Sunday, September 30, 2007

.: Nintendo Wii :.


I enjoyed it sooooo much that I'm thinking of getting myself one. Really!

Seat Jian, Jesamine and I went over to Andrew's place after dinner at Sakae Sushi in Subang Parade to test out his Nintendo Wii.

When I saw the Wii Remote and Nunchuck on Drew's living room table, it was love at first sight..... coz it was covered with the most beautiful soft baby blue skin. I just absolutely love it.

After a few tries of getting use to the Wii Remote and Nunchuck, we were ready and rolling to try out the games.

We tried out a few basic demo games (which already I find it So0o0o0o FUN!).

But my favourite was definately Rayman Raving Rabbid.

The characters are just soooooo cute... with lil rabbids running around with a fly swatter or a toilet plunger. Goodness! Sooo cute. Well, not exactly the baby cute kind, but more like the morbidly dangerous adorable kinda look (like the characters in Happy Tree)

Gosh, we started playing Rabbid game this from 11 pm till almost close to 1.30 am. It was really an arm work out all the way, making the Rabbid dance, run, even pumping carrot juice out. Haha!

Words just can't describe how much fun we had, you really have to try it out!

No wonder Nintendo Wii won the console war!

Seat Jian + me playing ping pong

Dear Santa,

I've been a really really really really good girl this year. Can I please please please puh lesssssseeee get a Nintendo Wii this Christmas?

*puppy dog eyes*

Friday, September 28, 2007

.: Milo Is Very Nice :.

There's something that I feel that I should get off my chest this time round.

I made a comment on someone's (which I shall not name) blog, which sparked some controvesy to some people. I do not know if it's just some misunderstanding on my side, or theirs, or both. But I would really like to clarify and express what I have to say.

After noticing some comments made by one of her coursemate, I posted a note on her messageboard which say just this "J sounds like meanie. Is he?" and after several postings later, I just typed in "I think J is a meanie".

To such comments, which I was bombarded by two person.

Well, this is what I have to say to both;

J, I know you and Y have some issues, whether or not is in a joking manner albeit you don't mean what you say/do to her, and it was just something you would do to your close friends or perhaps you have something against her, I don't know. But let me (as someone a few years your senior) give you some friendly advice on this matter.

What you do to others, you might consider friendly, harmless, playful to you. But what you might not know is that you might accidentally offend that person. Don't get me wrong, I'm giving you a benefit of a doubt that you do not intentionally mean any harm to anyone, even to Y.But J, you have to know is that different person reacts to the same situation differently.

Let me quote you an example that you might relate to. For example, me calling you a meanie, if it was the other way round, I would take it as a joke, laugh at it (and perhaps come out with some witty comments to counter it). It wasn't my intention to offend you, or to insult you in any ways. If you have felt that way, then I sincerely apologise and I want to assure you that that was definately not my intention to begin with.

As someone very close to Y, in fact, I've known her far more longer that you or W, I know that in spite of the cool, cold,I-don't-care, you-can't-hurt-me upfront she project to you guys, there's also the vunerable, sensitive side of her that you might have never seen. But I have.

J, I would just hope that in dealing with people, you would try to consider their feelings and emotions. Some people might be sensitive to one issues, others might have a tendency to be more sensitive on another issue. Again, as I've highlighted, different people are different. God made no two alike. Not you, not her, not me.

I really do hope that you learn to be more tactful, some things in life you have to learn to read in between the lines. Sometimes, people don't have to say "By doing/saying that, you hurt me", but from their reactions, their facial expression, body language, etc, you should gather how they feel.

I know your intentions are good. And as W said, if there's really someone who would stand up for Y if she's bullied, you'd be the first to do it. I never would have doubted that, but please, do try to consider what I've said.

To W, thank you for your long comment to defend your friend J. But again, as I've highlighted earlier, it wasn't my intention to offend anyone.

As you have mentioned, it's not really nice to call someone a meanie when I don't even really know him. But to be fair, I ask of you this. Is it fair to call someone other names, like say problem kid, b***h, she-male, etc to someone you only know for a year or two. Let me put it to you this way. If you have a friend you know for life (i.e. from the day she was born) wouldn't you stand up and defend her when she's being treated that way? I'm sure you would, considering that you have stood up for J, someone whom you only knew for like what? Two years, maybe three?

Yes, I agree with you, everyone has his or her pride and ego, which was why J fired back when he was called a meanie. Now, isn't it fair to say that Y has her pride and ego too? Or are you trying to imply that she doesn't fall under the catergory of "everyone"? When she's (in your own words) "targeted and becomes the butt of all jokes", instead of keeping quiet, she stood up for herself, and fire back (though I do not endorse the words or physical actions she uses).

