Wednesday, October 28, 2009

.: Fit In Their Shoes? :.

I was on the phone with my ex-colleague from Singapore. It saddens me so to hear that there are a lot of children suicidal cases in Singapore, especially of late.

Tho we always look up to the Singapore’s education system, I guess no system is perfect. And this is the price to pay for high standard set in schools. It’s really quite sad, as I feel that some of this kids as they go from school to tuitions back to back every day, just to obtain the top positions in school exams. What about their childhood? Are good grades and top scores a substitute for fun and enjoyment?

Speaking from experience, I was brought up in a family where educations and strongly emphasized. The most popular topic is what who and who scored in their finals/UPSR/PMR/SPM/STPM, etc. I am lucky in the sense that I am the eldest among my cousin, so the pressure of having to meet pre-set benchmarked was not there. However, this does not preclude my parents from conveniently highlighting to me the achievement’s of so-and-so’s daughters or sons who *takes a deep breath* scores straight As, got a scholarship to Singapore, get a high paying job in UK, wrote a book, gave talks/seminars, earns xx amounts (it amazes me what P&C things my mom can find out bout other people, which makes me wonder bout my P&C things she might have revealed to others). It can be quite pressuring at times. To fit into the many shoes of others. Sometimes I feel that I have disappointed my parents greatly. And sometimes when I see my brother struggle, I pity him, coz he tries so hard to fit into mine.

Sigh, but you’ll never really understand the mindset of a parent until you become one yourself. I guess my perception of things will change then (if I ever be a parent). But till then, I guess I can only mindlessly ramble about it.

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