Tuesday, May 31, 2011

.: G6 : Farewell & Birthday Celebration :.

So I spend close to RM250 over this weekend, but I suppose it is all worthwhile coz there are just some things that money can’t buy – like spending time with my Ohanas!

The G6 was set to meet up again, this time in conjuction with celebrating Yin’s farewell (note the word “celebrating” Yin!) as well as my brother, Ben’s birthday (which actually falls on the 6th of June).

I had the menu all planned out a week before (yes, I am anal like that!), and wrote down the ingredients that I need and went grocery shopping. Yes, I cooked lunch and dinner for the whole lot.

For Saturday lunch, we had Nyonya Curry Laksa (refer to recipe here) and a nice good Lemongrass Ginger Mocktail to wash the spiciness down and for dessert a nice Chocolate Molten Cake.

For dinner, we had a nice Lemon Roasted Chicken with Stuffings, Shepherd’s Pie (refer to recipe here), Baked Salmon Fish and a simple Ceaser Salad. My parents brought over some roasted duck and Kuih Bakar Santan (I have no idea what the English translation is for this nyonya kuih). This is all washed down with some Lychee Fruit Punch!

For Sunday breakfast, the kids raided my kitchen and had yesterdays’ leftovers, cereal, mueli bars and finished two cartons of milk – there goes my milk supply! They had chicken rice for lunch, coz my bro’s car couldn’t start as they were suppose to have lunch at my parent’s place. Then for ‘tea-time’ we had some mamak rojak from Uptown (opposite the roundabout, the BEST mamak rojak ever!), as the first choice of Atria’s rojak buah (fruits rojak) was not available.

For Sunday dinner, we had all the knick-knacks at Kota Damansara (plenty of food there!)

I enjoyed my time with them, as we sang our hearts out (my home turned into a karaoke joint) to really lame songs (like Rebecca Black’s Friday!) and to some old songs (Jon Bon Jovi’s It’s My Life). Then it was a movie marathon from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Horton Hears A Who, The Hangover, Ipman, one movie which I just can’t recall the title & City of Gods.

It was a tiring weekend, and I hope that the kiddos enjoyed themselves as much as I did.

Monday, May 30, 2011

.: Colorz N Curlz :.

I am a sucker when it comes to promotions and whats-not, so when Groupon advertised this promotion, I could not say no!

For only RM 39, you can get a professional hair cut, treatment, hairwash & blow valued at RM113 at Colorz N Curlz. That’s approximately 65% off. For the treatment, one can choose between L’Oreal Hair Treatment or Korean Scalp Treatment. As the deal was so good, I shared it with my aunt, and because I introduced her, I got another RM2 off from the bill. Not much, but still, every cent has a value doesn’t it?

Anyways, the vouchers were bought like months ago, but it is only of late that my aunt & I can reach to a common time where we are both available.

We made an appointment a week prior (which you must, coz the appointment book is usually filled back-to-back on weekends). We arrive a tad bit early, but the owner, Kim, was happy to greet us nonetheless. The saloon is located strategically in Kota Damansara, nearby Sunway Giza. It is just the row behind Sekinchan Ikan Bakar, right opposite the Giant Hypermart. We had a no problem locating the place and parkings are aplenty.
Kim, Owner of Colorz N Curlz

Upon us sitting down, Kim asked how we would like to cut our hair, and which treatment would we like. My aunt and I told her that we would like to just trim our hair and try out the L’Oreal Hair treatment. She started off with my aunt first, after her assistant shampooed my aunt hair, and then moved on to my long hair.

I loved the way she shampooed my hair, not to hard that it injures my scalp (some salon that I frequent to does that) and not too soft that it is barely considered a wash. She then proceed to knead my tired shoulders (boy, do I yearn for a nice shoulder massage) which I thoroughly enjoy.

Next to me, Kim was consulting my aunt, and advise that it would be best if she did a scalp treatment instead (due to her oily scalp) and instead of just trimming her hair, suggest that she cut it short. My aunt was at first reluctant (coz she had short hair for as long as I can remember, and thought of keeping it long – finally), but after much explanation and expert opinion from Kim – her hair is too fine, and she will look younger with short hair, she agreed for a long bob.

