-2 & 20B-3,
Jalan 14/20,
46100 Petaling Jaya

03-7957 2613

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