Tuesday, May 31, 2011

.: G6 : Farewell & Birthday Celebration :.

So I spend close to RM250 over this weekend, but I suppose it is all worthwhile coz there are just some things that money can’t buy – like spending time with my Ohanas!

The G6 was set to meet up again, this time in conjuction with celebrating Yin’s farewell (note the word “celebrating” Yin!) as well as my brother, Ben’s birthday (which actually falls on the 6th of June).

I had the menu all planned out a week before (yes, I am anal like that!), and wrote down the ingredients that I need and went grocery shopping. Yes, I cooked lunch and dinner for the whole lot.

For Saturday lunch, we had Nyonya Curry Laksa (refer to recipe here) and a nice good Lemongrass Ginger Mocktail to wash the spiciness down and for dessert a nice Chocolate Molten Cake.

For dinner, we had a nice Lemon Roasted Chicken with Stuffings, Shepherd’s Pie (refer to recipe here), Baked Salmon Fish and a simple Ceaser Salad. My parents brought over some roasted duck and Kuih Bakar Santan (I have no idea what the English translation is for this nyonya kuih). This is all washed down with some Lychee Fruit Punch!

For Sunday breakfast, the kids raided my kitchen and had yesterdays’ leftovers, cereal, mueli bars and finished two cartons of milk – there goes my milk supply! They had chicken rice for lunch, coz my bro’s car couldn’t start as they were suppose to have lunch at my parent’s place. Then for ‘tea-time’ we had some mamak rojak from Uptown (opposite the roundabout, the BEST mamak rojak ever!), as the first choice of Atria’s rojak buah (fruits rojak) was not available.

For Sunday dinner, we had all the knick-knacks at Kota Damansara (plenty of food there!)

I enjoyed my time with them, as we sang our hearts out (my home turned into a karaoke joint) to really lame songs (like Rebecca Black’s Friday!) and to some old songs (Jon Bon Jovi’s It’s My Life). Then it was a movie marathon from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Horton Hears A Who, The Hangover, Ipman, one movie which I just can’t recall the title & City of Gods.

It was a tiring weekend, and I hope that the kiddos enjoyed themselves as much as I did.

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