She began to trim my aunt’s hair as Kim’s assistant starts applying the L’oreal hair treatment. After application, she steam my hair with the thingamabob whatever that device is called. When it was done and my hair washed, Kim attended to my semi dried hair. I explained to Kim that I intend perm my hair in the near future, hence I wanted just a very very short trim. As she was trimming my hair, she stated that it is really dry and suggested to cut it slightly more (about an inch) which I had to agree (coz my hair is really, really dry & I myself know it!)

I just love the way Kim takes her time to cut my hair (and my aunt’s as well), very slowly and carefully. One could tell that she is very passionate in what she does – like she’s working on a piece of art, rather than just getting it over and done with attitude. I also love that she gave me the fringe just the way I wanted it, and not too short that I do not look like a mad woman (soh poh)!

My hair feels much softer and silkier, my aunt is very happy with her scalp treatment that she signed up for a package on the spot.

So, if you guys are looking for a good salon for haircut & treatment, I would recommend Colorz N Curlz. Not sure bout their rebonding & perming services tho.

No, I am NOT PAID to do this “advertisement”. I am just a firm believer that if there are good things to have, then it must be shared.

p/s : No, that's not me, pics are taken from Woman Of Malaysia (read here)

ColorZ n CurlZ
2A-1. Jalan PJU5/20D,
The Strand Kota Damansara PJ,
Selangor 47810

Contact number
012-249 5556
03-6142 6843

Operation hours
Tuesdays to Fridays: 10.30am – 8.00pm
Saturdays and Sundays: 10.00am – 7.00pm
Closed on Mondays.

.: Recipe : Malacca Nyonya Laksa :.

Posted on 26th July 2009

Ta dah! My first attempt at authentic Malacca nyonya laksa.
Blame the low quality picture on my digicam. It's time to get a new camera?
Anyways, recipe for this coming right up! :)

Well, firstly let me credit my grandma for handing down this recipe to me. But as you all may have known, my grandma has no hard and fast rule about the exact quantum of each ingredients. It's based on years and years of experience in the kitchen. So how did she 'hand down' this recipe to me? By walking me through the whole process once a couple of months back. I was like watching live TV on AFC.

Anyways, my attempt to recreate exactly the nyonya laksa is pale in comparison to my grandma's nyonya laksa which I grew up eating and loving. However, it's nearly there and I do believe that one day, perhaps years and years in the future, I am able to replicate something similar to hers!

Recipe for Authentic Malacca Nyonya Laksa

Ingrediant A : For Chili Paste
10 - 12 dried chilies (soaked in warm water for it to soften, remove seeds if you want it to be less spicy)
5 candle nuts [Buah keras]
1 - 1.5 inch of gelengal/wild ginger [Lengkuas] [Can be substitute with ginger, but will not taste as good]

1 whole garlic
12 - 15 pieces of shallots
3 lemon grass, trim the leaves [Serai]
1 - 1 1/2 tablespoon of dried shrimp paste, toasted [Belacan]
1 - 1 1/2 tablespoon of fresh turmeric root (or turmeric powder) [Kunyit]
A few pieces of chili padi (if you want it to be extra spicy)

Ingrediant B : For Rich Laksa Gravy
1.5 liters of coconut milk (equivalent to 2 coconut) [Santan] [Can be substitute with milk, but will not taste as good]
1 - 1.5 liters of chicken stock
Fresh shrimps (optional)
Beancurd puff [Taukey]

Noodles (you have a choice of rice noodles [bee hoon], yellow egg noodles [mee], flat noodles [keuy teow] or for a healthier alternative, you can try using spaghetti)
Shredded blanched chicken, or you may want to use a whole chicken thigh
Hard boiled eggs, halved, unshelled
Cockles, blanched with boiling water, unshelled [See hang]
Bean sprout, slightly blanched with boiling water [Taugay]

Cucumber (sliced thinly)
Vietnamese mint leaves, cut finely (as garnish) [Daun kesung]

1. Grind ingredient A into a blender until you get a fine chili paste.
2. Heat up wok with oil and fry the chili paste until fragrant*.
3. Add in coconut milk and let it simmer for a while.
4. Throw in the shrimp, fishball and fishcake. Add chicken stock and some salt to taste.
5. Leave it to boil, and lastly add in the beancurd puff and switch off the fire.
6. In a bowl, arrange all the cordiments (according to individual preference). Pour hot laksa gravy over.
7. Enjoy! :)

*This is very crucial - if the chili paste is not fried till fragrant, your laksa gravy will not taste that good. To know if the paste is fragrant, the oil will separate [keluar minyak]. It took about 5 - 7 minutes for my paste to turn fragrant, but then again, this very much depends on the type of wok used and the temperature of the fire.

