Monday, January 28, 2008

.: Poo(h)l Day Out (V2) :.

Venue : The Curve, Mutiara Damansara.
Time : 8:00 GMT+8 , strictly not MST ( Malaysian standard time, GMT+8 + 30mins
Dresscode : Whatever (as long as you are wearing something non-offensive)
Event : Inter-guitarist , pooh and toothbrush fetisher British Pool Tourney. No transport provided unless explicitly requested, asked, and begged.

Since Pooh have been 'released' from the clutches of her partner, she decided to celebrate his absence with a round of pool. Well actually it's not going to be a tournament, rather it'll be somewhat a walk over. Just sit back, relax and lose. =)

Pooh, again you're reminded to watch your back. I don't want you to turn another healthy male into a homo. I know I know, I'm still sluggish from another round overnighting in office with meager amount of rest but you all can continue worrying. I'll be sure to pack enough punch to send you crying for COD4 instead.

Posted by Shiro at 10:37 PM

Well, all of this would have happened IF Shiro kept his promise and not ffk-ed us at the 11th hour. Can't believe that he just ditched our plan just like that!

Shiro - if it's because of a girl, SJian & I will NEVER forgive you. NEVER !

Ok, so Shiro did tell me that he couldn't make it coz he has no transport. But knowing Casanova Drew (he was a player back in those days), he must have arranged a date with some poor innocent, sweet young thing - and forgotten bout it, until she reminded him or something.

[ Yes Drew, I'm trying to tarnish your image... *muahahaha* evil laugh ]

But after all said and done, you know we will forgive Drew over, say, another buffet (on top of the one you already promised?) *wink*

Hopefully he doesn't ffk us again on Wednesday!

- Wednesday's Updates -

Note : No human/animals were harmed during the course of my pool game/practice.

So Drew & I (SJian decided not to join us) met up in Cineleisure to play (or should I say practice) our pool skills.

It was RM 3 per game, we play 4 games, so that would be RM 12 right?


Somehow, Drew manage to jimmy the pool table, and we only paid RM 9 :)

Anyhows, it started with Drew winning the first game.

And the second game.

But at the third game, I won. Well, actually I accidentally shot the black ball towards the end of the game - which means game over for me. But since it was only both of us, we decided to continue on - and I "won".

Ok, so the score was 2-1 to Drew.

I started the fourth game (with lack of strength - didn't even break properly). Drew managed to hole a solid. I missed mine. He nailed another. I missed again. He again nailed it. I again missed. He was obviously leading and going to win. But lil did he know I was trying to make him think that he was winning, when I started to display all my skills. One ball after another, with accuracy and precision (and of coz a lil bit of luck), I manage to take the lead...... and in the end WON! :)

In the end it was a 2-2 draw, but I was already satisfied. Drew thought we had played 5 games and he had won 3-2, but it was just a fraction of his imagination or due the anaesthetic of his operation weeks ago (whichever you prefer Drew- coz it doesn't change the facts that it was a draw) *wink*wink*

Absolutely satisfied, especially that I wasn't in a very good mood today.

Thanks Drew! GG! :)

Drew's comments & my response:

Wow gee, what a splendid journal this would turn out to be without some misguided and definitely misleading statements.

Whatever, let me graciously point out :-

1. I'm not a player.Yes you are.

2. I'm no Casanova! What gives you ( and the rest ) that idea? The one where I had 2 gfs simultaneously in HELP in additional of the one in Taylors was a lie. I was only loyal to the one in Taylors. Yeah, whatever gave me AND 20 other people that idea? I wonder?

3. Those points put right, I didn't ffk because of a girl. It's entirely because of transport. You should take a leaf from Gene's book. Granted it was Luke that picked me up from USJ, but Gene was the one who offered it in the first place and he did send me back from Tbun in the dead of the night. You should pick me up too =D Knowing that I have a terribly strict curfew and I have to drive all the way from KL to Subang to Curve to Subang and back to Damansara Utama, I think the whole journey would take at least 3-4 hours, and it would waaaayyy pass my curfew. Unless you do not mind answering to my Dad :)

4. -.- How many buffet do I actually owe? I only recall one, when I suggested Sakae Sushi. I was thinking none of us actually tried the japanese wine and would like to. I don't mind Sheraton as long as it have raw salmon ^^.
BUT If visiting me is hospital was too much of an effort, please by all means stay away. I can't remember how many you have actually owed us. I can't keep track of anything more than my the fingers on my two hands. *wink*wink* Plus, I never did said that visiting you in the hospital was too much of an effort.

