Saturday, October 24, 2009

.: Conversation With Rachel :.

Rachel : Hello?
Kath : Hello Rachel, what are you doing? *in English*
Rachel : Watching telly. *in English*
Kath : What show are you watching? *in English*
Rachel : I dunno *in English*
Kath : Where is Tammie jie jie? *in mandarin*
Rachel : Here, eating *in mandarin*
Kath : Where is Kevin kor kor? *in mandarin*
Rachel : Out with Daddy *in mandarin*
Kath : Oh, where did they went? *in mandarin*
Rachel : To Jusco or Tesco. I dunno. *in mandarin*
Kath : And they went there to buy? *in mandarin*
Rachel : I dunno *in mandarin*
Kath : Coz they are not buying your things, that's why you dunno? *in mandarin*
Rachel : *laughs*
Kath : Ok, call your jie jie I talk to her! *in English*

Tammie : Hello?
Kath : Did you know who was Rach talking to?
Tammie : Yeah, I knew it was you!
Kath : And how did you know that?
Tammie : Coz it's only you who talks to Rach in English and can talk to her for so long! *laughs*
Kath : Oh...okay.... *laughs*

Rachel is my 6 year old cousin. Sometimes, I just forget that she's already 6, and I still treat her like she's 3! :)


Tammie said...

u treat her like she's 3???

lol. no wonder she's mentally stunted XP

Kathlynn said...

Erm. But wor, she will always be my BABY RACH! :)

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