Saturday, October 31, 2009

.: Don't Be So Twilight :.

"Kevin, don't be so twilight!" -Tammie-

Twilight = irritating and annoying

(my cousins & I have collectively agreed after watchin reruns of MTV Movie Award 2009 that Twilight is really overrated and is jus plain annoying & irritating)

Friday, October 30, 2009

.: To Smart To Fail : Donald R. :.

I enjoyed this article forwarded by my CFO today that I have to share with all of you.

Entitled Too Smart To Fail, it's about the role of a CEO then, and the role of a CEO now.

Really interesting, witty and well written! Not the typical dry ol financial articles you norm read (or try to read for my case -I just can't stand reading boring articles *and I still call myself an Accountant* tsk!)

.: Tolerance :.

I noticed that nowadays, I have less tolerance for the things that I should not bother tolerating with and have more tolerance for the things that I should be.

I am getting old mature aren’t I?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

.: The ANAL Analyst :.

Be warned, this is a ranting post.

You know the gullible “friend” I was talking about? If you don’t read a few post back (I’m not gonna link anything).

After today’s incident, whatever lil guilt I have left completely vaporized after the way she, a member of a professional body mind you, coerced me into disclosing confidential information about the company I worked with; which tantamount to INSIDER TRADING!

And it is not some petty crime like stealing packets of coffee or tea from the pantry (which I don’t ok, I was just quoting an example). She is asking me to reveal information that has not been released to the public.

First and foremost, I am bonded by my employment contract as to not reveal any confidential and sensitive info about the company I work for. And secondly, my professional bodies (which sad to say that she shares the same with me on one of them) strictly prohibit this as well. The punishment for such crime is losing your job, your membership as well as your dignity. That is how serious this crime is!

Now you tell me, do you think I would be so damn stupid to be disclosing any info to a ‘friend’, who happens to be an analyst and is writing a report on my company’s stock?

Even if it’s for her personal, private gain, such actions already tantamount to insider trading. Yet alone for a (very likely) analyst report that she is going to write?

When she first asked me if my company is doing any corporate exercise that is causing the share price to shoot up, I said to her that I could not release such info to her. I did not explain to her for I thought that she ought to know why I could not. And no, I wasn’t at all angry at her at this stage.

Then today, I emailed her to ask her for her opinion on Maxis’s IPO and whether it’s worth subscribing to it.

She did not reply my email, so thinking that she may have been busy, I followed up with a call after lunch.

Her immediate response was “You did not share with me any info about your company also…”

I was actually shocked and taken aback by her statement, hence I immediately replied in a very direct manner “Don’t you know that I am ethically not allowed to release such info? It insider trading you know!”

To which she gave a really stupid, stupid reply of “Give as a friend-friend info la”

OMG! How dare she say “friend-friend info” to me?


What on earth did they teach you in ACCA* & CFA*?

That “friend-friend info” is okay?

Do you think I am stupid enough to jeopardize my career & life and release “friend-friend info”?

She may be the STUPID one. But the world has only one place for a person of that title!


Talk about being an ANALyst!

* Not intending to offend anyone representing this professional bodies, for I am very sure that most of the members carries themselves professionally in their conducts.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

.: T - I - Double Guh - Er :.

Congratulations to my dear Tigger~

She is now officially goin to fly off to greener pastures – down in Miri

(or should I say blacker oil blots?)

Goin to be deeply missed, but I know that we will still keep in touch via crazy, silly, topicless emails!

*big hugz*

.: Fit In Their Shoes? :.

I was on the phone with my ex-colleague from Singapore. It saddens me so to hear that there are a lot of children suicidal cases in Singapore, especially of late.

Tho we always look up to the Singapore’s education system, I guess no system is perfect. And this is the price to pay for high standard set in schools. It’s really quite sad, as I feel that some of this kids as they go from school to tuitions back to back every day, just to obtain the top positions in school exams. What about their childhood? Are good grades and top scores a substitute for fun and enjoyment?

