Thursday, May 10, 2007

.: Mr Martin :.

Imagine how devestated I was to find out that Mr Martin would not be teaching us this round. I like him. Alot. He's a really good lecturer. Very dedicated. And good looking too I may add. *wink* He's married by the way *wink*wink*

He still remembers me. And also my name. I met him today. I smiled at him. And he smiles back. I teased him by asking him...

"Martin, do you still remember who am I?"

"Yeah, I do."

"And my name is....." *laughs*

"Erm......" *wincing real hard, trying to recall*

*laughs* " You don't remember do you?" *laughs*

"Well, I can't recall your name now. But I remember that you're the girl who improved tremendously during the Mock paper. The best improvement in the class."

*laughs* (Of course I did - I scored 20+ for the exam before that and scored 60+ during the Mock. As compared to someone who scored 70+ in the exam before and 80+ in the Mock, I would have seem to have improved the best wouldn't I?)

"SHANNN LYNNN. That's right. You're Shannn Lynnnn aren't you?"

"Yes Martin, you finally remembered" *big smile*

I've arranged a breakfast appointment with him on Tuesday morning before he flies back to New Zealand. Hope that he will be able to make it.

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