Tuesday, May 29, 2007

.: Of Square Accountants :.

Being an ACCA affiliate, I have to admit that I've not visited the ACCA website for months. In fact, when I heard that they have changed the layout of the new website, I noted to myself that I will take a look at it one day soon. That was 3 months ago.

Today, I finally logged in, and much to my amusement, they have decided to change their logo. I was actually wondering if it has anything to do with the fact that ICAEW has recently changed their logo as well. (*Hmmmmmmm*)

Anyways, I was curious. How and what would this logo be like? And when I click the link to this all-new ACCA logo, I saw this......

Look at it? I would think that the 1988 logo is the best. And on top of that, guess how much it cost to design this new brand identity?


Neil Stevenson, ACCA marketing director said: 'ACCA has always been an innovator, particularly when it comes to brand identity. As a unique global brand in the profession, our identity has to be distinctive and robust enough to transcend cultures and country borders and we are confident that we have achieved this. The new logo is a clear evolution on the former version, which was first introduced in 1988, and is representative of ACCA's confidence in its standing today.'

Erm, which part of this new logo actually shows that inovative side of ACCA?

The fact that they actually used colour?

'The square has become a recognisable feature of our logo since its introduction in 2000 and we are keen to benefit from the investment made in ACCA's global brand in recent years'

DARN! It just goes to prove that ALL accountants are SQUARE doesn't it?

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