Speaking from experience, I was brought up in a family where educations and strongly emphasized. The most popular topic is what who and who scored in their finals/UPSR/PMR/SPM/STPM, etc. I am lucky in the sense that I am the eldest among my cousin, so the pressure of having to meet pre-set benchmarked was not there. However, this does not preclude my parents from conveniently highlighting to me the achievement’s of so-and-so’s daughters or sons who *takes a deep breath* scores straight As, got a scholarship to Singapore, get a high paying job in UK, wrote a book, gave talks/seminars, earns xx amounts (it amazes me what P&C things my mom can find out bout other people, which makes me wonder bout my P&C things she might have revealed to others). It can be quite pressuring at times. To fit into the many shoes of others. Sometimes I feel that I have disappointed my parents greatly. And sometimes when I see my brother struggle, I pity him, coz he tries so hard to fit into mine.

Sigh, but you’ll never really understand the mindset of a parent until you become one yourself. I guess my perception of things will change then (if I ever be a parent). But till then, I guess I can only mindlessly ramble about it.

Monday, October 26, 2009

.: Recipe : Oreo Cheesecake :.

Non Bake Oreo Cheesecake recipe

The original Oreo Cheesecake recipe was from here, but after reading the comments column, I decided to cut down on the cheese and sugar. And since I have no idea where to get Cool Whip, I substitute that with whipped cream.

It’s really so simple to make, and was a real big hit among my colleagues. Here it goes!

3 packets of Oreo
10 grams butter
2 ½ packets (8oz each) of Philadelphia Cream Cheese
1 packet (8oz) of whipping cream
100 grams of brown sugar *
200 ml of milk
A dash of vanilla essence

Mash 1 ½ packets of Oreo (together with it’s center cream) together with melted butter. Spread it over a baking tray and leave in fridge to chill for 30 minutes (or by the time you finish prepared the topping)

For the topping, take the chilled whipping cream and beat til light and fluffy (you need not use a mixer for this; I did mine with my hands – a good upper arm toning exercise). Add in the thawed cream cheese, milk, sugar and vanilla essence. Mix evenly.

Crumble the remaining Oreo into the mixing bowl and give it a quick stir. Pour mixture into the Oreo crust baking tray and leave it to chill for another 3 hours or so.

* If you don’t have brown sugar, you may use white sugar, but try to cut down to about 70 grams. I actually have feedback from some people saying that it is NOT sweet enough, but then again, I too have another group saying that it is just nice. So I guess it really depends. Alternatively, you can just use Oreo (minus the center cream) and hence add more sugar to the cream cheese mixture. But I personally think it’s a waste to throw the center cream.

There are variations that you may wanna try; use mint Oreo, add in peanut butter or peanuts, add chocolate chips/chunks… the list is endless. Just use a lil bit of creativity and you will have a cheesecake you can call your own! :)

.: Tropicana Mall - Borders :.

Was at Tropicana Mall Borders on Saturday night as JC and I decided to take a lil stroll after dinner. Tropicana Mall is only a stone-throw away from my house, in fact walking to the mall would be much faster than driving there (and much cheaper too!)

So I immediately head to the culinary sections whereas JC (as always) headed to the *yawn* boring ol Finance section *yawns again*

I was looking for a recipe for Portugese grilled fish (ikan bakar Portugis), inspired after having the same for dinner at Oasis, Midvalley to watch Law Abiding Citizen. I manage to only get one recipe, which has a similar chili paste to what I used in my Nyonya Laksa.

So let’s just see how it turns out.

Oh yes, my Oreo Cheesecake recipe coming up! :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

.: Supermodel :.

Was talking to Uncle Albert today, and the topic of Amber Chia & Singapore's Miss World came up.

And Uncle Albert made a comment that "Ah, girls that are damn pretty have no brains wan la!"

To which I quickly retort "Nolar Uncle Albert. Look at me, I got alot of brains what!"

He looked at me as I laughed and started laughing out loud too.

Uncle Albert later shared with JC and Keith and they had a good laugh too.

Fine, so I know (from the 'no comment' statement that Uncle Albert made after he manage to find his breath from almost choking from laughing out loud) I am no supermodel.

But at least I have a brain.

Or some sort like that. *laughs*

Saturday, October 24, 2009

.: Conversation With Rachel :.

