Sunday, May 6, 2007

.: Chasing Daylight : Eugene O' Kelly :.

Was free-reading this book in Borders' bookshop in The Curve last night.
Managed to read up till page 100.
Note : To be updated upon completion of this book.

" Must the end of life be the worse part? Can it be made the best? "

On page1, Eugene wrote this :

~ A Gift ~

I was blessed. I was told I have three months to live
Eugene, a successful CEO of KPMG, travelling at a speed of 100 mph, found out that has barely a 100 days left to live when he was diagnosed with late-stage brain cancer at the age of 53.

Eugene wrote how what it takes to now simplify his life, to "live in the present moment", and how to enjoy those "Perfect Moments" as he would call them.

He also wrote the moments of regrets where he only manage to have weekday lunch with his wife twice, while he could have lunch with his clients four times a week.

He also went on telling how he started to "unwind relationships" with his close friends and family members. This part really got me thinking. As a Christian, I never feared death, for I know for certain that if I were to die, I'd go to heaven. But having said that, I think I would fear more of not being given the chance like Eugune to unwind my relationship with people, especially the people I love so much. I don't like so say goodbye. It's sad. But when it comes to situation like this, saying goodbye is better than not being given the chance to do so.

This book brings out a great message for those who has been living their life at such a speed. Slow down and value the moment with family above spending time with work.

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