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.: Top Ten {Tuesday} – Top Ten Favorite Disney Movie :.

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Stumbled upon this here and it is quite indeed an interesting idea. “If lists make you happy, a blank blog post is staring at you and you need a little bloggy inspiration, then this is the carnival for you!” as Amanda has quote.

I shall try it out – perhaps not as religiously as she does, but yeah

Top Ten {Tuesday} – Top Ten Favorite Disney Movie

1. Beauty and the Beast - this have got to be the most watched movie of my life! I kid you not. My brother and I watched this almost everyday before going to school. We could memorize the certain scenes word-for-word, sing ALL the songs in our heart, laugh at the same jokes over and over again, and still not get bored. My favorite character would have to be Chip!

2. Little Mermaid – Another movie that I watched with my bro countless of times, tho not as many as Beauty and the Beast. My favourite song that I still love to date would be Part of Your World, sang by Ariel who wants to trade her flippers and fins for legs. Oh, and you got to love Sebastian as well! :)

3. Up – Tho Up was showing in 2009, it wasn’t until a couple of weeks back that I watched this movie. It was an unexpected lil treasure that really tugged my heart (and JC’s as well). It definitely one of those shows that the kids will enjoy and probably will be wondering what’s all the fuss that mommy and/or daddy is sniffling about!

4. Ratatouille – You just got to love Remy! A rat that appreciates good food (the irony) and can whip up wonderful meal. I only watched it twice, but I won’t hesitate to watch it over and over again.

5. Bambi – I remember watching this movie as a kid. I was a tad bit too young to understand what happened to Bambi’s mother, and when my parents explained it to me, I cried! But this was all mitigated by the cute character of Thumper (bunny) and Flower (Skunk)

6. 101 Dalmation – I just adore lil doggies, and 101 Dalamation; the animation version, was probably my favorite of the other versions that appeared subsequently!

7. Lilo & Stitch – Did you not cry when Stitch was all alone, reading the Ugly Duckling storybook and pointed out “Ohana”? Did you? Did you? Love this movie just for that!

8. Mulan – A movie that I can somewhat relate to much more than the other Disney movies : especially when she sang Reflection. And with a sidekick like Mushu (a dragon, not a lizard, coz he doesn’t do the tongue thing!) there’s plenty to love about this movie!

9. Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs – My FIRST Disney movie ever. I enjoyed the antics of The Seven Dwarfs so much that “Hi Ho Hi Ho” was the quote of the year for me at that time! And yes, it was so romantic when Prince Charming kissed her and she woke up from the deep sleep. Awwwww…. Those were the days when I still believe in fairytales and knight-in-shinning-amour!

10. Aladdin – Love this movie as well, especially the ever so hilarious Ginie (voice of Robbin Williams)

Well, that’s all for this week! :)

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