Sunday, February 13, 2011

.: Hunny Bunny :.

Even before I was married, JC had promised me that when I move in to USJ, we would get a pair of bunnies.

I was ecstatic!

Because when I used to ask him whether I can get a pet puppy or sugar glider or WaMu or bunny, his reply is quite standard – have you asked mummy’s permission yet? Well, since now that I am no longer staying with Mummy and am staying in OUR very own house – I asked him again if I could get a pet bunny.

His answer now is – will you promise to be solely responsible for it?

I was like - what happened to joint responsibility?

Anyways, I know that he can’t give the bunnies enough affection; heck, even I don’t get enough affection from him. He leaves the house at 8pm and only comes home after 2am. And for me to be solely responsible for the bunnies and all the household chores – it is abit to big a responsibility for me to shoulder now. I still need a lil time to adapt to married life (hence, “learning to adapt” is my standard answer when people around me ask how is married life).

But there is no harm doing a lil research on names first don’t you think? *wink*

So here, my very own list of names for my (future) bunny rabbit:
Bubbles &/0r Buttercup &/or Blossom
Huey &/or Dewey &/or Louie
Bambi & Thumper
Batman & Robin
Yogi & Boo Boo
Cinnamon & Cookies
Bacon & Chips
Chip & Dale
Pinky & Brain
Peter (Rabbit)
Edit : Additional contribution from Yin.
Bonnie & Clyde
Plato & Aristotle
Vodka & Whiskey
Hakuna & Matata
Additional contribution from me (inspired by Yin's contribution)

Magnum & Toto
Sam & Pat (read together as sampat *hokkien* haha!)
Hobbit & Wobbit
Teacup & teapot
Legend & Dairy

As you can see, I probably wouldn't be the best person to consult for your future kids' name! *wink*

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