Monday, May 23, 2011

.: A to Z of Me :.

All about ME from A to Z! :)

Age: Twenty six this year. Shuuuuuusssshhh, don't go telling the world!
Bed size:Used to be Queen. Now it's a King, but shared with my husband! :(
Chore you hate: It's got to be ironing! Ugh!
Dogs: Don't have any, but I would love to have one. I would love a Jack Russell, but JC prefers a Beagle.
Essential start of your day: Wake up! Duh! :)
Favourite Colour: It was and still is blue!
Gold or Silver: I prefer silver, tho I don't mind white gold too! :)
Height: 165cm or 5ft 5in
Instruments I play: I can amateurishly play the piano
Job Title: Manager (Finance)
Kids: Nil
Live: Malaysia, land of Boleh(s)
Mum's Name: Kim
Nickname: Kath
Pet Peeve: People who talks to much but have no substance (empty vessels!)
Quote from a movie: "He's got you on a pedestal and me in his arms" (Guess which movie? *wink*)
Right or Left handed: Righty!
Siblings: Younger brother (who is single and available btw *wink*)
Time you wake up: Working weekdays - 7am. Weekends - 10am (that's if I have nothing planned for the day!)
Underwear: What bout underwear?
Vegetables you dislike: Coriander (just can't stand it's smell)
What makes you run late: Lost (poor sense of direction) or traffic jam (I swear that the traffic these days are unpredictable!)
X-rays you've had done: Pre-employment medical test and the one time I decided to be supermanwoman and jump down from my stairways when I was 5 or 6. Hehe!
Yummy food you make: Hmmm... I don't know if the food I make qualifies as "yummy"
Zoo Animal: That I like? Penguin. That I don't like? Snakes and insects! Ewww....


Ngelic said...

Lol! Superwoman Kath, awws sounds soo cute!

Also, you sound a little disappointed about sharing a big bed with your hubby, LOL!!

I wish I grabbed your version of this ABC instead, I would much rather have that dog question than my day one. LOL! As for Jack Russells, go them, Sunny's actually a long haired one and he's sooo adorable and clever!

Kathlynn said...

lol! i wasnt feelin 'cute' at that time, when the pain started sinkin in! thank gudnes no broken bones or anythin, bt i do hav a leg jus ever so slightly shorter than d other, prolly due to this! :)

yes, im not to happy sharing my bed w husb. i need more bedspace!

im contemplatin bout the whole gettin a pet thingy. BIG responsibility, not sure if im able to step up to it! :)

Anonymous said...

yayyy so awesome you did this! thanks for sending the link my way :-)

and i have a pet peeve similar to yours! i hate when people try to outsmart everyone, but really just make themselves sound dumb in the process!

have a wonderful weekend sweetie!!!

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