Now, you ask her to ignore it, but on the other hand, you mentioned that if you too were in J's position, you would react the same way as he had? Isn't that contradicting yourself? Why wasn't the same advise to keep quiet and smile applies to J?

Now, please don't get me wrong, I have nothing personal against you or J. But I believe that one should be fair to consider other people's feelings when doing or saying something.

And another thing which I believe that I need to clarify, is the comment that as a family member, I do not see the side that you guys, as her friend see. Well, let me just say that I act both as a capacity of an elder sister as well as a good friend to her. If you think no one provokes her at home, you have obviously not met her brother when his much younger. But I have. And I see her being physical hurting someone, trust me, I know. You can ask her younger brother to verify that.

But as a family member (a close one to that) I know her inside out. She confides in me in almost everything. And I really want to highlight is that if at all there's someone who can judge her among three of us, it would be me.

To be fair, I know Y is old enough to stand up for herself if she's ever at all being bullied. The same way I know J can stand up for himself. But the reason why I posted something in her blog is exactly (I would hope) the same reason why you too had left a comment on behalf of J. And no, it's not because of a free dinner, okay? :)

So dear J and W, I do hope that you take my comments with an open mind and heart. Please let me emphasis that it is not intended of targeted to hurt or offend anyone.

And I do apologise if it had.

I would like to end this, with a statement that indeed milo is very nice.....

p/s: A year your senior is not a few year's your senior. For that, I'm very very very much offended :)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

.: F.R.I.E.N.D.S :.

I went out last night, with a group of my Form4/5 ex-SMDJ classmates.
Besides the usual 3 (Jes, Seat Jian & Me), Ee Wei and Sue May joined us.
We had dinner at a cosy restaurant in Damansara Utama - Euro Deli.

Food was nice. Jes and I had Courdon Blue Pork, Ee Wei had a selection of three sausages (I personally can't recall which 3 types he chosed) and Seat Jian had Mushroom Soup and Pork Ribs (if I'm not mistaken). JC had Pork Knuckle (which I find it sinfully fattening). Though service was kinda slow (there's only two people there).

Sue May joined us later as she had some "errands to run".
Again, like all gathering, we talked about the good ol' days.
We made fun of Ee Wei alot, especially on how skinny he has become (he's really underweight for someone his height).

Ee Wei is studying Mechanical Engineering in NUS in Singapore, under a government grant, in which upon graduating, he will have to work in Singapore for at least 3 years.

We also talked about Jes's new job - she's already gotten her first paycheck, so dinner on her this Saturday :)

Jes, Seat Jian and I (and maybe Sue May - if she's not too busy) will be going over to Drew's place on Saturday to test out his new Nitendo Wii.
Wo0o0o Ho0o0o! I'm gonna kick Drew's & Jian's a$$! Hehe :)

After dinner, we head our own seperate ways, only after making Ee Wei promise us that he WILL contact us when he's back here in Malaysia.

It is indeed good that we were able to meet up yesterday.

After that mini gathering, I went over to Ah Fei's house to have a small birthday celebration with her. Suk Yen bought a cake from Cake Sense, only to realise that Ling Fei name was spelt as Ling Fai and that there was only 1 big candle and 2 small candles. Ling Fei is definately not 12, though her mental age might be.

So there we were, after countless attempts trying to light the candles with a lighter (which in the end I successfully did - I'm so proud of myself *ehem*ehem*), we sang a nice, sweet Happy Birthday to Ling Fai song :)

Really had lotsa fun hanging out with them two, goofing around, talking about absolute nonsense. Laughed till my tummy hurts and tears trickle down my eyes.

A blessing indeed to those who has many friends!
How lucky I'm then.....

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

.: Happy Birthday Angelia :.

A birthday dedication my dearest friend,

Time draweth wrinkles in a fair face, but addeth fresh colors to a fast friend. - John Lyle


.: Mid Autumn Festival :.

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, is a popular Asian celebration of abundance and togetherness, dating back over 3,000 years to China's Zhou Dynasty. In Malaysia and Singapore, it is also sometimes referred to as the Lantern Festival, similar in name to a different festival which falls on the fifteenth day of the Chinese New Year).

The Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month of the Chinese calendar (usually around mid- or late-September in the Gregorian calendar - it falls on the 25th of this month *which is TODAY!*), a date that parallels the Autumn Equinox of the solar calendar.

This is the ideal time, when the moon is at its fullest and brightest, to celebrate the abundance of the summer's harvest. The traditional food of this festival is the mooncake, of which there are many different varieties.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the two most important holidays in the Chinese calendar (the other being the Chinese Lunar New Year), and is a legal holiday in several countries (sadly, not in Malaysia).

Farmers celebrate the end of the summer harvesting season on this date. Traditionally, on this day, Chinese family members and friends will gather to admire the bright mid-autumn harvest moon, and eat moon cakes and pomeloes together.