FYI : Apparently, Nyonya Laksa (also spelt as Nonya Laksa) is also known as Laksa Lemak or Laksa Siam (in Penang)

New updates (30th May 2011)
So I've tried experimenting and tweaking with his recipe a couple of days ago. And from that experiment, I've learned this.

One, you can always substitute coconut milk with the healthier milk (be it fresh milk, UHT milk, etc), but it doesn't really bring out the flavor as much as a coconut milk could. If you can, get freshly squeezed coconut milk, but if you can't, those in the pack that you can get off the shelves will do.

Two, it will taste better if you could bruise some Vietnamese mint including stalk [just crush them by using the back of your knife] and add them to the gravy, just about 5 minutes prior to switching off the fire. The aroma of the Vietnamese mint will infuse with the gravy, giving a really nice, aromatic flavor. However, you may also want to add freshly chopped ones as a garnish as well [this is when you serve], to give it the fresh, herby taste.

Three, you may want to reduce the proportion of chicken stock and increase the proportion of coconut/milk accordingly. The thing is, I’ve tried to experiment with milk, and it does taste way creamier (in a good way!). However, am not sure if too much coconut milk can overkill the gravy! It's all up to preference, I suggest you experiment, tweak and modify the recipe to your tastebuds' fancy.

Four, with this gravy (and also as with all other coconut-based curry), you may want to leave it overnight. So if you intend to serve it for lunch, cook the gravy the night before, and keep it refrigerated. Heat it up the next morning, and it is ready to be served. I swear to you that it taste so much better, so much more flavorful and thicken. If there are leftover gravy, worry not, as you can deep freeze the gravy in the freezer and it can be kept for weeks/months. Again, the flavor just intensifies the longer you keep it, and you will love it even more! :)

No better quality pictures, as we were all hungry and wolfed down everything before I remember to snap one! :)

Updated 6/10/11 - IPhone pic from Dan Wong  when we invited the guys over for YA cell.

Friday, May 27, 2011

.: Kimchi :.

My, oh my! Got myself three kilogram loads of kimchi. Yummers! They were on promo at Isetan (starting today). My colleague, who is equally a kimchi fanatic like your’s truly, plus another colleague who’s sister in law is Korean, got ourselves a pack each. The promo is buy two free one. Hence, for RM45.90 per pack, we each paid RM30.60 for 3 kilograms of kimchi and a very satisfied smirk for the day! :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

.: Who's Your Daddy? :.

A 63 year old man, who is married to 17 wives (not sure the technicality of it, coz he’s only entitled to have four wives at any time), and a father to 90 – with two more due to be born this June, is planning to get married AGAIN! (read here for more)

Daad Mohammed Al Balushi, from United Arab Emirates', also has 50 grandchildren. His 17 wives, of various and different nationalities, live in separately luxury home, each with a car and housemaids. His entire family meets up weekly at his old home.

Now, I just have one question!

How does he do it?

I mean I thought most men thinks that one is ok, two – barely manageable, but 17 going on 18?

How does he cope which EACH and EVERYONE of them EVERY SINGLE NIGHT?

Imagine this scenario:
He goes to Wife 1’s house; there she will be, demanding his full concentration and she will most likely, you know, go on and on and on and on.
Then, at Wife 2’s house, the same thing – she will go on and on and on mercilessly!
By the time he’s exhausted from the two episode, thinking that he could rest at Wife 3’s house, *BAM!* no escape, and she will make sure that he is clung tightly, afterall, she probably haven’t seen him for a week (if he goes on a fair rotation)? Or two weeks? You can imagine how much she has hold back waiting for this very day for him to come? She will most likely even do it shamelessly in front of the children (and grandchildren!)

Can you imagine, the poor guy, for his age at that! You would think that he will be drained and would not want another wife! Well, credit goes to him I suppose; for his ‘capabilities’ of managing each and everyone of them well!

Man, but if it was me, I wouldn’t wanna deal with 18 nagging mother-in-laws!
(what were you thinking? *wink*)

Mother-in-law:  a woman who destroys her son-in-law's peace of mind by giving him a piece of hers. -Anon-
Give up all hope of peace so long as your mother-in-law is alive. -Juvenal, Satires-

.: Review : Rimmel London Max Bold Curves Mascara :.

