Monday, May 16, 2011

.: Skipping Rope :.

What we remember from childhood we remember forever - permanent ghosts, stamped, inked, imprinted, eternally seen. ~Cynthia Ozick

A couple of nights ago, while I was driving home, I just suddenly recalled bout the days where I usta play skipping rope [yeah, I have random thoughts like that]. The skipping rope is usually home made from rubber bands knotted in pairs to make a skipping rope of your preferred length (usually three meters length; plus minus)

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I remember playing it during my primary school days – often after school hours, while waiting for the bus to pick us up. For the enthusiast in some of us *guilty as changed*, we will skip recess and play on and on till the bell signals the end of our recess.

It was a game played usually by the girls, but I can attest that some of the boys are quite the expert at it as well.

The game consists of a minimum three players, two holding the end of each skipping rope and one to play. Of course, the more the merrier, but again, for the enthusiast, even two will suffice, as the other end of the rope can be tied to a pole or pillar (desperate times call for desperate, innovative measures! *again, guilty as charged*)

If my memory serves me right, the game starts at floor level, where the skipping rope held by the two players is placed flaccid to the ground and the third player jumps across it (just for formality sake – of course if you can’t even pass this stage, you may seriously wanna reconsider progressing on). Then it would progress to ankle level, where the rope will be stretched at the ankle level of the two players that are holding the end of each rope. Next would be knee level. Followed by waist level. Followed by armpit level. Followed by shoulder level. And ultimately the head. It does not stop there, as the “mama poo poo level” (pardon my language, I remembered vividly referring to the ultimate level as that, where the heck did that come from anyways?) is when the band is raised above the head, hands stretching out as high as the two holders could stretch.

The of course the is the circle loop, where the both ends of the rope are tied together, and using the legs of the two players to prop it up in a oval shape. I cannot exactly recall how exactly this was played, but I remember a lot of repetitive criss crossing and stuff. If any of my readers remember how this is play, do share at the comment below so I could update this blogpost! :)

The thing that I find strange is – how the heck did I manage to jump the mama poo poo level? Ask me to do it now, and I think the highest I can go is *dare I say?* waist level? I think I would break my back if I try anything above it!

Ah, think I shall leave it as the good ol childhood memories rather than to try and relive it and break my back in the process! :)

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