Saturday, September 8, 2007

.: Hope : Wondering Still ... :.

Why do I still hope that you see me as a girl, rather than some good old buddy you hang out with?
Why do I still hope that you treat me like a princess, rather than some football teammates after a match?
Why do I still hope you feel the way I feel towards you?
Am I really not just like any other girl?
In hope that circumstances were different,
In hope that we would have met differently,
Would I still hope for that chance?
Or will we still end up the way we are now?

I am still your friend, your buddy, your pal...
But am I the girl you really want to spend the rest of your life with?
I am still treated like one of the guys; the crude jokes, the sinister plans, the roughness and masculinity of everything...
Am I really the kinda girl you'd want to flirt with?
The kinda girl you want to fall in love with?
The kinda girl you want to share your happiness with?

Or I will always be the girl you go to when you're feeling down
Or when you screw up your job
Or when you're lonely and needed company
For I'm always available for you whenever you need me

Will this really forever be my fate?
That the chance of being seen as a beautiful swan rather than an ugly duckling only happens in fairytales?
Keeps me wondering still.......


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