5. I didn't "ffk" as much as you think. I unlike some fortunate people don't own a car. When I do get a hold of a car I willingly picked everyone of you if needed without complaint. Did I ever once said anything about my past generosities and whatnots? Wait, probably it's all forgotten. Erm, you do ffk us quite often. I wouldn't want to list it all down here, to lenghty.

6. The pool game was totally biased. You must have set the table or something up =.= I mean, seriously... You shots looks like some pinball machine with the balls flying everywhere and finally dropping in. It's called skills Drew. Skills.

7. It's practice, not practise. Anesthetic, not anaesthetic. And Shiro, not Drew xD Some people are not as fortunate as some who are actually dyslexic. Don't have to point out my misspellings to the whole wide world you know. *shakes head* Shiro = Drew = Shiro. Get used to it! *wink*

Saturday, January 26, 2008

.: T.S.L Again :.

T.S.L again...

John is flying off to Miri again tomorrow evening, and will only be back on Tue evening.

Was already planning with my buddies to play pool @ Cineleisure : The Curve tomorrow, straight after sending him to the airport. It's been quite some time since I played pool, though Dinah did reminded me not to let the whole "Ching Kang" incident happen again. *blush*

Promise I won't guys........

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

.: From This Moment On :.

Dedicated to my future husband - whoever you may be... *wink*wink*

.: From This Moment - Shania Twain :.

I do swear that I'll always be there
I'd give anything and everything
And I will always care.
Through weakness and strength,
Happiness and sorrow,
For better, for worse,
I will love you with every beat of my heart.

From this moment life has begun
From this moment you are the one
Right beside you is where I belong
From this moment on

From this moment I have been blessed
I live only for your happiness
And for your love I'd give my last breath
From this moment on

I give my hand to you with all my heart
Can't wait to live my life with you, can't wait to start
You and I will never be apart
My dreams came true because of you

From this moment as long as I live
I will love you, I promise you this
There is nothing I wouldn't give
From this moment on

You're the reason I believe in love
And you're the answer to my prayers from up above
All we need is just the two of us
My dreams came true because of you

From this moment as long as I live
I will love you, I promise you this
There is nothing I wouldn't give
From this moment
I will love you as long as I live
From this moment on
One of my most favourite Wedding Songs.
Listening to it makes me feel so romantic-asy.

Monday, January 21, 2008

.: Paid In Full :.

There once was a man named George Thomas, pastor in a small New England town. One Easter Sunday morning he came to the Church carrying a rusty, bent, old bird cage, and set it by the pulpit. Eyebrows were raised and, as if in response, Pastor Thomas began to speak...

'I was walking through town yesterday when I saw a young boy coming toward me swinging this bird cage. On the bottom of the cage were three little wild birds, shivering with cold and fright. I stopped the lad and asked, 'What you got ther e, son?' 'Just some old birds,' came the reply.

'What are you gonna do with them?' I asked.

'Take 'em home and have fun with 'em,' he answered 'I'm gonna tease 'em and pull out their feathers to make 'em fight. I'm gonna have a real good time' 'But you'll get tired of those birds sooner or later. What will you do?'

'Oh, I got some cats,' said the little boy. 'They like birds. I'll take 'em to them.'

The pastor was silent for a moment. 'How much do you want for those birds, son?'

'Huh?? !!! Why, you don't want them birds, mister. They're just plain old field bird s. They don't sing. They ain't even pretty!'

'How much?' the pastor asked again.

The boy sized up the pastor as if he were crazy and said, '$10?'

The pastor reached in his pocket and took out a ten dollar bill. He placed it in the boy's hand. In a flash, the boy was gone.

The pastor picked up the cage and gently carried it to the end of the alley where there was a tree and a grassy spot Setting the cage down, he opened the door, and by softly tapping the bars persuaded the birds out, setting them free.

Well, that explained the empty bird cage on the pulpit, and then the pastor began to tell this story.

One day Satan and Jesus were having a conversation. Satan had just come from the Garde n of Eden, and he was gloating and boasting. 'Yes, sir, I just caught the world full of people down there. Set me a trap, used bait I knew they couldn't resist. Got 'em all!'

'What are you going to do with them?' Jesus asked.

Satan replied, 'Oh, I'm gonna have fun! I'm gonna teach them how to marry and divorce each other, how to hate and abuse each other, how to drink and smoke and curse. I'm gonna teach them how to invent guns and bombs and kill each other. I'm really gonna h ave fun!'

'And what will you do when you get done with them?' Jesus asked. 'Oh, I'll kill 'em,' Satan glared proudly. 'How much do you want for them?' Jesus asked

'Oh, you don't want those people. They ain't no good. Why, you'll take them and they'll just hate you. They'll spit on you, curse you and kill you. You don't want those people!!'

