Monday, May 31, 2010

.: Awwwwsome Pawwwwsom :.

It’s just hilarious when he does the “bunny, bunny, hop, hop” and “awwwwsome pawwwsome” to amuse me! :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

.: I Wanna Watch Toy Story 3 :.

I watched Toy Story 1 – and loved it!

I watched Toy Story 2 – and loved it!

I want to watch Toy Story 3, coz after watching the trailers, I know I am gonna love it! Especially moreso when it is in 3D! :)

What I love so much about the movies in the past are the animated (pun intended) toy characters that seem to hit the right spot in tickling my funny bones. Characters such as:

You’ve-my-faourite-deputy Woody
and To-infinity-and-beyond Buzz Lightyear
and Mr Potato “Picasso” Head
and Rex, Hamm, Squeeze Alien Toys and Slinky Dog
and Bo Peep, Jesse, Emporer Zurg

How could you not love them?

And now, that Toy Story 3 is going to introduce a few more new interesting characters:

Ken, Peas-in-the-Pod, Stretch & Mr. Pricklepants

I’m lookin forward to all these new characters as I am sure that they are funny and witty in their own way – but especially so for Ken, who’s blondeness and plasticness can match to those of Barbie – a match made in toy heaven I must say! :)

Toy Story 3 will be coming to a cinema near you on the 17th of June (if I am not mistaken)

So for the young (like myself *cough*cough*) and the young at heart, catch this in 3D or 2D (if 3D is not your cup of tea) at a cinema near you.

Oh, and for Nuffnang Glitterati members, stand a chance to win movie invites to Toy Story 3 in 3D on the 14th of June! :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

.: Insider Trading :.

Remember my post on The ANAL Analyst? Well, someone left a very long comment and here is my respond to it.

First and foremost, I may or may not know you, so the way you replied shows either:

1)You do know me and may be the person or a person connected to the person I was referring to.
2)You don’t know me and was merely stating your opinion on a situation which you may not have a full story to

Honestly, I think you fall under 1), but hey, that’s just merely my opinion.

To explain myself, firstly I NEVER mention that SHE WAS WRONG in not replying my email. If there is anywhere, please quote the exact word/phrase that I’ve used that implied that she was wrong in not replying my email.

Secondly, it is NOT unusual to follow up with a call if we don’t reply each others email. She and I have repeatedly done the same, because there are some instances where our emails were lost in cyberspace. So me calling her up wasn’t desperation, it was a normal thing that we both would have done if the other didn’t reply. (Wanted to say something nasty about desperation linking to her, but I shall leave this as it is now, for this is not a personal attack, so I’ll just let it be)

Thirdly, even if she was on leave/MC/meeting or that she never received my email, and that was the reason that my email was not replied (which was possible, given that in the past, it has happened) her reason (from her own mouth and NOT my speculation) was that “You did not share with me any info about your company also…” Now, what does that imply to you?

Fourthly, she wasn’t joking. I know.

Fifthly, if she was covering Maxis shares (and could not disclose to me – which I perfectly understand because I had told her that I could not disclose my own company’s info and I wasn’t angry about it at that point in time) she should have just said so. And I wouldn’t feel angry, because I understand. But here point was, again “You did not share with me any info about your company also…”

And, no, she wasn’t joking about the friend-friend part either.

Lastly, I DO know what mosaic theory is - of piecing together infos but, here’s the keyword WITHOUT VIOLATING INSIDER TRADING LAW. But the way she asked tantamounts to insider trading – asking me directly to disclose my company’s info. There is such a thing as insider trading you know, check it out if you don’t know what it is! :)

And I did some check with senior people in the same field, all agreed to my stand and assured me that I have done the right thing.

So, yes, perhaps your opinion of me to be a school teacher rather than someone in the corporate line may be right – that the corporate world may not be suited for me, but that’s for another reason, NOT THIS.

End of it all, I know my stand on this issue is correct.

.: Project Castle : Planning Stage :.

I have been busy. There have been a lot of running around during the weekends.

Like last weekend, I was chauffeuring my cousin, Tammie, around as she does her last-minute preparation to hunt for a room to rent as well as getting a cardi (she’s so darn fussy over the cardi specs, I just give up). Oh, I got myself a pair of shoes in the process.

This weekend, I was running around, meeting up with one of the contractor as well as getting two sinks for my kitchen/laundry room and a tap head from Teka (they are having a warehouse sale in Glenmarie).

Today, JC took leave to settle the MPSJ permit and at night, we are meeting the videographer to check out his portfolio and stuff.

This longer weekend, we will take a break on Friday, most likely going around KL and put my DSLR to some good clicking-work. And on Saturday and Sunday, it will be back to busy weekend mode. Oh, I’m gonna get my hair coloured professionally (for the second time in my whole-life history; it the past, it has always been DIY-ed)

I got approximately one month to lose 20kgs (in order to have a normal bodyweight mind you) before my photoshoot on 1st July. Impossible, no?

I warned my photographer that he better be darn good in his Photoshop skills, or else……

Oh, and the title above is the name of our house reno project code. Internal investment banker joke, you need not get it, no worries.

