Friday, October 23, 2009

.: A Month's Mark, And Counting :.

It’s exactly a month here in my new company!
*Happy Work Monthiversary*

Things have been pretty okay. Of course there’s much to learn, being in a banking and insurance industry.

All the new lingo and abbreviation…. Sigh. If you walk pass by me at work, and see me squinting my eyes at the computer screen, it’s not because my eyesight is deteriorating, but rather, it’s my lil brain tryin to figure out what is the reports given to me are all about.

I am learning how to analyze the results of my Group. Well, contrary to what many believe, an accountant’s job is NOT number crunching. Anyone (well almost anyone) can crunch up numbers and add it across (a comment from my ex-colleague that made me so pissed, coz she thinks that is what a Group Accountant does!). It’s the interpretation of what the numbers are telling. Sometimes, reading the numbers is as exciting as reading a good book. Seriously! But after a while, if you keep reading the same storyline, you will get bored of it eventually.

Which is why I continuously and eagerly seek new challenges and opportunities to learn. Well, it’s true that I have to go through a steep learning curve, burn more midnight oil, have sleepless nights thinking of solutions, etc but I do love to learn and I love seeking new challenges (tho I complain a lot about it too).

And the bonus – a faster climb up the corporate ladder! :)

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