Thursday, February 17, 2011

.: The Rite & The Bro :.

Went with my brother to watch the premier of The Rite. It was hilarious. Not the movie – the movie was so-so only, wasn’t as scary as we initially thought it would be (not worth your money I would say).

The hilarious part was:
1) My brother was actually *coff* tired *coff* sore throat *coff* but still took the time to go out on a date with me to a place where he wanted to avoid in the first place *coff*coff*

2) Wanted to have fast food for dinner, settled with Wendy’s but I made my brother hijack some pepper sachets from McDs coz I just love their pepper with chilly sauce which goes absolutely well with piping hot fries. Yum! (when I say some pepper sachets, I meant like 8 sachets, or 9? *coff*)

3) My brother was still hungry even though he already had dinner. So he went to buy some herbal eggs. 3 for RM2.50. The way you look at that boy peeling the hot eggs, it looks like he hasn’t eaten for years! And the fact that he was looking around suspiciously to avoid certain group of people *coff* makes this sight all so funny

4) After the movie, I couldn’t find the exit to my carpark. My bro went separately and after walking around aimlessly, I called him (he was nearing the exit of the carpark, so he had to drive back in and park his car). He came down, wonder aimlessly with me for a couple of minutes, and the I FINALLY found the exit and eventually my car! My poor bro had to walk the other way back to his car.

Needless to say, I have fun spending quality time with my lil bugger! :)

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