'How much?' He asked again.

Satan looked at Jesus and sneered, 'All your blood, tears and your life.'

Jesus said, 'DONE!'

Then He paid the price.

The pastor picked up the cage he opened the door and he walked from the pulpit.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

.: Nicholas Sparks : The Notebook :.

The reason it hurts so much to separate is because our souls are connected. Maybe they always have been and will be. Maybe we've lived a thousand lives before this one and in each of them we've found each other. And maybe each time, we've been forced apart for the same reasons. That means that this goodbye is both a goodbye for the past ten thousand years and a prelude to what will come.

When I look at you, I see your beauty and grace and know they have grown stronger with every life you have lived. And I know I have spent every life before this one searching for you. Not someone like you, but you, for your soul and mine must always come together. And then, for a reason neither of us understands, we've been forced to say goodbye.

I would love to tell you that everything will work out for us, and I promise to do all I can to make sure it does. But if we never meet again and this is truly goodbye, I know we will see each other again in another life. We will find each other again, and maybe the stars will have changed, and we will not only love each other in that time, but for all the times we've had before.

Having watched The Notebook, the movie adaptation to Nicholas Sparks novel, just the other day, I was drawn to read this romance novel for myself. I was truly mesmerised by the words he used in this novel, romantic but in a not so corny kinda way. How can you not fall in love again and again with this author's masterpieces?

Quotes from his novels like;

Poets often describe love as an emotion that we can't control, one that overwhelms logic and common sense. That's what it's like for me. I didn't plan on falling in love with you, and I doubt that you planned on falling in love with me. But once we met, it was clear that neither of us could control what was happening to us. We fell in love, despite our differences, and once we did, something rare and beautiful was created. For me love like that has happened only once, and that's why every minute we spent together has been seared in my memory. I'll never forget a single moment of it.

You are the answer to every prayer I've offered. You are a song, a dream, a whisper, and I don't know how I could have lived without you for as long as I have.

You are my best friend as well as my lover, and I do not know which side of you I enjoy the most. I treasure each side, just as I have treasured our life together.

I would recommend that those who had only watched the movie, read this novel as well, and vice versa, because the emphasis of the movie and novel was slightly different. The movie encircled more on the courtship between Noah & Allie during summer, while the novel was more on them meeting again for the second time. Having blend both visual(from the movie) and the lyrical beauty of the emotions he so wonderfully brought out in his novel, it's the ultimate perfect love story!

Makes me wonder if there ever will be a "Noah" in my life.......

Thursday, January 17, 2008

.: American Gangster :.

After dinner at Genki Sushi in KLCC on Wednesday (I've been spending alot on food recently); kor and I watched American Gangster staring Denzel Washington (as Frank Lucas) and Rusell Crowe (as Detective Richie Roberts).

Taglined - There are two sides to the American dream, this movie set in the 1970s revolves around the life of Frank Lucas a heroin kingpin from Harlem who is smuggling drugs from the deep jungle of Vietnam using the US army planes returning from the Vietnam war back then. Richie Roberts, a rookie detective juggling a failed marriage, late night law classes and his career; attempts to bring down Lucas' drug empire.

It was really an enjoyable movie, plots and outlines almost somewhat similar to the Godfather. A lil draggy, but a good watch nonetheless.

.: Visiting Hours :.

On Thursday night, right straight from work, Seat Jian & Jesamine & I visited Drew in Sunway Medical Centre.

He was there to undergo an operation to remove his wisdom tooth that was growing the wrong way, causing a growth at his upper jaw, near his left cheek. He seems fine after the operation, he could even joke and at one point smile (I tricked him into doing that and he just feel for it - slow), only to suffer the consequences later. (He couldn't smile coz it actually hurts his upper jaw *wink*).

But besides smiling, everything else seems to be working ok! Thank goodness the operation went well and he even had a souvenir to bring back home. Biohazard it was labeled.

We were there from about 8pm till 9pm plus, where the guard had to shoo us out as it's way past the visiting hours. As we were about to go out, an frail old man lying opposite of Drew called us out. In a soft, crackled voice he said (in Cantonese) "Can you please help me?"

Seat Jian and I walked towards him and Seat Jian asked what was it that he wanted help with.

He slowly lifted his hands and pointed his bony fingers upwards; muffling something that both of us could not grasp.

Thinking that he might have wanted his curtain pulled closed, Seat Jian was about to pull the curtains for him, until two nurses came and asked him in BM "What do you want?"

He was mumbling something and later, one of the nurse replied "Oh, you're cold isn't it?" And she took the blanket and covered him up.

