Thursday, October 1, 2009

.: Earth Move Under My Feet :.

I feel the earth move under my feet

I feel the sky come tumbling down

If you have not already known, it's a excerpt of a lyric of a song. By Carole King. What do you mean 'Carole who'? Darn, now my age is showing.

Anyways, even if you do not know who Carole King it, but I am sure that most of you already know bout yesterday's earthquake.

An earthquake with a magnitute of 7.6 hits the ground of Padang, in Sumatra Island about 6.16pm.

Some of us Malaysians felt the tremors and several high rise offices in KL was called for an immediate evacuation. I was not spared, as I was still in office at that time (tell me about it, I should be leaving for home at 6 sharp) and had to walk down (thank goodness it's down, not up) 8 floors, with high-heels (no laughing matter ok!).

But thankfully, no one was injured back in Malaysia, tho we can't say the same for Indonesia. About 530 dead , and this figure is expected to rise.

At night, JC and I said a lil prayer for the victims and families of this natural disaster.

Sometimes, we just take for granted how blessed we are to live in a country like Malaysia.


Tammie said...

yea i should pray for them too..

XD can't imagine u running down with high heels. HAHAH.

Kathlynn said...

i did not run, i walked down gracefully! hehe :)

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