Tuesday, December 8, 2009

.: The Princess And The Frog :.

At first, JC was quite reluctant to watch this movie with me, coz “It is just another cartoon” but after the movie, he sheepishly admit that he “enjoyed the show very much”.

And honestly, so did I.

It is another heart-warming, family-orientated Disney animation.

Tho the storyline is a twist to the classic Princess and the Frog that you and I grew up reading, the main theme to all fairy tales still live through; the once-upon-a-time and the happily-ever-after.

I heart how they jazz (pun intended) up the movie by whipping up a lil bit of musical (mostly jazz, blues and gospel – hence JC claim the reason why he enjoyed this movie, coz he loves jazz). And the characters are all so vibrant and loud and have their own distinct personality.

One of the musical scenes I was tapping my feet to

Unexpectedly, there was a tragic death at the end (the usual deaths in the fairy tales I know is of the villain/villainess – so this was really unexpected) but the sweet ending consoled us of this.

This scene shot does not do justice to the colourful and vibrant colours of this movie

What I like about this movie is that one moment you could be laughing, the next moment tapping your feet to the jazzy musical scenes and the next minute battling to hold back your tears on touching scenes (I almost did cry. Almost but not quite! *in denial*)

Tongue-tied, to the literal meaning

In a nutshell, there are multiple moral values, which not only children; but especially adults, can learn from this movie. Sometimes, we may just be too caught up in the ‘real’ world, that we lost touch of what is really real to us.

Mama Odie

And of course, who can refuse a good laugh alongside?

My fav character - Ray and his undying love for Evangeline (so touching) *sniff*sniff*

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