Rachel : Hello?
Kath : Hello Rachel, what are you doing? *in English*
Rachel : Watching telly. *in English*
Kath : What show are you watching? *in English*
Rachel : I dunno *in English*
Kath : Where is Tammie jie jie? *in mandarin*
Rachel : Here, eating *in mandarin*
Kath : Where is Kevin kor kor? *in mandarin*
Rachel : Out with Daddy *in mandarin*
Kath : Oh, where did they went? *in mandarin*
Rachel : To Jusco or Tesco. I dunno. *in mandarin*
Kath : And they went there to buy? *in mandarin*
Rachel : I dunno *in mandarin*
Kath : Coz they are not buying your things, that's why you dunno? *in mandarin*
Rachel : *laughs*
Kath : Ok, call your jie jie I talk to her! *in English*

Tammie : Hello?
Kath : Did you know who was Rach talking to?
Tammie : Yeah, I knew it was you!
Kath : And how did you know that?
Tammie : Coz it's only you who talks to Rach in English and can talk to her for so long! *laughs*
Kath : Oh...okay.... *laughs*

Rachel is my 6 year old cousin. Sometimes, I just forget that she's already 6, and I still treat her like she's 3! :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

.: A Month's Mark, And Counting :.

It’s exactly a month here in my new company!
*Happy Work Monthiversary*

Things have been pretty okay. Of course there’s much to learn, being in a banking and insurance industry.

All the new lingo and abbreviation…. Sigh. If you walk pass by me at work, and see me squinting my eyes at the computer screen, it’s not because my eyesight is deteriorating, but rather, it’s my lil brain tryin to figure out what is the reports given to me are all about.

I am learning how to analyze the results of my Group. Well, contrary to what many believe, an accountant’s job is NOT number crunching. Anyone (well almost anyone) can crunch up numbers and add it across (a comment from my ex-colleague that made me so pissed, coz she thinks that is what a Group Accountant does!). It’s the interpretation of what the numbers are telling. Sometimes, reading the numbers is as exciting as reading a good book. Seriously! But after a while, if you keep reading the same storyline, you will get bored of it eventually.

Which is why I continuously and eagerly seek new challenges and opportunities to learn. Well, it’s true that I have to go through a steep learning curve, burn more midnight oil, have sleepless nights thinking of solutions, etc but I do love to learn and I love seeking new challenges (tho I complain a lot about it too).

And the bonus – a faster climb up the corporate ladder! :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

.: Got Boobies? :.

Tho I am a girl, I am no big fan of the colour pink.

But if you look at the top right of my blogspace, you would see a pink ribbon running across it, that says "Got Boobies?"

Well, I would bear with this strip of pink as it is for a good cause.

If you have not read my earlier blog bout what you need to do to safeguard your assets, albeit your boobs, well, you should.

I, for one am a very sceptical person (it has to do with my auditing background), hence to convince you, let the statistics below do all the talking.

Breast cancer is the SECOND most common cancer among women.

Breast cancer is the SECOND leading cause of death in women.

80% - 85% of breast cancer cases happen in women with NO FAMILY HISTORY of breast cancer.

The chances of women getting breast cancer is
1 in 2,000 from age 20 to age 30
1 in 229 from age 30 to age 39
1 in 68 from age 40 to age 49
1 in 37 from age 50 to age 59
1 in 26 from age 60 to age 69
1 in 8 from after the age of 70

And because of this incident rate, in the year 2010, 1.5 million people will be told they have breast cancer!

Now, before all this facts and numbers scare you, here's something that should comfort you - 89% of women diagnosed with breast cancer are still alive 5 years after their diagnosis!

89%... that's a GREAT ODD!

Now of course, the key is none other than EARLY DETECTION!

In a nutshell : GOT BOOBIES? THEN YOU SHOULD CHECK 'EM! (a online blogshop) has listed out the THREE STEPS on how to do a breast self-examination!

And guess what? By just posting a blog entry about this Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, has generously contributed RM1,000 worth of prizes (SIX limited collection bags and 24 pursehooks *hyperventilates with excitement*).

Wanna know more bout your chance to win some freebies? Click on to Four easy peasy steps.

Also, for every purchase of Pink Ribbon products at RM10 - RM15 will be donated to NCSM.

So come on and do your part.

It takes every small drop of water to form an ocean.

Spread the Got Boobies? campaign, one person (two boobies) at a time.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

.: I've Done My Small Bit... Have You?"

I've done my small bit... Have you?

