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.: Review : Rimmel London Max Bold Curves Mascara :.

Some of us are blessed with long flirtatious lashes.
Snuffy, Sesame Street

Unfortunately, most of us (like myself) are not born that way!

Hence, the invention of the magical mascara, a make up applicator that darken or strengthen or lengthen or define or that is volumizing or any combination of the above one's eyelashes.*yip yip horray*

For me, it is most important that a mascara is first and foremost affordable (the accountant in me), easy to use (user friendly), does not clump or smear easily, does not flake and of course one that voluminize, define and lengthen my eyelashes!

I have been using two different brand of mascara, and somewhat, both was not really suited for me. So here I am still in search of that perfect mascara that will sweep-my-lashes-off-the-eyelid!

I was given the opportunity to test out :
Be bold. Be beautiful, with lashes that boast exponential volume and lift … instantly! 

Comes in a striking, eye-catching lime green tube, with bold pink words claiming "Big, bold lashes in a flash!", the packaging literally screams "Grab me now!"

What they say:
The proprietary formula, enriched with collagen and keratin is paired with Rimmel's most curvaceous brush ever. Together they take lashes to stunning new extremes of volume and curve. Lashes are BIG, fat, boldly lifted – and completely free of clumps, of course.

What I say:
At first I was a bit worried bout the unique shape of the brush, but then was amused at how the brush was shaped as such so that it could pick up and coat every single one of my lashes (including the ones at the corner that always gets left out the first time round whenever I apply mascara). 

I started with the first coat - then thought to myself, hmm.. doesn't look very much different from my original state. It was only when I applied a second layer where this mascara worked its magic. My barely-there lashes was immediately lengthen my lashes and what I also love was that it coats almost every single strand evenly to give it that sleek finish. No, it was not flaky and clumpy like how some other mascaras can be. The other plus point is that it dries very quickly (minimal smearing for a klutz like me) and it is relatively long lasting. And because it is not waterproof, it is easily removed with water (you need not use a make up remover).

However, in my honest opinion, the set back of this mascara is that it doesn't provide as much volume as I would like to my thin and sparse lashes. And also, without an eyelash curler, it barely seems to 'boldly lift' my lashes up, as how this product claim it would.

Longer & more defined lashes, but lacks volume &'lift'

What others say:
I think this mascara is just awesome. I didn't even need to apply the second coat it gave me beautiful curvy lashes! Momal, Fragancia

I really like this one as it really "grabs" my lashes and pulls them out leaving them defined and separatedI don't think this volumised my lashes as much as I was expecting it to but it definitely made them look longer by curling them upwards - Lily, Lilylipstick

It has quite a dramtic claim that the mascara doesnt really live up to. Its not really bad but it just doesnt do a great deal for my lashes either - Jo, Playmouth Barbie

Verdict : To buy or not to buy?
I would recommend Rimmel London Max Bold Curves Mascara only for your daily/morning use, as it is easy to use and fuss-free. But if you are expecting a more dramatic and voluptuous lashes for your girls night out or on a romantic date, I suggest to use false lashes, or go for another product. Which just means that I will still be on a quest to search for the perfect mascara!

Available at :Watson’s Personal Care Store, Guardian Pharmacy, Parkson (Pavilion, 1 Utama, Sunway Pyramid, Sg. Wang, Klang Parade, Gurney Plaza, Terminal One Seremban, Square One Shopping Mall)

RSP : RM35.90

[Note : Permission obtained from Momal & Lily & Jo to use excerpts of their review on Rimmel London Max Bold Curves Mascara]


Peach Crush said...

great review!! :) thanks for including my thoughts in it.i love the pix you took they would be very helpful. :)

Kathlynn said...

thanks again for lettin me use ur review points! :)

LilyLipstick said...

Great review and thanks for linking my thoughts on the mascara! I actually used this one today and agree that it's a little disappointing on the volume side of things but still a good, everyday mascara. x

Kathlynn said...

hey lily, thanks for lettin me use ur thoughts on this product. yeah, its pretty disappointin on the lack-of-volume, hence im still in a hunt to look for that perfect mascara!

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