Some of us are blessed with long flirtatious lashes.
Snuffy, Sesame Street

Unfortunately, most of us (like myself) are not born that way!

Hence, the invention of the magical mascara, a make up applicator that darken or strengthen or lengthen or define or that is volumizing or any combination of the above one's eyelashes.*yip yip horray*

For me, it is most important that a mascara is first and foremost affordable (the accountant in me), easy to use (user friendly), does not clump or smear easily, does not flake and of course one that voluminize, define and lengthen my eyelashes!

I have been using two different brand of mascara, and somewhat, both was not really suited for me. So here I am still in search of that perfect mascara that will sweep-my-lashes-off-the-eyelid!

I was given the opportunity to test out :
Be bold. Be beautiful, with lashes that boast exponential volume and lift … instantly! 

Comes in a striking, eye-catching lime green tube, with bold pink words claiming "Big, bold lashes in a flash!", the packaging literally screams "Grab me now!"

What they say:
The proprietary formula, enriched with collagen and keratin is paired with Rimmel's most curvaceous brush ever. Together they take lashes to stunning new extremes of volume and curve. Lashes are BIG, fat, boldly lifted – and completely free of clumps, of course.

What I say:
At first I was a bit worried bout the unique shape of the brush, but then was amused at how the brush was shaped as such so that it could pick up and coat every single one of my lashes (including the ones at the corner that always gets left out the first time round whenever I apply mascara). 

I started with the first coat - then thought to myself, hmm.. doesn't look very much different from my original state. It was only when I applied a second layer where this mascara worked its magic. My barely-there lashes was immediately lengthen my lashes and what I also love was that it coats almost every single strand evenly to give it that sleek finish. No, it was not flaky and clumpy like how some other mascaras can be. The other plus point is that it dries very quickly (minimal smearing for a klutz like me) and it is relatively long lasting. And because it is not waterproof, it is easily removed with water (you need not use a make up remover).

However, in my honest opinion, the set back of this mascara is that it doesn't provide as much volume as I would like to my thin and sparse lashes. And also, without an eyelash curler, it barely seems to 'boldly lift' my lashes up, as how this product claim it would.

Longer & more defined lashes, but lacks volume &'lift'

What others say:
I think this mascara is just awesome. I didn't even need to apply the second coat it gave me beautiful curvy lashes! Momal, Fragancia

I really like this one as it really "grabs" my lashes and pulls them out leaving them defined and separatedI don't think this volumised my lashes as much as I was expecting it to but it definitely made them look longer by curling them upwards - Lily, Lilylipstick

It has quite a dramtic claim that the mascara doesnt really live up to. Its not really bad but it just doesnt do a great deal for my lashes either - Jo, Playmouth Barbie

Verdict : To buy or not to buy?
I would recommend Rimmel London Max Bold Curves Mascara only for your daily/morning use, as it is easy to use and fuss-free. But if you are expecting a more dramatic and voluptuous lashes for your girls night out or on a romantic date, I suggest to use false lashes, or go for another product. Which just means that I will still be on a quest to search for the perfect mascara!

Available at :Watson’s Personal Care Store, Guardian Pharmacy, Parkson (Pavilion, 1 Utama, Sunway Pyramid, Sg. Wang, Klang Parade, Gurney Plaza, Terminal One Seremban, Square One Shopping Mall)

RSP : RM35.90

[Note : Permission obtained from Momal & Lily & Jo to use excerpts of their review on Rimmel London Max Bold Curves Mascara]

Monday, May 23, 2011

.: A to Z of Me :.

All about ME from A to Z! :)

Age: Twenty six this year. Shuuuuuusssshhh, don't go telling the world!
Bed size:Used to be Queen. Now it's a King, but shared with my husband! :(
Chore you hate: It's got to be ironing! Ugh!
Dogs: Don't have any, but I would love to have one. I would love a Jack Russell, but JC prefers a Beagle.
Essential start of your day: Wake up! Duh! :)
Favourite Colour: It was and still is blue!
Gold or Silver: I prefer silver, tho I don't mind white gold too! :)
Height: 165cm or 5ft 5in
Instruments I play: I can amateurishly play the piano
Job Title: Manager (Finance)
Kids: Nil
Live: Malaysia, land of Boleh(s)
Mum's Name: Kim
Nickname: Kath
Pet Peeve: People who talks to much but have no substance (empty vessels!)
Quote from a movie: "He's got you on a pedestal and me in his arms" (Guess which movie? *wink*)
Right or Left handed: Righty!
Siblings: Younger brother (who is single and available btw *wink*)
Time you wake up: Working weekdays - 7am. Weekends - 10am (that's if I have nothing planned for the day!)
Underwear: What bout underwear?
Vegetables you dislike: Coriander (just can't stand it's smell)
What makes you run late: Lost (poor sense of direction) or traffic jam (I swear that the traffic these days are unpredictable!)
X-rays you've had done: Pre-employment medical test and the one time I decided to be supermanwoman and jump down from my stairways when I was 5 or 6. Hehe!
Yummy food you make: Hmmm... I don't know if the food I make qualifies as "yummy"
Zoo Animal: That I like? Penguin. That I don't like? Snakes and insects! Ewww....

