Monday, May 24, 2010

.: Insider Trading :.

Remember my post on The ANAL Analyst? Well, someone left a very long comment and here is my respond to it.

First and foremost, I may or may not know you, so the way you replied shows either:

1)You do know me and may be the person or a person connected to the person I was referring to.
2)You don’t know me and was merely stating your opinion on a situation which you may not have a full story to

Honestly, I think you fall under 1), but hey, that’s just merely my opinion.

To explain myself, firstly I NEVER mention that SHE WAS WRONG in not replying my email. If there is anywhere, please quote the exact word/phrase that I’ve used that implied that she was wrong in not replying my email.

Secondly, it is NOT unusual to follow up with a call if we don’t reply each others email. She and I have repeatedly done the same, because there are some instances where our emails were lost in cyberspace. So me calling her up wasn’t desperation, it was a normal thing that we both would have done if the other didn’t reply. (Wanted to say something nasty about desperation linking to her, but I shall leave this as it is now, for this is not a personal attack, so I’ll just let it be)

Thirdly, even if she was on leave/MC/meeting or that she never received my email, and that was the reason that my email was not replied (which was possible, given that in the past, it has happened) her reason (from her own mouth and NOT my speculation) was that “You did not share with me any info about your company also…” Now, what does that imply to you?

Fourthly, she wasn’t joking. I know.

Fifthly, if she was covering Maxis shares (and could not disclose to me – which I perfectly understand because I had told her that I could not disclose my own company’s info and I wasn’t angry about it at that point in time) she should have just said so. And I wouldn’t feel angry, because I understand. But here point was, again “You did not share with me any info about your company also…”

And, no, she wasn’t joking about the friend-friend part either.

Lastly, I DO know what mosaic theory is - of piecing together infos but, here’s the keyword WITHOUT VIOLATING INSIDER TRADING LAW. But the way she asked tantamounts to insider trading – asking me directly to disclose my company’s info. There is such a thing as insider trading you know, check it out if you don’t know what it is! :)

And I did some check with senior people in the same field, all agreed to my stand and assured me that I have done the right thing.

So, yes, perhaps your opinion of me to be a school teacher rather than someone in the corporate line may be right – that the corporate world may not be suited for me, but that’s for another reason, NOT THIS.

End of it all, I know my stand on this issue is correct.

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