It was such a pitiful sight, coz the frail, helpless old man reminds me of my grandpa after he went through two operations. And it was such a sad scene to see this old man there all alone with no one by his side. It's not right for me to pass any judgements, for I do not know the exact situation, but I really feel that there should be someone to accompany him for the night. I mean, here I see, an old man, frail, helpless and sick; spending the night alone in a cold, hospital. I started to imagine his life - how he must have worked so hard to raise his family; by the looks of his tanned skin, most likely labour work. And now, he's "abandoned"; all alone....


Maybe I just think to much and have misjudged the whole situation.

But I can't help but to have him in my prayers that night.....

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

.: Call of Duty 4 @ TBun : The Sequel :.

When Drew called me for another round of Call Of Duty 4 @ TBun in Aman Suria, how could I resist? Click here for the story of my first time playing this game :)

I mean, this guy here is giving me an open invitation to whoop his a$$, which I did - well kinda anyways (I killed him once).

This time round, I was given a more proper tutorial by Seat Jian aka Cmdr Despair. At least now I know how to crouch, crawl, aim, use grenade (see I got the spelling right this time!) and use the knife, unlike the first time round where I only know how to walk up and down and shoot (Drew didn't even bother teaching me to right click the mouse to aim!). So this time round, I manage to hunt more people down (hehe - me likey the smell of bloooood *evil grin*) to average out about 3 per game. My highest score for the night was 6 people *beaming smile* I'm so proud of myself.

Though minutes before I retired from my game, Lucas aka Luco was shouting out loud
"Wei, why this stupid PoohBear blocking my way!"

Darn, isn't people more forgiving to newbies anymore?

So after a few matches, and because of my curfew (tell me about it, I'm already 22 years old and am STILL bounded by curfew set not only by my parents but also by Mr JC himself), we headed to the nearby mamak and had a drink plus
roti cheese plus mee goreng mamak plus roti tissue (it was suppose to be for a drink only) and then headed back home. I reached home at about close to 1am. I had a hard time getting out of bed the next morning! :(

Sorry guys, next time I will drive so that you don't have to fetch me back so early and continue with your games okies?

TBun next week again Drew? *wink*wink*

.: Get Well Soon Drew :.

Myspace Comments at

.: Kevin's Birthday :.

To my dearest cousin Kevin....
Gone are the days where you were just an innocent lil baby in diapers,
Calling me jie-jie in your cute lil voice,
Giving me that big cute smile with your two front tooth sticking out,
The smell of your baby hair,
How you used to cling to me and hold my hand.

As the years passes by,
I've watch you grown right under my nose,
You've now become a bright young man,
Hopefully a man after God's heart.

I want to wish you a really happy and blessed birthday today;
And may you receive more happiness and blessings in the days to come.
January 15, 2008

Saturday, January 12, 2008

.: Come What May :.

.: Come What May : Nicole Kidman & Ewan McGregor :.

Never knew I could feel like this
Like I've never seen the sky before
Want to vanish inside your kiss
Every day I love you more and more
Listen to my heart, can you hear it sings
Telling me to give you everything
Seasons may change, winter to spring
But I love you until the end of time

Come what may
Come what may
I will love you until my dying day

Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place
Suddenly it moves with such a perfect grace
Suddenly my life doesn't seem such a waste
It all revolves around you
And there's no mountain too high
No river too wide
Sing out this song and I'll be there by your side
Storm clouds may gather
And stars may collide
But I love you until the end of time

Come what may
Come what may
I will love you until my dying day

Oh, come what may, come what may
I will love you, I will love you
Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place

Come what may
Come what may
I will love you until my dying day

Celebrating our 20th month together.....


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare @ Tbun v2

Don't worry Pooh, I'll update your readers for you.
Agent Pooh's updates in green.

1300 hours - With opportunity to strike, I contacted Agent Pooh for a rendezvous with Agent Banana. Our mission is to assault a local internet cafe. Mission briefing was short and therefore I have not received confirmation before our communications was terminated. I must be patient with this bumbling soldat.
1500 hours - I've contacted Agent Banana, he was quick to understand and respond. I will need more soldiers like him to raise the percentage of the success. At we stand now, we're at 60% chance of succeeding. Blast! I forgotten Agent Pooh. Recalculation brings the number down to 0%
1900 hours - I still have not received confirmation from Agent Pooh. I can't risk compromising the mission with another sms! Blast her
2000 hours - Agents have gathered at Alpha point. Codename: Chance, Cmdr. Despair, MOUSEY, luco, Annon, kitty, gene. They all have answered the call and awaiting strike orders. *sniffs* Ah, a sentimental moment, I'm so proud of them. *squaring shoulders* AND there's still no sign of Pooh!
2145 hours - Agent Pooh smsed. "Wei, izit on?" #%&@%#&$@!!!!!!! *ahem* "Await pickup Agent Pooh, we are going in hot"
2215 hours - We arrived at destination point. Taking a deep breath, I asked the rookie. "You ready?". Steely, she replied. "Let's do this" Whoa, there's hope for this warrior afterall

