Friday, May 20, 2011

.: Review : Playboy Fragrance :.

Playboy have been so successful with the men fragrance that they decided to launch a set of three for women, consisting of Play It Lovely, Play It Sexy & Play It Spicy back in 2010.
Play It Lovely
Perfect for daytime flirtation, Play It Lovely evokes a sweet and playful innocence that is guaranteed to enchant. This light, easy-to-wear fragrance opens with a mouth-watering blend of zesty citrus, ripe blackberry and juicy pear that uplifts and delights. The heart is built around an exquisite bouquet of cherry baby orchid, belle de nuit and tuberose, which exudes modern femininity. As the fragrance settles, the delicate floral notes give way to a warm and sensual base of amber, patchouli and tonka bean. Simply "lovely"?

Play It Sexy
A darker, more sultry scent, Play It Sexy is ideal for evening wear, for when you're all dressed up with somewhere to go. This sensual yet sophisticated fragrance opens with an invigorating rush of pink grapefruit and mandarin blended with a spicy hint of pink pepper before building to an exotic heart of jasmine teas, osmanthus and liquorice. The rich, seductive base notes of vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood and tonka bean complete the intoxicating experience.

Play It Spicy
A sparkling floriental, Play It Spicy is the sexiest and edgiest of the three fragrances, full of excitement and allure. This glamorous night-time scent opens with a vibrant burst of pomegranate, bellini cocktail and pink berries, evoking the dazzling spirit of a sensational party. At the heart, a luminous floral fusion of elegant tiger lily, passionflower and heliotrope seduces the senses. This gives way to the rich and mellow tones of amber, sandalwood and vanilla essence, creating a sensual signature that can't be ignored.

As I was given the opportunity to review one of the three fragrances above, I was excited when I received my Pos Express (soggy from the rain, but intact nonetheless) envelope. As I hastily tear open my parcel, like a child on her first Christmas day, I was all excited when I pull out this :

The unmistakable playboy bunny in a tuxedo bow tie logo

Guess which fragrant of the three I got?

Hint : Look carefully below!

Yup, I got Play It Lovely! As described, it is indeed a lovely, light refreshing scent once it touches my skin. One can detect the very delicate floral scent, that is not too strong and overpowering, but just enough to tease and linger in one's nose. And the hint of citrus, but that's only for the first few minutes before the floral scent completely takes over (or is it that the citrus scent completely disappears?) Either way, it is indeed perfect for daytime wear on a weekend or when your out doing grocery shopping and running errands, but I reckon that it's a tad bit too mild for officewear. Definitely not suitable as evening or night-time - you may want to try Play Is Sexy & Play It Spicy instead. 

The only set back is that the fragrant can only last bout 3 hours max before the scent completely evaporates off. Not as strong and lasting as I expect a parfum deodorant to be, but for only RM16.90 for a 150ml bottle (the sample size I got is only 75ml), I reckon it is worth every single penny. A good alternative to the more expensive branded perfume, I must say!

For more info on Playboy fragrances for women, you can check out there website here.

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