Thursday, May 5, 2011

.: His Sacrifice :.

This morning on JC and I carpooled to work – coz he’s flying off to Singapore for a day trip today and will be back home straight from the airport. Because I was still drowsy from yesterday’s medication, JC took over the wheels all the way to his workplace.

I was semi awake, but didn’t really sleep, and we were both listening to Mix.FM; the only station we can compromise (coz he’s a Lite.FM listener while I’m a Hitz.FM fan, and we absolutely hate each other’s taste in music; so Mix.FM is the middle ground!). One of the DJs for the Mix Breakfast Show, JD was complaining bout how his co-DJ, Dilly stank to high heavens because she had durian just the other night. No guessing who loves durian and who doesn’t.

Well, it got listeners to call up and also share their stories about how they LOVE durian, while their partner/significant other LOATHS it!

Something similar to what JC & I face. I heart, heart, heart durian, while JC just can’t stand the stench of it.

Some callers said that when they have durian, their partner would not want to be with them for a day or two. One of the callers said that she was not allowed to have durian in her house, as her husband specifically bans it.

I guess I am lucky, for just a month ago, when I was telling my husband over and over again on how much I just crave for durian, and one day, he came home from work (relatively early) carrying a Musang King durian that he bought from David Lim in USJ 14. Not only did he buy this durian, but he painstakingly endured the smell to break open the durian for me, so that I can enjoy the King of Fruits – fresh from it’s shell.

How delighted I was, tho he shook his head the whole time I was grinning and consuming my durian.

Oh, the sacrifices that a man makes just to please his wife!

I squeeze the hand I held throughout the whole journey to his workplace (yes, we hold hands in the car while he drives), just thinking to myself how lucky I am to be the wife of that man!

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