Thursday, February 24, 2011

.: Life After Marriage and Project Wallaby :.

Yesterday, after work, I went grocery shopping, cooked today’s packed lunch for JC and myself (consisting of stir-fry beef slices in black pepper sauce, stir-fry cauliflower and carrots in garlic and some garlic oil rice), cooked dinner (Maggie mee – coz we weren’t really that hungry teehee!) when JC reached home at 10pm (record breaking – coz he’s always back after 2am almost everyday), boiled some herbal drink, did the laundries, read finish The Innocent Man, purchased a top (online shopping rawks!) and went to bed close to 2am.

Woke up this morning feeling as sleepy as ever.

Oh yeah, our PR application (from hereon known as Project Wallaby) is going on pretty well. If all things run smoothly, we will have our PR before June! :)

And oh yeah, I will be the “official photographer” at Aunty Irene’s birthday party this Sunday. Terror merror right to be called as such? Teehee! (Syoik sendiri) OK, will put my newly acquired lens to the test! :)

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