Breast! Boobs! Jugs! Bazooms! Bosom! Melons! Twins!
You can call 'em whatever you wanna call 'em.

But whatever it is girls, they are your assets.

Now don't you wanna do what you need to do to safeguard 'em?

It's actually very simple really. All one need to do is to do regular (I suggest monthly) self examination!

Who else should know your breast well but you yourself?

The purpose of this examination is to identify and any irregularity of your breast (i.e. change in shape, lumps, bumps, etc) as early as possible. Sometimes, it may be nothing! But sometimes, it may be something. And I rather not take that chance.

So ladies, do yourselves this favour!

And... share this reminder with your friends!

Win Jewelry!

In conjunction with The Luxurious Fashionista's The Pink Ribbon & The Rubi Competition!

.: Law Abiding Citizen :.

The man who has lost everything.....

... is capable of anything!

It is me or is Gerard Butler on a roll?

Three movies this so far; The Ugly Truth (comedy/romance), Gamer (action/sci-fi/thriller) & Law Abiding Citizen(drama/thriller).

I must say I thoroughly enjoy Law Abiding Citizen, as much as I have enjoyed The Ugly Truth.

Gerard has really displayed his talents and ability to act in different roles.

*warning : may contain spoilers*

Law Abiding Citizen started off with Clyde whose wife and young daughter was mercilessly murdered right in front of him during a burglary.

And due to a loophole in the justice system, when the killer (Darby) was caught, he got a away with third-degree murder in exchange for having to testify against his accomplice; who was framed for he did not commit the murder.

Nick (Jamie Foxx) was the prosecutor at that time, and, against Clyde's will, accepted this settlement and did not pursuit further in court.

Ten years later, Darby was found brutally murdered (and when I say brutally, I mean, brutally). It's almost like a scene from Final Destination!

Clyde was caught, admitted guilt and was put away in prison.

But.... one by one, the people who are involved in the trial was murdered.

First - the executor.

Next - the judge.

And it went on and on.

All this while Clyde was still behind prison. And Clyde cooly admit that he is orchestrating all this and threaten Nick that he will continue to kill more until the flawed justice system is fixed..

Well, Nick did all he could to outwit the Clyde (whom we discover was a secret "Think Tank" agent for the government, hence his expertise in coming up ways to kill people without being there).

And of course,in the end, as always, good wins over evil.

But in this case, one can't help but wonder what is good and what is evil?

In a way, this movie made me think - it's one of those deep thought provoking movies. The world is indeed unfair. Systems are flawed. There are always loopholes that allows the bad guy to get away with what he or she does. And that is why there are many people who are not accountable for their own actions.

But then again, we do not play God by taking it into our own hands. Afterall, these people may not be accountable for their actions now, but God is ALWAYS watching every single move we make. And shouldn't we be more fearful of that?

Anyways, the 1 hours 45 minutes movie was worth every single penny (not that I paid for it - many thanks again Nuffnang!) and I would recommend everyone to watch this!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

.: Tuesday's Special :.

I have been sharing my carrot walnut cake with cream cheese topping with my church members and a few of my colleagues at work. And after a few feedbacks, and also suggestions/methods that may improve the texture of the carrot cake, I must say I am pretty satisfied with the whole outcome!

It was a lil scary for me, as, for the first time, I am letting other people (and some who has years and years of baking experience) try my humble lil carrot cake. As oppose to sharing with very close friends and relatives – that’s coz if I food-poison them, it’s not so embarrassing to apologize! (So Bridget, now you know why I let you try *hehe*)

And yes, the next time I try this recipe, I will take into consideration the few tips and technique that the veteran kitchen moms have shared!

Oh, and the Oreo cheesecake overshadowed my carrot cake and was a big hit among my colleagues! Will share the recipes later for those who are interested to try.

As for today, I am going to watch Law Abiding Citizen with JC later tonight at Midavalley, for free! Thanks once again Nuffnang!

See you fellow Nuffnangers later! :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

.: When Harry Met Sally :.

I love that you get cold when it's 71 degrees out. I love that it takes you an hour and a half to order a sandwich. I love that you get a little crinkle above your nose when you're looking at me like I'm nuts. I love that after I spend the day with you, I can still smell your perfume on my clothes. And I love that you are the last person I want to talk to before I go to sleep at night. And it's not because I'm lonely, and it's not because it's New Year's Eve. I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.

