Tuesday, May 10, 2011

.: 100 Things That Makes Me Happy (Part 8) :.

Eighth part to the ten part series

71. Fluffly marshmallow – and the toasted ones too!

72. M&Ms (blue ones, taste better!)

73. Slow music that makes me jus wanna slow dance (tho I can’t!)

74. Sleeping in on weekends! I am a lazy pig! :)

75. Pinky finger promise (coz it reminds you of the “innocence” of a promise – you don’t get those in the adultworld!)

76. Lollipop

77. David Letterman’s Top Ten (sometimes, but not all the time)

78. Juicy lipgloss (esp those with fruity flavours!)

79. Hairbands

80. Soft toys! Big, fluffy ones!

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