Thursday, October 15, 2009

.: Another Accountant? :.

Was blogwalking and the statement below from Bridget’s blog caught my attention.

“Ben said he probably take up accounting so that in the event he can't um balance & all those accounting stuffs when he's working, he can call Shanlyn to help! -.-”

To which I posted a comment
“Miss Bridget, you ask Ben if he’s SURE he wanna take accountin ah? after end up bein a boring, old accountant... just like..... JC :)”

To which Bridget replied
“Miss Siew. Haha he was randomly giving himself more options in the working world. Hahahah.

Since he's pro in Maths right, he tot...why not. -.- I doubt he'll be like JC. Oops, dun let JC see this. Ahhahaa..

But even if he will (which I still highly doubt), still can get pwetty, awesome gf like you la. Hahahahahahahaha :P”

Awwww… what a compliment! Thanks Bridget! Hehe :)

But then again, was Bridget trying to be sarcastic? Hmpf.

1 comment:

bridgeT said...

WOIIIIIII i wasn't being sarcastic okayyyy. (:

its a compliment. (: (: (:

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