I finally watched When Harry Met Sally.

And cried my heart out. It's been a while since I have cried over a sappy movie.

It's about time I did.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

.: Kid's Prayer :.

Kid's Prayer

I want to know you Lord
You are a great big God
I'm young and do not know a lot
Come and be my all
I want to love you more
Giving you my life and all
You died for me
You sacrificed
I won't forget you Lord

I love you Jesus
I'll grow up knowing you
I love you Jesus
I'll grow up serving you
I love you Jesus
My life is saved by you
I'll never forget
Never forget
I grow up loving you

Saturday, October 17, 2009

.: Mom's Kitchen :.

RM 100 and four hours later, I managed to A) bake 20 corn muffins B) bake two carrot cakes C) make an unbaked oreo cheesecake which is now chillin in the fridge.

I am exhausted, but am very very satisfied! :)

And, I haven't had anything solid the whole day as I was too excited to bake!

Something old; carrot walnut cake (click here for recipe)
Something new; oreo cheesecake
Something borrowed; mom's kitchen
Something blue; my mixing bowl! :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

.: What Am I To Do? :.

I don’t know why I am feeling so guilty about it.

On one hand, it is not my problem.
But on the other hand, because I knew about it, it is my problem.

On one hand, everyone deserves a second chance.
But on the other hand, if history were to repeat itself, I would be blamed for hiding these facts.

On one hand, he’s my friend.
But on the other hand, so is she.

The same covenant that he once said is just a piece of paper.
The same covenant that she will pour her whole life and soul into.

What am I to do?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

.: Another Accountant? :.

Was blogwalking and the statement below from Bridget’s blog caught my attention.

“Ben said he probably take up accounting so that in the event he can't um balance & all those accounting stuffs when he's working, he can call Shanlyn to help! -.-”

To which I posted a comment
“Miss Bridget, you ask Ben if he’s SURE he wanna take accountin ah? after end up bein a boring, old accountant... just like..... JC :)”

To which Bridget replied
“Miss Siew. Haha he was randomly giving himself more options in the working world. Hahahah.

Since he's pro in Maths right, he tot...why not. -.- I doubt he'll be like JC. Oops, dun let JC see this. Ahhahaa..

But even if he will (which I still highly doubt), still can get pwetty, awesome gf like you la. Hahahahahahahaha :P”

Awwww… what a compliment! Thanks Bridget! Hehe :)

But then again, was Bridget trying to be sarcastic? Hmpf.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

.: Matchmaker, Matchmaker :.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker,
Make me a match,
Find me a find,
Catch me a catch
Matchmaker, Matchmaker
Look through your book,
And make me a perfect match

I am so happy for the engagement of my Kor and my good friend, YZhi....

And guess who matchmade them?

So happy!

I am so gonna get a BIG (tax free) ANGPOW for my service!

So, anyone else looking for a match?

Monday, October 12, 2009

.: Kathlynn @ Reconciliations :.

Kathlynn needs to reconcile.

Kathlynn tries to reconcile.

Kathlynn can't reconcile.

Kathlynn tries again, and again, and again.

Sigh, if only I can just write it off as unreconciled differences like how the often use this term in Hollywood.

Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.

Friday, October 9, 2009

.: Ageing Ungracefully :.

A couple of days ago, my colleague was sitting at the cubical directly opposite mine, and was asking me how old I am.

I replied – “24 this year”

“24!?” she exclaimed, stood up from her chair, went to my place and took off her reading glasses to take a good look at me.

“24?!” she repeated.

“24…” she said, softly, almost whispering; as she settled down into her seat moments later.

Sigh. Do I really look that old?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

.: Of Gold And Rainbows :.

There were many paths uncovering itself, before I decided to stroll down this.

And even until a few days back, there were still opportunities to explore other possible paths.

Promises of an even bigger, better pot of gold to be waiting at the end of these paths.

But for me, the big pot of gold isn’t what I want.

It’s the rainbow along the journey that I enjoy most.

Tho I may sound silly and stupid to decide to stick to this path instead of the more promising, lucrative paths, I am happy with my decision.

Afterall, I am venturing into this path in obedience to Him and enjoying the view of the rainbow along the way.

