Tuesday, May 8, 2007

.: TaMMie :.

At the request of my dear drama-princess cousin Tammie, I'm writing a blog entry especially for YOU! (So you better start reading my blog from now on okies? *wink*)

What can I say bout this lil cousin of mine?

I was one of the first few to actually welcome her into this world actually. I remember that I was about 7 years old then. Uncle Hock Seng (Tammie's dad) brought me and my brother to the hospital where Tammie was born.

I remember tip-toeing, looking through the glass wall in the maternity ward, and turned to Uncle Hock Seng, pointing my finger to the only baby there and asked

"Is that her?"
"Wah, her face is so red and round, just like a tomato!"

Uh-huh.... It was this BIG and this RED and this ROUND !

So there she was, this little baby with not so little shouting and crying (I guess that's why her face was red, lack of oxygen coz too much crying and shouting going on)

I have some really cute cute pictures of her growing up.

One with her "coconut tree" hairdo, where her mom tied two lil pigtails. *Awwww....so0o0o cute*

And another with her "coconut" hair, you know, those where you take a pot, put it over your haid, and cut your hair along the lines......

Oh, then of course, there's the picture of she and my brother goofing around, playing masak-masak at the corner of my house. (Yes! Ben played masak-masak. So did ALL the male cousins of our generation - except for Eric. Perhaps that's where my female hormones went?! )

I should really get Uncle Hock Soon's scanner and scan all these pictures and upload it here to show the whole wide world, shouldn't I?

Would that be mean??

*long pause*

Nah! *wink* (So a mental reminder for myself to do that one of these days)

Tamie can really amuse us sometimes, with her bimboish accents which she did not (contrary to what Ah Yin thinks) get it from her one year stay in the USA, but from flicks like "Mean Girls", "White Chicks" and lotz and lotz of "Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie".

I'm gonna have a BITCH FIT if you don't gimme what I want!

Every woman should have four kinda pets in her life.
A mink in her closet, a jaguar in her garage, a tiger in her bed, and a jackass who pays for everything .

So-lyk yeah, lyk that's where she-lyk you-know, learn it all. Ya'll know wad I mean?

Where do you think she come one with phrases like :

"500 calories a day is lyk so NOT sexy....."


"I'm so0o0o00o0o HAWT! "


"In your face...." followed by evil laughs

And yes, once in a while, she does surprise all of us and come out with some intelligent facts like,
"People's voice sounds high-pitched after inhaling helium is because that helium is lighter than air. Hence, soundwaves travels faster in less dense medium and hence, the higher pitch"

Hmmm.... perhaps it's her way of luring guys, all the bimboish act and stuff, having to hide her true intellignce. Afterall, guy digs bimbo....


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