Friday, February 11, 2011

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Just halfway through it, but somewhat similiar storyline to that of My Sister's Keeper

My favourite passage from this book

" When I had been really little and the wind blew like mad at night, I had trouble sleeping. My father would come in and tell me that the house wasn't made of straw or sticks, that it was brick, and like the little pigs knew, nothing could tear it down. Here's what the little pigs didn't realize; the big bad wolf was only the start of their problems. The biggest threat was already inside the house with them, and couldn't be seen. No radon gas or carbon monoxide, but just the way three very different personalities fit inside one small space. Tell me that the slacker pig - the one who only mustered up straw - really could get along with the high-maintenance bricklayer pig. I think not. I'll bet you if that fairytale went on another ten pages, all three of those pigs would have been at each other's throat, and that the brick house would have exploded afterall. "

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