Monday, May 17, 2010

.: And The Renovation Nightmare Begins :.

Approximately RM80,000 x 25% margin* = RM100,000

That, my friend, is the estimated renovation cost of my lil house in USJ.

So much money for so lil work done.

I am so stressed!

* A margin of 25% as a rule of thumb, coz people will usually end up topping this and topping that. Hopefully not that much for our case!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

.: Happy Teacher's Day :.

To all the wonderful teachers of my life,

Thank you for not only imparting valuable classroom lessons but more importantly the lessons of life.

All of you have played an important role to shape and mold me to be the person that I am today and have inspired me to impart knowledge and experience to others as well.

And today, a day that marks the 365/366 days you are the below to us:

To a mind of flint, the teacher must be iron, and strike sparks. To the empty pitcher, the teacher becomes a well. To the fallow mind, a planter of seeds. To the cluttered mind, a gardener to weed, shape, and clear a space for growing.

To the lens, the teacher is light, and to the mind of light, a lens.

To the sleeper, the teacher is the wake-up call of birds at sunrise. To clay, the teacher is potter, sculptor, and trainer in self-shaping. To the wanderer, the teacher is a knowing guide. To the developed mind, the teacher is colleague, listener, friend.

To all, the teacher is a mirror that shows not only the self but the path and its choices, the task and its demands--the difficulties, the joys. To all and from all, the teacher is a learner, a person--and a prism through which the ordinary continuously reveals itself to be miraculous.

Happy Teacher's Day! :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

.: Top Ten Thoughts Of An Accountant On April 15th :.

David Letterman’s Top Ten

Thoughts That Go Through Every Accountant's Mind On April 15th*

10."If I see one more tax return, i'm gonna jam a #2 pencil through my eye"
9."I think my calculator is talking to me"
8."If I screw up, they go to jail, not me"
7."Why didn't I become something exciting like a claims adjuster?"
6."Should I wear the navy blue suit or the navy blue suit?"
5."Get through today and then a 364-day weekend"
4."Who knew the bright-eyed little boy I once was would grow into such a bitter man with a soul crushing job"
3."Time to fake my death and move to the Cayman Islands"
2."Why did I waste time doing a stupid Top Ten at Letterman?"
1."This would be a lot easier if I was sober"

* Note : April 15th, also known as Tax Day in the USA is the day where USA residents to file in their tax return. Equivalent of 30th April here in Malaysia :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

.: Smitten? Yes :.

.: Blessed Sharing :.

Such a blessed sharing by Mr Lee Chaing Huat (current Independent Non-Executive Chairman of MBF Holding Berhad) in today’s fortnightly Christian Fellowship meet in Hong Leong……

.: We're Born, We Live, We Die :.

"We're born, we live, we die - sometimes not necessarily in that order. We put things to rest, only to have them rise up again. So if death isn't the end, what can you count on anymore? Because you sure can't count on anything alive. Life is the most fragile, unstable, unpredictable thing there is. In fact, there's only one thing in life that we're sure of - It ain't over, till it's over."

I watched Episode 7 of Season 5 on Grey’s Anatomy last night.

Two scenes which really tugs my heart.

One where Derek “McDreamy” and “The Nazi” Miranda, after ranting to each other bout their marriages, was tending to an elderly patient, Rosie. Right before the operation, her husband gave her a good long kiss and bid her “Goodbye”. He explained to the two doctors that he does that everytime Rosie goes under the knife. And when she wakes up after the operation, he will greet her with “Hello”. The scene where after the surgery and Rosie begin to crash (the nurses didn’t attempt to resuscitate her because Rosie had earlier requested a DNR Form). And the old man looking so helpless while begging Derek and Miranda to do something while he tries to revive her by pushing on her chest while telling her to stay with him. Gosh! *sobs*

And the other scene between Izzy and her (dead ex-fiancĂ©e) Denny. She kept seeing the image of Denny again and again. She finally told Denny that he can’t be around and that she needs to move on. She opens her eyes and the image of Denny was gone and she found Alex there. He asks if everything is okay, she smiled and says yes. After he leaves, Izzie turns around and there again, she sees the image of Denny asking her if she is sure that she is okay. *sobs even more*

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

.: My Love Story :.

A floating heart
A gentle breeze
Two different lifes
But one perfect fit

- Dedicated to our 4th Anniversary on the 12th of May –

Special thanks to BeaniPet

If you have ever tried on your hands on a jigsaw puzzle before, you may either hate it and want to have nothing to do with it, or just love it and it becomes one of your favorite pastime.

I fall under the later category.

I love doing up jigsaw puzzles. Yes, it may be tedious and time consuming, but there’s just this joy and satisfaction in assembling the pieces till its complete.

Once, someone told me that our life is just like a jigsaw puzzle. We are constantly searching and yearning to find for the other piece of jigsaw puzzle that fits just nicely into our lives.

Sometimes, we try too hard, and when we found a piece that just about seems right, we thought that we have found the one.