*a few mins later*

How the *bleep* to play this? Before anything happens I die! What the *bleep*!!!!!! How the *bleep* he kill me!? I *bleeping* give up! *bleep bleeep bleeeeep!*


Note : The *bleep*s are not of me using any foul language. Shiro, don't taint my innocent image okies *wink*

There's no such trait as innocence to those who open their mind

Well it's a public holiday the next day, so I thought why not go for a lil COD4 shootout. I remembered Pooh too. Kononya want to go with me after new year countdown at 3am but she fell asleep at 12. Sigh.

We arrived TBun uneventfully, and saw the rest of the gang already arrived and blowing people up. Eugene, Randall, Seat Jian, Vincent.. Lucas arrived later, after declining my offer to join us -.- There's some old faces I haven't seen in a while, namely Ngee Chong and Ng Wei Han. Still as suci as ever that Wei Han.

Pooh did quite well although she had some trouble orientating herself at first, and separating teammates and opponents. She was cursing [I did NOT curse!] and lamenting her downright low scores but I know she's having fun. ..sort of, in a disturbed way. *shudder* Your smile really does not go well while shooting people Pooh. Seriously, I was sprinting around knifing your teammates, I missed you and you shot me down. I turned over to tell you "CONGRATS! YOU KILLED ME!" and stopped with the words in my throat seeing a very sinister smile on your lips [Note : It wasn't a sinister smile - I was just concerntrating on my game[And so you did smile]] while your eyes are still fixated on screen,. over my dead body. >.< ... Well anywayssss, I'll be sure to call you out again for another session. And don't blame me for being an incompetent sifu. I can only guide you to the path you must take. How will you walk it, you must choose your own. mkayyyy? Some info on COD4 here.

Well, I was commenting that Shiro had not taught me all the techniques and tips of the game. All I knew was how to move and to jump. He did not teach me how to use granades, knives, etc.
It's grenades. Not granades. And I did told you which button was it. Rawr

But who could blame him? If he had taught me everything, he would have die-ed in my hands multiple times.
Yea right

So when is out next session? Bring it on!
Right after my op, assuming I live

.: Call Of Duty 4 @ TBun V1 :.

Had a couple of hours of this game with Drew & Seat Jian last night.
(to be updated)
Refer to the next post by Shiro
Thanks Shiro! :)

.: Dear Friend :.

Finally, the long awaited moment have arrived, where I was one of the privileged few to be given un-restricted access into Qianhui's private lil blog.

As I've mentioned in one of my recent posts, I really enjoy reading how one describe his or her emotions, experience and perspective of things in life.

It really touches me what some of the things she wrote, especially on our friendship. No doubt that we both know that we truly appreciate and cherish our relationship as very good friends, but to see it all being constructed in such beautiful words ... I honestly have to say that it beats reading a romance novel anytime.

An extract from what she wrote that touches my heart:
my friend...shan

you took the toughest road towards success among all of us,
choosing different paths from me,
charging yourself into the world of accounting.
you build your career at the youngest age,
being the first to face the cruel world,
and going through ups and downs along the way,
most of the time, alone!
taking few pit stops along the way,
you still appear to be one of the best in this business.
although you hit some bumps now,
you still fight through it with strong spirits,
bruised and hurt sometimes,
but survival is still yours to belong!

the one that understands me most,
that will always be there for me,
sharing the problems together to lighten the burden off my shoulders.
i'm so proud of you!
not because of all the great achievements you had,
but the person you had always been!
intelligent, determine, strong,caring, crazy...
little words can be used to describe,
the fully you, isyet too complicated.
but, comfortable as it can be, i love hanging around you!

cheers to our long lasting friendship
It's really makes me feel nostalgic all over again, reminiscing bout the good ol' day when we started out as friends.

I knew AhQian back in Form 3, where we were sitting nearby each other. To be honest, the first impression I got from her - scary. I deduced that from the way she scolded one of my classmates for interrupting her while she was doing her homework (we all know AhQian takes schoolwork very very seriously). And on that day on, I made a mental note not to get into AhQian's bad side, if not, I'm to face the wrath of this very fierce and intimidating girl.

But as time passes by, and we started talking and all, I realised that there's the other side of Qian that I've never seen earlier.

