Wednesday, October 21, 2009

.: I've Done My Small Bit... Have You?"

I've done my small bit... Have you?

Breast! Boobs! Jugs! Bazooms! Bosom! Melons! Twins!
You can call 'em whatever you wanna call 'em.

But whatever it is girls, they are your assets.

Now don't you wanna do what you need to do to safeguard 'em?

It's actually very simple really. All one need to do is to do regular (I suggest monthly) self examination!

Who else should know your breast well but you yourself?

The purpose of this examination is to identify and any irregularity of your breast (i.e. change in shape, lumps, bumps, etc) as early as possible. Sometimes, it may be nothing! But sometimes, it may be something. And I rather not take that chance.

So ladies, do yourselves this favour!

And... share this reminder with your friends!

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In conjunction with The Luxurious Fashionista's The Pink Ribbon & The Rubi Competition!


Kennee said...

Kudos... Raise awareness about breast cancer ^^ It is the month afterall... Btw nanged and ad clicked... ^^

John Chan said...

Dont let ur "assets" turn into "liabilities"

Kathlynn said...

Thanks Kennee.
Yes John Chan. Assets into liability. No extra points for others to guess your profession!

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