But often time we realize that no matter adamant we are that that was the right piece, if it isn’t, then it isn’t. We can try to pretend that it is, while assembling the other pieces of our life, but there is somewhat this nagging feeling that you know that the two puzzle pieces are not meant to be.

That someone told me that sometimes it takes more than chemistry or lust. That sometimes it is just because-its-meant-to-be that these two puzzles are meant to fit perfectly.

That someone reminded me that in life,
of all the billion puzzle pieces out there,
there is one, and only one,
that is a perfect fit.

And that someone is the same someone I have spent four wonderful years with.
And the same someone that I am gonna spend the rest of my life with.

Thank you for taking this journey with me.

Today, tomorrow and in years to come.

.: A Nightmare On Elm Street :.

Had the chance to catch the premiere of
A Nightmare On Elm Street
last night in Midvalley GSC

This movie is a remake of a 1984 film of the same title
(just a year before I was born - yes, I'm that old)

Well, sorta in a sound effect big BOOM for the scary parts
(which are what most horror movies made of anyways).

Was Freddy terrifying?
Well, have a look at this at tell me if it is?

I find the Joker in Batman somewhat more terrifying.
But the part that irks me the most wasn't the blood splatters or the disfigured bodies appearing and disappearing at every scene. It was really more of the screeching sounds Freddy makes with his razor nails on chalkboards and metal pipes.

Yes, the same one that goes "sccrreeeccchhhh......"

What I really think of this remake?
It was okay, good for someone who is looking for a dash of fright in their life, but for the hardcore horror-movie enthusiast out there, this may be just abit of a child's play for them.

Speaking of which, there's a nursery rhyme which is stuck in my head now

One, two, Freddy's coming for you.
Three, four, better lock your door.
Five, six, grab your crucifix.
Seven, eight, better stay up late.
Nine, ten, he's back again

Friday, May 7, 2010

.: A Job In Nuffnang? :.

I received and email today requesting for me to apply for a position as an
Accounts Executive

Should I, should I? :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

.: And So The Chinese Says.... :.

The Chinese culture is ultra-rich with symbolism. Certain flowering plants and trees, specific animals and mythological beasts, the four seasons, legendary gods and goddesses, fruits and food, indeed, it seems that every action and every sound has its own special symbolic meaning to the Chinese people.

5 Bat (Chinese fuk - wu fuk) - wealth, health, longevity, virtuous life and natural death
5 kind of Seeds - prosperity, growth and perpetuation of the family
Apple - 'Ping' sound like the word for peace. Always associated with peace and harmony
Bamboo - longevity and good health
Celery (kai choi) - deligence
Charcoal - a happy post martial life for the bride
Chicken - form part of the symbolism of the dragon and phoenix in Chinese Wedding as it symbolize a good marriage and the coming together of families
Chinese Garlic Chives - eternity
Clogs - career advancement
Duck - represent fedility in Chinese culture
Eggs - symbolize fertility (after a baby is born, parent will pass out hard boiled eggs to announce the birth; the number of eggs presented depends on the sex of the child; an even number for a girl and an odd number for a boy)
Fish (yu) - sounds like the word for riches and abundance and it is believed that eating fish will help your wishes come true in the year to come.
Garlic - new opportunities coming your way. Sound similar to "counting lots of money"
Grapes - plenty of good things to come and bring success in the near future. It helps to turn bad luck into good luck. More fertility and good infant luck
Honey Dates - intimate love
Leaf Lettuce or endive (sang choi) - vitality
Lime - 'Kat' sound like prosperity
Lotus - 'Lian Hua' in Chinese is a universal symbol of purity and enlightenment. Symbolizes good fortune secured through generations
Lotus Roots (lin ngau) with roots intact and plenty of tubercles - the prosperous offspring desired by the couple as well as longevity of both the couple and their family
Lotus Seeds - blessing with many sons
Multi descendant doll - a prosperous offspring
Noodles - symbol longevity
Oyster (ho shi) - means "good things"
'Pak Hap' - perfect harmony for a hundred years
Peanut - sound like growth. Life pursuits to grow and prosper
Peony (mou tan) - flower of riches and honor, love and affection, feminine beauty and amorous feeling of youth
Pineapple - luck coming your way. Excellent wealth, fortune and prosperity
Pomelo - an ancestor of the grapefruit signifies abundance, as the Chinese word sounds like "to have"
Pumpkin - abundance, prosperity and good descendant luck
Red Cloth - good luck
Sandals - the newly weds clothing
Shrimp (ha) - sound like someone laughing; for happiness and well being
Some Grains - sufficient food
Spring Onion - intelligence
Sticky Rice Cake (nian gao) - sound the same as high. Meaning of attaining greater prosperity and ranking in position
Tong Yuen - a perfect communal relationship
Winter Bamboo Shoots - a symbol of wealth

Copy from :

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sunday, May 2, 2010

.: Wireless :.

How hard could it be to NOT install wires?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

.: First Of May :.

Exactly two more months to pre-wedding photoshoot.
Exactly eight more months to actual wedding day.

And today, Daddy dearest celebrates his fifty-somethingth birthday! :)
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