AhFei and I noticed that everytime, by 9.45am, AhQian will faithfully take out her lunchbox and start eating - right in the middle of a lesson, while the teacher was teaching! She can't seem to just wait the extra 1/2 hour for the proper recess time. And that after a certain level of stress (this can be seen nearing exams), she will start humming songs, laughing at the slightest funny (sometimes lame) jokes NON-STOP. We nicknamed her Japanese gay bee (long story from how that nickname originates). We did the Past Year PMR papers together (as nerdy as it may sound now, it was VITAL that we did it back then ok!).

So when we moved to Form 5, sadly most of us split into different classes - AhXiao to her one, AhSuk & AhFei to another, and AhQian & me to another.

I sat with AhQian, and together with Ann & Ting, we became almost inseparable. It was not exactly like we were best best buddies, doing shopping or manicures together, but we are comfortable enough to share and trust each other with our secrets (or so I think *wink*).

Needless to say, that eating habit of hers rubbed to me, and we will have our own mini picnic in class. I was almost caught in the beginning of Form 5 when our Maths teacher called me to stand to share with the class how I got first place last year. And there I was, standing up, the whole class looking at me, while I was trying to discreetly chew and swallow the large chunk of curry puff in my mouth. It was one of my most embarrassing, unforgettable high school moments of my life. *blush*

Pictures of us together, I don't think we even really have one, do we?

But I would really like to say this (and it's not because I'm being corny and all) that I really truly cherish the friendship we have built and sustained throughout these years. I may not have pictures of us, but I truly have your footprints in my heart.

Many people will walk in and out of our life;
but only a true friend will leave footprints in your heart.
~Eleanor Roosevelt~

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

.: Paradise :.

A lie we create about people and places as we like them to be...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

.: Confusion :.

I'm confused with all those Facebook's application.
Still in office. Second day in the row that I leave office beyond 7.30pm, after sunset.
There's a gym just opposite my office. Now, if only I'm brave enough to take the most difficult first step.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

.: Bonjour 2008, Au reviou 2007 :.

Welcome 2008!

The old has passed, the new has come.

A time to reflect back, and a time to look forward.

Reflection of the past

At the start of 2007, I made a resolution;

"Be kind to others, but most importantly be kind to myself."

After months and months of contemplating whether or not to continue my struggle in PwC, and after battling with health problems, I send in my resignation letter.
It was a difficult decisions to make, I had to explain my course of actions to many people, including an Audit Partner. Of course, I was persuaded to stay. But I stood firm to my decision and left in Feb.

At first my parents where disappointed that I choose to left. They were more in favour that I stayed – at least until my bond is up (that will be until Nov 2009). But it was on the day that I send in my resignation letter, that my dad send me a sms to tell me that he’s supportive of my decision and is proud of me no matter what. I was in tears when I read that sms, coz it was the first time my dad has explicitly stated that he was indeed proud of me.

I took time off to reflect on what to do next. I spoke to a few people for directions on what to do next, polish up my resume and attended a couple of interviews. It was somewhere in May that I took the Hong Leong’s offer. Life is Hong Leong is much different than it was in PwC, in many different aspects. I’m still learning to assimilate in to the culture and people in my workplace. Indeed, there’s very much to learn here, and in fact, I’ve learned much more than I did back in PwC. It was a decision that I never regret making, and I never look back since.

Took two papers for my ICAEW examinations. One in July and the other in November. These two papers have really push my limits to the test, as I was struggling to balance between work, studies and family. Doing revision from late morning to late night in the college library is not exactly my forte, considering that I’m really lazy when it comes to studying. My parents have been complaining that the rarely see me at home for that matter. Additional pressure from JC (he was freaking out most of the time so my duty was to console him even though I needed consoling) made this paper more difficult to me. But with God's mercy and grace, both of us manage to pull through both papers this year.

Organised my very first church camp back in October (during the Hari Raya break). It was indeed a great opportunity for me to be closer and get to know more of the people in church, even the youth (whom I stayed up until 4am in the morning, chatting away). Ps Johnny's testimony really touched me, and I'm still looking for God's wisdom and guidance in the ministry that he wants me to be in.

Started teaching Sunday School - and it is indeed a great joy to be among the lil kids, so vibrant and full of life. Never fail to amuse me on the things they do and the things they say. Innocence in their eyes, that I no longer see in the people (adults) I deal with anymore. And they did a lil Christmas presentation too! :)

Learning to cook and bake for year 2007. Successful and some not so successful recipies includes mac & cheese, lasagna, beef steak, beef burger, apple crumble, chocolate mousse, gingerbread man cookies, banana pie, pizza. So far non of my food taster had any food poisoning, so it couldn't be that bad, could it? :)

Been catching up on reading too this year. Nicholas Sparks novel are my absolute favourite. A Walk To Remember, At First Sight, The Wedding.... Absolutely heart melting novels.

