Saturday, May 19, 2007

.: The Time of My Life :.

It’s been ages since the last update, so I’ve decided that since I’ve a 2 hours journey back to Malacca to do something with this spare time. I’ve actually been running up and down Malacca (3 times for the past 2 months) quite regularly nowadays. I’m going down today as my uncle’s fiancee is having a luncheon at her hometown in Kulai, Johor tomorrow and we are all invited to attend.

So this would be my last weekend as an unemployed graduate. I’ve actually been out of work for about 2 months already. But I’m extremely thankful for being given the chance to have this much needed break. There’s a lot of thing that I felt that I’ve missed out when I started work. First of all, ALL my friends are still in their 1st year in university, some even just completing their foundation course.

And in my 2 ½ years in Sunway University College studying CAT/ACCA, I’ve only been given a 3 weeks or less every semester. That would mean approximately 1 ½ months of break every year.

And after graduation, even before my results was out, I was an employee of PwC. But my 1 ½ years in PwC has really been a battle for me, both emotionally and mentally. I’ve to admit, there’s so much that I’ve learned, so many people I’ve met along the way. I would never ever trade it for anything in the world, coz along the way, I’ve met my dear John Chan (which from now on will be refered to as JC). *wink*

JC has really be so supportive of me during this whole ordeal that I’ve gone through. I could never imagine what it would be like if he was not by my side. He’s been praying for me every step of my way, my lil prayer partner. His prayers for me constantly reminds me that even though I have him as my pillar of support and strenght, God will be giving me the ultimate support, comfort and strenght. Indeed, he has taught me to leave all my worries and burden to God and not to subsume myself into carrying such heavy burden. Ultimately, the best that JC could do is to share all my burden, but it’s only God who will be able to lift my burdens off completely.

Thanks for ALWAYS being there for me, in my good times, but even more
when I'm down. Thanks for holding my hand and walking down this journey
alongside with me. You've truly been my best friend, my big brother, my darling angel, my love, my everything....

I’ve been attending EE (Evanglism Explosive) ministry in church recently. Actually, its for 7 weeks already, as at to date. This is also another blessing as I find it so fulfilling, being able to touch the life of others. I’ve another 6 weeks to go, but I know I will have to miss out some classes at it would clash with my ICAEW classes on some weekends.

Now, I’ve to balance between my work (I’m starting work with a multi national company in KL this Monday), my church activities (mainly my EE ministry & Cell Group), my studies (ICAEW – Advance Stage papers) and my multiple roles & duties as a daughter, sister, cousin, friend, and gf. It’s not going to be easy from the looks of it. But I know that if it’s God’s will, he will provide. Amen!

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~Yin Fung~ said...

Your duties as a
daughter~receive naggings
sister~deal with a retard namely ben

i knw i'm very demanding!!! =D
Congratulations, you're no longer unemployed ... and you no longer have a life kekeke =ppp jk jk jk

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