Friday, February 25, 2011

.: Food In Bali :.

.: Elevator Goes Up, Elevator Come Down :.

Elevator goes up
Elevator come down
And you just go with the flow
Until your feet are back on the ground
It's an endless ride
Sometimes it takes you up
Sometimes it tears you down inside
But it's the butterflies
That keep you feeling so alive, so alive
You gotta get back that high

-David Arculeta-

I went over to Standard Chartered building (read here for my first time), and still I felt the same ol thing.
This is really getting out of hands as I realised that I cannot go anywhere above 20 floors without freaking out! Same goes for the time I went to Petronas Towers for a lunch!

I suppose this is the same fear my bro feels while on board a place.

Sweaty palms, excelerating heartbeats, faint spell....

Gosh, thank goodness its only a few seconds 'ride' or I would have definately fainted!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

.: Life After Marriage and Project Wallaby :.

Yesterday, after work, I went grocery shopping, cooked today’s packed lunch for JC and myself (consisting of stir-fry beef slices in black pepper sauce, stir-fry cauliflower and carrots in garlic and some garlic oil rice), cooked dinner (Maggie mee – coz we weren’t really that hungry teehee!) when JC reached home at 10pm (record breaking – coz he’s always back after 2am almost everyday), boiled some herbal drink, did the laundries, read finish The Innocent Man, purchased a top (online shopping rawks!) and went to bed close to 2am.

Woke up this morning feeling as sleepy as ever.

Oh yeah, our PR application (from hereon known as Project Wallaby) is going on pretty well. If all things run smoothly, we will have our PR before June! :)

And oh yeah, I will be the “official photographer” at Aunty Irene’s birthday party this Sunday. Terror merror right to be called as such? Teehee! (Syoik sendiri) OK, will put my newly acquired lens to the test! :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

.: The Innocent Man :.

Currently reading : John Grisham - The Innocent Man

.: Dream A Lil Dream For Me :.

Stars shining bright above you,
Night breezes seems to whisper I love you,
Birds signin’ in the sycamore tree,
Dream a lil dream of me.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

.: Peer Review :.

Friday, February 18, 2011

.: My Soon-To-Be New Toy :.

I am (very likely unless something/someone changes my mind) getting this baby tomorrow!

It's a Nikon AF-S VR Zoom-NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G Lens.

Puny compared to the toys the big boys are playing, but considering it will burn a considerably huge hole in my pocket, it is really a sleep-overnight-to-decide decision for me.

Anyways, to more better pictures in the future. Cheers! :)

.: 100 Things That Makes Me Happy (Part 4) :.

Forth part to the ten part series

31. Corny text messages

32. Soft towels

33. Sea breeze

34. Balloons

35. Pig tails (especially those with curls)

36. Natural pink blusher

37. Snow (I’ve only experience it like ONCE in my life >.<)

38. Chunky accessories

39. Family time! :)

40. Photography

*credit of pictures given to the respective owners*

Thursday, February 17, 2011

.: Ixora Giveaway :.

I love blogshopping.
It's my favourite thing to do when it's late at night and I just NEED to shop.

Ixora is one of the blogshop which I have made a purchase long long ago.

I got this necklace, and the lovely blogshop owner COD-ed with me in the gym! Lol! Talk bout good customer service.

Now, like unlike most blogshop owners, Ixora has been generous enough to host a giveaway of Urban Decay Wallpaper Palette as a token of appreciation to all the faithful customers and blogshoppers out there.

*yip yip hooray*

It's so easy to enter, just be a follower and leave a comment!
And yeah, keep your fingers cross! :)

Contest ends 28 Feb 2011
(only open to Malaysian resident)

.: The Rite & The Bro :.

Went with my brother to watch the premier of The Rite. It was hilarious. Not the movie – the movie was so-so only, wasn’t as scary as we initially thought it would be (not worth your money I would say).

The hilarious part was:
1) My brother was actually *coff* tired *coff* sore throat *coff* but still took the time to go out on a date with me to a place where he wanted to avoid in the first place *coff*coff*

2) Wanted to have fast food for dinner, settled with Wendy’s but I made my brother hijack some pepper sachets from McDs coz I just love their pepper with chilly sauce which goes absolutely well with piping hot fries. Yum! (when I say some pepper sachets, I meant like 8 sachets, or 9? *coff*)

3) My brother was still hungry even though he already had dinner. So he went to buy some herbal eggs. 3 for RM2.50. The way you look at that boy peeling the hot eggs, it looks like he hasn’t eaten for years! And the fact that he was looking around suspiciously to avoid certain group of people *coff* makes this sight all so funny

4) After the movie, I couldn’t find the exit to my carpark. My bro went separately and after walking around aimlessly, I called him (he was nearing the exit of the carpark, so he had to drive back in and park his car). He came down, wonder aimlessly with me for a couple of minutes, and the I FINALLY found the exit and eventually my car! My poor bro had to walk the other way back to his car.

Needless to say, I have fun spending quality time with my lil bugger! :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

.: 100 Things That Makes Me Happy (Part 3) :.

Third part to the ten part series

21. Ice cream on a hot day

22. Listening to live music

23. Watching the world go by

24. Bubble baths

25. Smell of baked goodies in the oven

26. Cotton candies

27. Facial

28. Puppies

29. Rainbows

30. Hand moisturizer

*credit of pictures given to the respective owners*

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

.: 100 Things That Makes Me Happy (Part 2) :.

Second part to the ten part series

11. Singing your lungs out in the car where no one is watching or listening

12. Watching cartoons on a Sunday morning (even when I am already 26 years old! TeeHee)

13. Picnic in a park

14. Bubbles

15. Pretty flowers

16. Good hair days (rare!)

17. Breakfast in bed (or snacktime in bed!)

18. Warm fresh milk (and an accompany chocolate chip cookies will be nice too!)

19. Holding hands

20. Sharing a private joke

*credit of pictures given to the respective owners*
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