Saturday, May 21, 2011

.: Beer Garden Sunset Junction, USJ 14 :.

Since moving in to USJ, JC & I have been exploring around the area for good food to eat. 

We then discovered one of the lil treasures nestled in USJ 14, Subang a place called Beer Garden Sunset Junction, recommended by JC's colleague who lives nearby.

There isn't really much review from bloggers of this place, it's like perhaps one of the more heavily guarded good place secrets - coz famous food bloggers like VKeong or KampungBoyCityGirl have not reviewed this place. 

The place is not exactly a building in itself, in fact, it's like the veranda of the building, sublet out to the owner of Beer Garden Sunset.

I love the ambiance and how the owner chooses to use those cute, small chinese yellow,blue,red,white weaved plastic lazy chair (for a lack of a better description) and low coffee table as tables to eat from.

Close your eyes, enjoy the breeze, and with 70s background music and you feel like your at a beach. Really!

The owner took down our orders and quickly prepared our food (as we were afterall the first customer there!)

He then came and serve us our Deep Fried Sotong.

Deep fried squid (RM12)

I love the deep fried squid. Served fresh from the fryer, is is deliciously crunchy and goes well with the spicy homemade vinegared chilly sauce.

The next dish arrived shortly after the first, BBQ lamb.

BBQ Lamb (RM18.80)

The BBQ lamb is well marinated with generous amount of black pepper, and was grilled to perfection. There is very little gamey smell, which is all good with me. There is just enough proportion of meat and fats to make this dish a perfect balance of melt-in-your-mouth moments! The only flaw is that there isn't a special sauce to go with it, as it was just a tad to bland to go without one. But then again, I'm a saucy person, so perhaps others might beg to differ with me on this.

The third dish arrived even before we manage to finish the second one - Green Mussels!

Green Mussels (RM15)

For only RM15, one gets to enjoy big, juicy green mussels grilled with plenty of butter *sinful I know*, heaps of chopped garlic and loads of fresh green chilly! Be warned tho, this dish is not for those who can't take spicy food, the green chilly plus the garlic made this dish a 7 out of 10 in our spicydometer (no, the devised doesn't really exist, it's just my own personal rating! hehe!), which says alot for a spicy food queen like me!

Serving the best for last, is the grilled saba (i.e. mackerel fish).

Mackerel fish (RM7.50 - as it is only half a fish)

The owner was kind enough to specially make for us half a fish as we were not confident that we could whallop a whole fish, given that we have ordered so much. Unlike the other two grilled dishes served before us that was heavily flavoured, this one is just simply seasoned with some salt and pepper and grilled just like that. With just a squeeze of two wedges of lemon, this dish is THE main highlight for me that night. I never knew something so light and simple can taste so good (coming from a not-a-fish-person, it is really that good!)

We sat for a good while there after the meal, enjoying the ambiance while drinking our Sunset Quench (their special mocktail). There are also complimentary kuachi (sunflower seed) and groundnuts for customers to enjoy while waiting for their food, or as an aftermeal 'dessert'.

Oh, and a projector screen to catch whatever movie/karaoke that the owner choose to play that night!


The location of the Beer Garden Sunset Junction is at USJ14/1M 
(right at the end corner of the row of shophouses)
Coordinate : +3° 2' 19.76", +101° 35' 21.60"

Happy dining! :)

.: Review : Montagne Jeunesse White Chocolate Masque :.

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt. -Charles M Schulz, cartoonist for Peanuts

True indeed that it doesn't hurt at all to have a lil bit of chocolate now and then *lol*. May it be dark chocolate, milk chocolate or even white chocolate, mmmm... just the thought of it is making me crave for a slice of chocolate cake!

