Wednesday, May 11, 2011

.: Topless Pippa :.

At the Royal Wedding, some said that Pippa Middleton (short for Philippa Charlotte Middleton), sister of Kate Middleton, stole the show. “Kate may have snagged the prince, but her maid of honor, Pippa, stole the show” quotes a magazine.

In fact, her famous butt have been swamped with all sorts of offers and even have a Facebook page dedicated to ‘IT', but I suppose nothing (to date) tops the offer for $5 million to star in a porn movie made by Steven Hirsch, the founder of Vivid Entertainment

I heard there are some topless or nude photos of Pippa Middleton surfacing around the cyberworld after a ‘close friend’ sold it off for a sum. Sigh. The betrayal! What could possibly be next? A Pippa Middleton sex tape ala Paris Hilton?

The price one have to pay for being ‘famous’ overnight. And it has not even been a month yet!

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