I've also been free reading in The Curve Border's bookshop lately :)

Other books including Chicken Soul Soup, Chasing Daylights, I Kissed Dating Goodbye are among my favourite.

Striving into the future

This year, I will make just three simple resolution;
to built/improve my relationships with
Firstly God
Secondly Myself; and
Thirdly Others (Family & Friends)

I should be flying off to Australia somewhere mid-year with JC. That is IF he's able to plan it around his schedule (and knowing JC's planning skills, I actually highly doubt it). Alternatively, I can fly to China with my parents :)

Would be conducting Sunday School on a more regular basis now, rather than an ad-hoc basis. Just continue to pray for God's guidance and wisdom on this matter as I will try to impart God's messages and lessons to the lil kids.

Will be applying for my ACCA Membership status end of the year (after completing three years of working experience). Meaning to say - higher annual cost in line with higher resposibility at workplace.

Health - definately will need to improve on this, as I've been falling sick quite frequent compared to my younger days. Will also need to improve on physical fitness (i.e. lose the extraaaaaaaaaa weight). Hit the gym? Yoga? Diet? Or all of the above? Haven't quite figure that out yet. Isk, isk, isk.

Well, out with the old and in with the new.

Looking forward to what 2008 will bring :)


“Cap your year, what have you been through for the year, as you can remember/recalled now?”

I think it would be a good idea to do a lil recap of my life for year 2006… Here it goes… So I first started writing blogs on this very lil website early January. And from there I was expressing my inner thoughts and I do feel slightly more comfortable as my blog remains semi-anoynomous, with only a few close family and friends reading this site on a frequent basis. I guess my year started off pretty well. Made a few new year resolutions (which none was accomplised up till now – too late already I suppose). Thought I had some teething problem with work – as I’ve only started working in Aug 2005 when I was only 19. Told myself that I would make it through this new milestone in my life. Just need a lil bit more courage and strenght I suppose, but that was what I thought back then.

In Febuary, life took a turn when my relationship of 3 years ended. Though it was more or less expected, there’s still that feeling of sadness but end of the day, no regrets as I knew we both worked very hard to try to salvage as much as we both could. At the end of the day, I still stick to the believe that if it’s not meant to be, it’s just not meant to be. Two words - fate and destiny.

Back in March, the feeling of resentment towards work grew even stronger. At first I disregard it as “peak-period stress” or even still considered it as teething problem. Somehow, I do not feel satisfied and contentment in what I do. But I somehow I manage to tell myself that I’m stronger than all of this and I will make I through. Had a big argument with my Kor, who somehow made me really mad at him. But things between us was resolved eventually.

I started to get close to a colleague of mine. We were batchmates. Somehow, I really find myself at ease communicating with him. And with that ex-college friend trying to get close to me with intention of more than being just friend, I was kinda glad to have a friend of the opposite sex with no other intentions but pure friendship in mind. I started attending ICAEW class for a taxation paper and was sitting next to him in all my classes. He called frequently but I never thought of him anything else but a very close friend. My grandpa whom I love so dearly passed away on April 13, after suffering from stomach cancer for almost two years. He had undergone two major operations during the two years period. To an extend, I’m glad that God has taken him away from all the pain and suffering but on the hand, I will really miss having him around. I cried for a week every night. And still do when I think of him every now and then.

Somewhere early May, I started to realise that I’ve been thinking a lot about this colleague of mine (whom is more known as JC in all my blog entries). I thought it was merely some teenage crush (though I’m no longer a teenager at that time). And I knew that he always had treated me as a buddy or a close friend, even a lil sister, but I never thought that he would have felt the same way I did for him. I tried to ignore the feelings I had for him, for I do enjoy our friendship very much and would rather not ruin it. And afterall, he was after another girl at that time and I was merely a girl-friend he turns to for advise on how to proceed with this girl he liked. I did envy this girl to a certain extend, for I knew that I would never be seen “that” way by any other guys. I’ve always been a buddy-buddy kinda girl rather than a girl that guys would fall for. Somehow, fate took sharp turns and we both ended up together after we both confessed that we actually do have feelings for each other. It’s sweet. But then again, I’ve to remind myself that life’s not all about fairy tales and happily-ever-after. For relationships to work, we both have to work hard towards compromising each other differences and meet in the middle.