Accompanying the celebration, there are additional cultural or regional customs, such as:

- Eating moon cakes outside under the moon
- Putting pomelo rinds on one's head
- Carrying brightly lit lanterns
- Burning incense in reverence to deities including Chang'e
- Planting Mid-Autumn trees
- Lighting lanterns on towers
- Fire Dragon Dances

I haven't done any of those not in bold (or even seen anyone doing it), but in Malaysia, it's a norm to see your neigbourhood brightly lit with latterns (both paper and plastic), laughters of little childrens, adults sitting in a corner busy chattering, sharing a variety of mooncakes...

And this year, I manage to lit my very own lattern that JC bought for me.

Hello Hello Kitty!

A Hello Kitty plastic lattern (he couldn't find a Pooh Bear one)....

My lil lattern sitting on the bench at my playground

We walk along the playground behind my house, carrying that lil lattern. I had so so so much fun.

Me carrying my tanglong

Me again, having so much fun!

JC with tanglong

I'm just so happy! :)

Monday, September 24, 2007

.: Mac N Cheese :.

Sudden urge to cook today.
Shall try out a simple recipe of mac n' cheese.....

My Mac N Cheese with lotsa cheese (of course!) sprinkle with crispy bacon and croutons (which is actually just fried bread pieces)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

.: Girl In The Mirror :.

.: Girl In The Mirror : Britney Spears :.

There's a girl in the mirror
I wonder who she is
Sometimes I think I know her
Sometimes I really wish I did
There's a story in her eyes
Lullabies and goodbyes
When she's looking back at me
I can tell her heart is broken easily

Cause the girl in my mirror
Is crying tonight
And there's nothing I can tell her
To make her feel allright
Oh the girl in my mirror
Is crying cause of you
And I wish there was something
Something I could do

If I could
I would tell her
Not to be afraid
The pain that she's feeling
That sense of loneliness will fade
So dry your tears and rest assured
Love will find you like before
When she's looking back at me
I know nothing really works that easily

Cause the girl in my mirror
Is crying tonight
And there's nothing I can tell her
To make her feel all right
Oh the girl in my mirror
Is crying cause of you
And I wish there was something
I wish there was something
Oh I wish there was something
I could do

I can't believe it's what I see
That the girl in the mirror
The girl in the mirror
Is me

I can't believe what I see
oh The girl in my mirror
The girl in my mirror is me me

Cause the girl in my mirror
Is crying tonight
And there's nothing I can tell her
To make her feel alright
Oh the girl in my mirror
Is crying 'cause of you
and I wish there was something
I wish there was something
Oh I wish there was something
I could do

. . . : + : . . .

I wish that there's something I could do
To make the pain all go away
I wish there someone to comfort me
And tell me it's all going to be okay

I wish I no longer hurt
I wish I no longer cry
I wish I live a life of truth
No longer living in lies

I wish you could see the tears
I silently cry every night
I wish you appreciate all this
And try to make things right

As the pain continues to hurt
The heart continues to bleed
My soul no longer sings for joy
It only continues to weep

Only you who can make me happy
Only you who can take it all away
Only you who can drive me to let go
And only you who can make me stay

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

.: Salt and Light of The World :.

You are the salt of the earth. But if salt loses its flavor, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled on by people. You are the light of the world. A city located on a hill cannot be hidden. People do not light a lamp and put it under a basket but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before people, so that they can see your good deeds and give honor to your Father in heaven. (Matthew 5:13-16)

Friday, September 14, 2007

.: Conversation With God :.

"Lord... why do I have to endure such pain. I feel so unappreciated and taken for granted. I feel that there's no one out there to defend me, even those close to me" she cried out.

"Why do I have to endure all this Lord? I try to be nice. I go all way out to do what I can possibily do for them, but at the end of the day... I feel so discouraged...Not a word of 'thank you' not a pat on the back, nothing... Do you know how it feels Lord?" she added in between sobs

"My child, I know what you're going through. To sacrifise your time and effort, and at then end of it all, you're treated like this. How can I not know how you feel, my child? I've endured the worst pain, gave the ultimate sacrifise, for all of you, whom I love, and yet, many still turn their back against Me. "

"But Lord, I'm discouraged. I feel that there's no point doing good. There's no point going the extra mile for anyone, coz they don't appreciate what I do for them. In fact, some even start to take me for granted. I feel so sadden by this Lord. I'm really discouraged...." she said.

"Don't be discourage my child. What you're doing is seeking approval or acknowledgement from another human being. They, like you, are not perfect. Sometimes, they forgot to say 'Thank You' or 'I appreciate that'. Just like how you sometimes forget to thank the ones who are there for you. But I see all this. I see you intentions. I see your good heart."

