Thursday, May 12, 2011

.: Indulgence :.

Okay, so no dinner for me tonight, as I have already sinfully indulged myself to a plate of lard-ladden char keoy teow for lunch. And as a dessert to finish that off, a piece of deep fried banana fritter. And if that is not bad enough, I had a homemade egg sandwich for breakfast this morning.

My colleague commented when I told her I am putting on weight – that it is indeed normal for married couples to gain a few kilos the first few years of marriage. I do hope that for our case, it is reversible after these ‘comfort-zone years’.

Boy, it’s gonna take a whole load of work to wipe of the weight I put on AND to lose the weight I have intended (noble intentions, but have always failed as I easily succumb to temptations *hangs me head in shame*) to lose all these years!

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goingkookies said...

omg.. u sound like me! =p

i ve been putting it on my new year's resolution every year.. lost 5 kg.. or lose some weight..a ny weight! hehe

when i was in ldr and away from my other half, i do lose weight but when i come here to visit him, i put them back! dang!

and it doesn't stay off.. aarghh

and i m failing in my lose 1kg a month for my wedding =(

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