A close college friend of mine then told me something that soon started to test our friendship. It started to rock the foundation of our friendship, but I’m glad at the end of the day, it’s much stronger that anything else. I’m really flattered that someone whom I can connect with spritually so well could like me for my personality despite knowing how ugly I can be deep inside me. It’s true when I say that it is only he who could understand how I feel and what I’m going through, coz he’s going through the same thing that I’m. I’ve never seen myself as someone with “pleasant personality” and never knew that it could capture someone’s attention. And to this very dear friend of mine, thank you. Thank you for teaching me the things that I could not see, feeling the things that I dare not feel, and most importantly, thank you for supporting me in times when I’m all alone. I do sincerely hope that I could help you as much as I could, but in order to do that, I need to sort out the things in my life beforehand.

In June, I took my very first ICAEW exam paper. I’ve also been attending church regularly (thanks to JC) who did very much good for my mental and spiritual health. It did help me a lot as I was actually resorting to alcohol to help me get through depression. I’ve made a list of movies which I wanna watch (for the first time for some or for the ump-teenth time for others). Passed one of my ICAEW paper (which I’m extremely thankful for) thanks to prayers of many.

Somewhere mid-June to July, the FIFA World Cup was on. Extremly glad that Italy won!

Went for a treasure hunting trip organised by my company to Lumut in August. Really had fun there. Organised a BBQ gathering with my family members back in Malacca. Sucessful and extremly glad to spend time with loved ones. Still fighting a contineous battle with my like-hate relationship with work. Felt extremely frusrated at times, even at the verge of breaking down.Helped AYin start off her own blog site (which she has two now).

In September, was really looking forward to celebrating Mooncake Festival (also known as mid-spring festival). Was really dissapointed that I did not get to play with any tanglong. Though it’s merely a childish act of carrying tanglong around, it’s really symbolic to me as it reminds me of my cousins back home and how much I miss them during these kind of occasions or celebrations. Also reminds me of the youth that I know I can’t turn back and have anymore.

The struggle of life at work still continues, even at a bigger magnitude than before. I really do feel guilty for those who suffers alongside with me. But it is indeed something that keeps me going on, the tremendous support from those who truly cares. On the other hand, am trying my best to be a good guidance and pillar to my dear AYin, who is also fighting her own battle of self-discovery as well as adapting to new environment and people. AYin, just want to tell you that I’m always here for you okies? I fell sick for a period of 1 week. Threw out and could not eat. Had high fever and down again for multiple times in a day. Had rashes on my body which I've never seen before. The medicine which the Doctor prescribed me did not work. Went to AFei's dad, who dignose that I've overstrained my liver and that it's mainly attributed to my lifestyle as well as my stress level (which has always been at a high level since I started doing my ACCA papers). I did made me think alot of my life, which made me even more depressed as I felt that my life is kind of empty, meaningless and purposeless.

November, where barely nothing really significant happens, but yet, as I mentally do a stocktake of my life as at to date (more like an interim recap so to speak) I really wonder, have I really gone this far? Or am I still back to square one? I look back at the 11 months I’ve gone through. Life has always been a constant battle. Let it be of work, relationship, friendship, and family ties. People walk in and out of my life (temporary and even permanantly). New friendships built, but some old ones just slowly fades and pass us by. The one remained, I do keep so carefully. It’s not easy making new friends at this age. But it’s even more difficult to keep old ones. Relationships (as again mentioned) is not a bed of roses. To make it work, both parties have to invest effort and learn to give and take as well as practise patience to deal with each other's shortcomings. Family conflicts are always there. The problems I have with my Mom can't seem to be resolved as we both are equally hot-tempered and pig-headed. Insults are hurled at each other, which is not healthy for at the end of the day, both parties will lose out and nobody wins.

In December, at the end of my two weeks trip to Miri, where I was suppose to sit down, think, and consider on how to proceed on with my life, I’ve come to a conclusion that I should leave it the way it is for the time being. Is it merely because I’m afriad to take that little step out of my “norm-zone” and be something I want to be? Or merely the fact that something’s telling me that the timing is not right? I do not know, but I am where I am now. And not to say that I’m extremely happy, but it’s a decision that I have to live with because I’ve made that decision. I’ve turned 21 on Dec 4. Celebrated with a family members. Not exactly a fan of big parties, so I didn’t have those grand celebration that some did. Had a Christmas celebration back in Malacca (again with my loved ones). Did has a bad experience of food poisoning, the cause of it still remains unknown. And so a year has come and pass… As fast as it comes, as fast as it went by… Through it all, it’s ups and downs, I would never want to ever turn back time and exchange it for anything, for it has made me the person I am now.

Goodbye 2006…

Welcome 2007…

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