"My child, I'm really proud of you. You're slowly developing into a young lady after My own heart. And sure, I see you stumble along the way. But I promise I will be very patient with you. I'm proud of you. Do not do something just to please others or to please yourself. Do something to please Me. Any you know that you will never be disappointed with Me. That's a promise my child. Remember, I'm proud of you."

Thursday, September 13, 2007

.: Off To UK...... Not :.

A friend of mine from Mauritius, whom I got to know in my ICAEW classes has been corresponding with me through email. After a few emails, he invited me to go along with him to UK. No, not for holidays, but for the ICAEW revision course.

An invitation to go to UK seems tempting. Afterall, I've not step foot outside South East Asia region. The only two overseas countries I've been to is Thailand (once) and Singapore (trice) - even Thailand is not technically considered overseas coz we are connected by land, but we shall leave that at that.

Hmmm... But as tempting as it may sound, it wouldn't really be a holiday for me as I will be spending full time either attending revision courses or doing my own revision at the very last minutes (which will be approx a week before exams). Plus the cost of flight, and the revision course fees, food and accomodation.....I just can't seem to affort it at this point in time.

Unless I can get someone to fully/partially sponsor me there. Then I might reconsider :)

.: Band Aids :.

There are the type of girls, that guys dream to be with, but often than not, out of their leagues. The drop dead gorgeous, beautiful, model-like kinda girls.

Then there are the type of girls, that guys would want to spend the rest of their lives with. The sweet, demure, polite kinda girls.

And then, there are the type of girls, that is what I would like to refer to as "band aids". They are neither beautiful, neither demure and nice, but they are type where guys go to when the hurt themselves for being with the first type of girl. When they need to heal from a broken heart. And then, just like all band aids, they are being discards and guys will leave them for the sweet, demure girls.

Interesting isn't it? But there's a reason that there are these three different catergory of girls. All seem to co-exist, one without another, the world would not just go round.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

.: Perhaps Love :.

Perhaps, after all, romance did not come into one's life with pomp and blare, like a gay knight riding down; perhaps it crept to one's side like an old friend through quiet ways; perhaps it revealed itself in seeming prose, until some sudden shaft of illumination flung athwart its pages betrayed the rhythm and the music; perhaps ... perhaps ... love unfolded naturally out of a beautiful friendship, as a golden-hearted rose slippling from its green sheath.
~ L.M. Montgomery~

Dedicated to my bestest best friend, who in-spite of knowing me inside out,
still loves me for who I am :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

.: I Love You Too :.

Why is it so difficult to tell the person you love that you love them?

The first time I remember my dad saying that was when I had an arguement with both my parent when I was 18.

The second time was on the day I send in my resignation letter.

The third time, an sms on my exam day, which I still keep.

My dad is indeed a man of very little words. And someone who doesn't exactly expresses his emotions very much. So it does mean alot to me when the words "I Love You" are said.

Dad, I love you too.....

Saturday, September 8, 2007

.: Hope : Wondering Still ... :.

Why do I still hope that you see me as a girl, rather than some good old buddy you hang out with?
Why do I still hope that you treat me like a princess, rather than some football teammates after a match?
Why do I still hope you feel the way I feel towards you?
Am I really not just like any other girl?
In hope that circumstances were different,
In hope that we would have met differently,
Would I still hope for that chance?
Or will we still end up the way we are now?

I am still your friend, your buddy, your pal...
But am I the girl you really want to spend the rest of your life with?
I am still treated like one of the guys; the crude jokes, the sinister plans, the roughness and masculinity of everything...
Am I really the kinda girl you'd want to flirt with?
The kinda girl you want to fall in love with?
The kinda girl you want to share your happiness with?

Or I will always be the girl you go to when you're feeling down
Or when you screw up your job
Or when you're lonely and needed company
For I'm always available for you whenever you need me

Will this really forever be my fate?
That the chance of being seen as a beautiful swan rather than an ugly duckling only happens in fairytales?
Keeps me wondering still.......


Saturday, September 1, 2007

.: You Belong To Me : Jason Wade :.

.: You Belong To Me : Jason Wade :.

See the pyramids around the Nile
Watch the sun rise
From the tropic isle
Just remember darling
All the while
You belong to me

See the market place
In old Algiers
Send me photographs and souvenirs
Just remember
When a dream appears
You belong to me

And I'll be so alone without you
Maybe you'll be lonesome too

Fly the ocean
In a silver plane
See the jungle
When it's wet with rain
Just remember till
You're home again
You belong to me

Oh I'll be so alone without you
Maybe you'll be lonesome too

Fly the ocean
In a silver plane
See the jungle
When it's wet with rain
Just remember till
You're home again
You belong to me

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