Wednesday, February 9, 2011

.: Of Dancing, Music & Ice Skating :.

It’s been quite some time since Hubs (I shall refrain from callin him JC and start accepting the fact that he is my husband – my boss once teased me for forgetting that when I referred to him as ‘my bf’) went to watch a movie at the cinema.

So it’s good that with a lil bit of pushing, he decided to rush after work to catch a movie with me last night at Sunway Pyramid. Not expecting very much from Burlesque (as I have yet to read any reviews of this movie). For me the movie was ok, storyline of oh-so-predictable, think Cayote Ugly meets Dream Girls. However, having said that, the performance by all-grown-up-no-longer-a-teenage-sweetheart-Christina-Aguilera was absolutely great. Such powerful voice coming out from such a petite lil person. Acting skill are so-so, almost alike that league of Mariah Carey and Britney Spears. But I did overall enjoy the movie!

Anyways, it was kinda a slow day at work yesterday. Today’s momentum is slighty better.

I am, as always, still confused on what I am and where I wanna be.
When I see pianist playing at the courtyard of Sunway Pyramid or teachers teaching little girls doing some ice-skating stunt at the ice-rink, I envy them.
Isn’t what they are doing fun and exciting?
But my nimbly fingers can’t play the piano that fast or well.
And my balancing skills are non-existence.
So, here I am, in front of the computer, doing what I supposedly do best.
But as I look out of the window (an imaginary one albeit), I wonder how does it feel like being the opposite side of the fence?


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