Thursday, September 27, 2007

.: F.R.I.E.N.D.S :.

I went out last night, with a group of my Form4/5 ex-SMDJ classmates.
Besides the usual 3 (Jes, Seat Jian & Me), Ee Wei and Sue May joined us.
We had dinner at a cosy restaurant in Damansara Utama - Euro Deli.

Food was nice. Jes and I had Courdon Blue Pork, Ee Wei had a selection of three sausages (I personally can't recall which 3 types he chosed) and Seat Jian had Mushroom Soup and Pork Ribs (if I'm not mistaken). JC had Pork Knuckle (which I find it sinfully fattening). Though service was kinda slow (there's only two people there).

Sue May joined us later as she had some "errands to run".
Again, like all gathering, we talked about the good ol' days.
We made fun of Ee Wei alot, especially on how skinny he has become (he's really underweight for someone his height).

Ee Wei is studying Mechanical Engineering in NUS in Singapore, under a government grant, in which upon graduating, he will have to work in Singapore for at least 3 years.

We also talked about Jes's new job - she's already gotten her first paycheck, so dinner on her this Saturday :)

Jes, Seat Jian and I (and maybe Sue May - if she's not too busy) will be going over to Drew's place on Saturday to test out his new Nitendo Wii.
Wo0o0o Ho0o0o! I'm gonna kick Drew's & Jian's a$$! Hehe :)

After dinner, we head our own seperate ways, only after making Ee Wei promise us that he WILL contact us when he's back here in Malaysia.

It is indeed good that we were able to meet up yesterday.

After that mini gathering, I went over to Ah Fei's house to have a small birthday celebration with her. Suk Yen bought a cake from Cake Sense, only to realise that Ling Fei name was spelt as Ling Fai and that there was only 1 big candle and 2 small candles. Ling Fei is definately not 12, though her mental age might be.

So there we were, after countless attempts trying to light the candles with a lighter (which in the end I successfully did - I'm so proud of myself *ehem*ehem*), we sang a nice, sweet Happy Birthday to Ling Fai song :)

Really had lotsa fun hanging out with them two, goofing around, talking about absolute nonsense. Laughed till my tummy hurts and tears trickle down my eyes.

A blessing indeed to those who has many friends!
How lucky I'm then.....

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