Thursday, September 13, 2007

.: Off To UK...... Not :.

A friend of mine from Mauritius, whom I got to know in my ICAEW classes has been corresponding with me through email. After a few emails, he invited me to go along with him to UK. No, not for holidays, but for the ICAEW revision course.

An invitation to go to UK seems tempting. Afterall, I've not step foot outside South East Asia region. The only two overseas countries I've been to is Thailand (once) and Singapore (trice) - even Thailand is not technically considered overseas coz we are connected by land, but we shall leave that at that.

Hmmm... But as tempting as it may sound, it wouldn't really be a holiday for me as I will be spending full time either attending revision courses or doing my own revision at the very last minutes (which will be approx a week before exams). Plus the cost of flight, and the revision course fees, food and accomodation.....I just can't seem to affort it at this point in time.

Unless I can get someone to fully/partially sponsor me there. Then I might reconsider :)

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