Saturday, May 21, 2011

.: Beer Garden Sunset Junction, USJ 14 :.

Since moving in to USJ, JC & I have been exploring around the area for good food to eat. 

We then discovered one of the lil treasures nestled in USJ 14, Subang a place called Beer Garden Sunset Junction, recommended by JC's colleague who lives nearby.

There isn't really much review from bloggers of this place, it's like perhaps one of the more heavily guarded good place secrets - coz famous food bloggers like VKeong or KampungBoyCityGirl have not reviewed this place. 

The place is not exactly a building in itself, in fact, it's like the veranda of the building, sublet out to the owner of Beer Garden Sunset.

I love the ambiance and how the owner chooses to use those cute, small chinese yellow,blue,red,white weaved plastic lazy chair (for a lack of a better description) and low coffee table as tables to eat from.

Close your eyes, enjoy the breeze, and with 70s background music and you feel like your at a beach. Really!

The owner took down our orders and quickly prepared our food (as we were afterall the first customer there!)

He then came and serve us our Deep Fried Sotong.

Deep fried squid (RM12)

I love the deep fried squid. Served fresh from the fryer, is is deliciously crunchy and goes well with the spicy homemade vinegared chilly sauce.

The next dish arrived shortly after the first, BBQ lamb.

BBQ Lamb (RM18.80)

The BBQ lamb is well marinated with generous amount of black pepper, and was grilled to perfection. There is very little gamey smell, which is all good with me. There is just enough proportion of meat and fats to make this dish a perfect balance of melt-in-your-mouth moments! The only flaw is that there isn't a special sauce to go with it, as it was just a tad to bland to go without one. But then again, I'm a saucy person, so perhaps others might beg to differ with me on this.

The third dish arrived even before we manage to finish the second one - Green Mussels!

Green Mussels (RM15)

For only RM15, one gets to enjoy big, juicy green mussels grilled with plenty of butter *sinful I know*, heaps of chopped garlic and loads of fresh green chilly! Be warned tho, this dish is not for those who can't take spicy food, the green chilly plus the garlic made this dish a 7 out of 10 in our spicydometer (no, the devised doesn't really exist, it's just my own personal rating! hehe!), which says alot for a spicy food queen like me!

Serving the best for last, is the grilled saba (i.e. mackerel fish).

Mackerel fish (RM7.50 - as it is only half a fish)

The owner was kind enough to specially make for us half a fish as we were not confident that we could whallop a whole fish, given that we have ordered so much. Unlike the other two grilled dishes served before us that was heavily flavoured, this one is just simply seasoned with some salt and pepper and grilled just like that. With just a squeeze of two wedges of lemon, this dish is THE main highlight for me that night. I never knew something so light and simple can taste so good (coming from a not-a-fish-person, it is really that good!)

We sat for a good while there after the meal, enjoying the ambiance while drinking our Sunset Quench (their special mocktail). There are also complimentary kuachi (sunflower seed) and groundnuts for customers to enjoy while waiting for their food, or as an aftermeal 'dessert'.

Oh, and a projector screen to catch whatever movie/karaoke that the owner choose to play that night!


The location of the Beer Garden Sunset Junction is at USJ14/1M 
(right at the end corner of the row of shophouses)
Coordinate : +3° 2' 19.76", +101° 35' 21.60"

Happy dining! :)


Nava Krishnan said...

The lamb looks yummy and with a spicy sauce, would have been greater in taste.

Kathlynn said...

yeah, i reckon it wud. think of makin another trip there one of these days to try out other stuff! :)

Adnon Chan said...

Dear Kathlynn,

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