And what many don’t understand is that the bigger pot of gold ain’t gonna buy me that rainbow.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

.: What Happens During The Late Nights :.

I found out about David Letterman’s alleged sextortion when I was tuning into The Late Night Show with David Letterman NTV7 on Monday night.

The show started off as usual, he was shooting a few jokes here and there. Then, he was sitting down behind his desk and went on to confess of what happened. After the first few sentences of saying how he found a few blackmail letter at 6am, threatening to reveal the “bad stuff” that he did, I was like – ok, where’s the punch line? And then he went on and on about how this guy was blackmailing him of $ 2 million dollars; and I was still like – ok, where’s the punch line? And then went about telling that he made a police report and how they arrested this guy; and it suddenly hit me that it isn’t a joke he was telling, but of what really happened to him.

He then confessed that the “bad stuff” was of him having sexual relationship with women at work. Woman or women, I honestly can’t recall.

Anyways, he is kinda in an uncomfortable predicament; being married and all. And I am still not sure if he had those affairs before or after he was married to his long-time girlfriend; who is a mother of their 6 year old child.

But I got to admire his guts for confessing and subsequently apologizing to various parties for his sex scandals.

.: How Much Do You Love Me? :.

I still sayang you even if you smell like rotten durians. *kiss on forehead*
(after consuming durian a couple of hours ago)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

.: Goodbye, Hello Kitty! :.

Was feeling a lil bit blue yesterday.

JC came all the way to cheer me up.

We had a mini picnic, at our nearby playground, of packed dinner, a slice of Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgance, a bottle of Ice Cream Soda and some mooncakes from my house.

We lit my Hello Kitty lantern, which will be used for the last time this year as I accidentally set it on fire. It was an accident. Really!

Say bye-bye Hello Kitty. *a short moment to pause and mourn*

Anyways, he really made my day yesterday. We sat, ate, lit candles and talked about mindless lil things that doesn't make very much sense. But it doesn't matter. Coz it made me happy. It doesn't take much (in fact it only cost him below RM10) to make me happy, but I sincerely appreciate the effort taken.

It's just these very short and brief moments that I get to take a short gasp of childhood air before I drown again into being an adult.

So thank you again JC! :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

.: Of Receiving And Giving :.

From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked, said Jesus (refer to Luke 12:48)

In between being thankful and grateful for the endless stings of blessing overflowing from as far as I can remember; I feel guilty because most of the time, I feel that I am not worthy to deserve such blessings. More so, I feel that I do not know how to give back in return. How to bless others back.

Just a lil moody right now, coupled with me being sick (yet again) and drowsy from the medicines.

I want to give. Just that I don't know how to or what to. It just never seems enough, never seems justified.

Friday, October 2, 2009

.: Beanipet Turns ONE :.

Remember bout the cute BEANIPET that I have been talking about?
(Click here to refresh your memory!)

Well guess what?

They are turning ONE the 24th October!

And what is a birthday without a party right - with loads of presents and giveaways!

So head on over to BEANIPET and check out the goodies installed for us!

And since it's an open invitation - go around and spread the good news.

Afterall, we should be spreading the beani love and joy around!

Congrats BEANIPET on your FIRST birthday! :)


Thursday, October 1, 2009

.: Earth Move Under My Feet :.

I feel the earth move under my feet

I feel the sky come tumbling down

If you have not already known, it's a excerpt of a lyric of a song. By Carole King. What do you mean 'Carole who'? Darn, now my age is showing.

Anyways, even if you do not know who Carole King it, but I am sure that most of you already know bout yesterday's earthquake.

An earthquake with a magnitute of 7.6 hits the ground of Padang, in Sumatra Island about 6.16pm.

Some of us Malaysians felt the tremors and several high rise offices in KL was called for an immediate evacuation. I was not spared, as I was still in office at that time (tell me about it, I should be leaving for home at 6 sharp) and had to walk down (thank goodness it's down, not up) 8 floors, with high-heels (no laughing matter ok!).

But thankfully, no one was injured back in Malaysia, tho we can't say the same for Indonesia. About 530 dead , and this figure is expected to rise.

At night, JC and I said a lil prayer for the victims and families of this natural disaster.

Sometimes, we just take for granted how blessed we are to live in a country like Malaysia.
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