Well, there are those chocolate for eating, and then there are those that you slab on to your face


Yes, you read me right, a nice creamy chocolate face mask to smear all over your face.

The package is very attractive, especially those chocolate lovers who will be wondering what is a chocolate item doing on a beauty aisle. Definitely attention-grabbing!

When I open the package to take a whiff, the chocolatey scent was G - double-o - D GOOD!.[Note : There is a very explicit warning on the back of the mask packet; "looks and smells delicious, but please DON'T EAT!" So no matter how tempted you are, this creamy mud pack is NOT SAFE for consumption!]

The instruction says to apply the face mask on a clean face and leave it on for 15-20 minutes or so before rinsing it off.

So I started off with a freshly cleansed face, spread a dollop (about a generous 50 cents size) onto my palm, and start spreading it evenly across my face with my index finger & middle finger. [for those who are not used to using their bare fingers to apply, you may opt for a brush or whatever applicator that tickles your fancy!] I notice that there are still some leftovers in the packet, it's either I spread it too thin or it has generous portions so you can get like 3-4 use from one packet of mask!
Smile for the camera!

I left in on for a whole good 20 minutes (while reading a nice novel) and when the alarm of my handphone rang, I went to rinse my face. The mask washes off pretty quick and well with water and there was no need for abrasive rubs to get rid of sticky bits and bobs here and there (which is good coz my skin can get really aggravated if I rub it too much). When I ran my fingers across my towel dried face, my skin did felt cleaner and smoother after the wash, but it was not as moisturizing as I would like it to be. But then again, rule of thumb is that mud/clay mask (like White Chocolate Ultra Deep Cleaning Masque) is for absorbing oil and impurities, whereas peel-off facial mask is for refreshing and rehydrating.

I took a before and after picture to compare, and realise that after one use, there isn't much difference really. But of course, you have my word that the skin does feel smoother and cleaner, and a lil bit more taut.

Black points are not moles, but merely a referral point to compare the same spot

My verdict 
Already a brownie point for it's chocolatey smell  (still have some after wash chocolatey smell lingering on my face now *joys!*) Usually it's hard to gauge a long term effect of using a brand of mask after only one use, but I notice my skin smoother after one use. It's only retail price of RM5.90, hence definitely value for money (if the accountant says it VFM, it IS VFM!). Oh, and also it is animal friendly (not tested on animals or contain any bits of animals!) so good news to vegans! :) Don't expect miracles like smaller pores or extremely clean skin after, perhaps if I continue to use once a week (as the instruction at the back of the pack suggested) there would be a noticeable difference.

Should you be interested in purchasing this face mask, it is available at any pharmacies or beauty counters in shopping malls. Alternatively, you can check out their website here for more info.

Friday, May 20, 2011

.: Review : Playboy Fragrance :.

Playboy have been so successful with the men fragrance that they decided to launch a set of three for women, consisting of Play It Lovely, Play It Sexy & Play It Spicy back in 2010.
Play It Lovely
Perfect for daytime flirtation, Play It Lovely evokes a sweet and playful innocence that is guaranteed to enchant. This light, easy-to-wear fragrance opens with a mouth-watering blend of zesty citrus, ripe blackberry and juicy pear that uplifts and delights. The heart is built around an exquisite bouquet of cherry baby orchid, belle de nuit and tuberose, which exudes modern femininity. As the fragrance settles, the delicate floral notes give way to a warm and sensual base of amber, patchouli and tonka bean. Simply "lovely"?

Play It Sexy
A darker, more sultry scent, Play It Sexy is ideal for evening wear, for when you're all dressed up with somewhere to go. This sensual yet sophisticated fragrance opens with an invigorating rush of pink grapefruit and mandarin blended with a spicy hint of pink pepper before building to an exotic heart of jasmine teas, osmanthus and liquorice. The rich, seductive base notes of vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood and tonka bean complete the intoxicating experience.

Play It Spicy
A sparkling floriental, Play It Spicy is the sexiest and edgiest of the three fragrances, full of excitement and allure. This glamorous night-time scent opens with a vibrant burst of pomegranate, bellini cocktail and pink berries, evoking the dazzling spirit of a sensational party. At the heart, a luminous floral fusion of elegant tiger lily, passionflower and heliotrope seduces the senses. This gives way to the rich and mellow tones of amber, sandalwood and vanilla essence, creating a sensual signature that can't be ignored.

As I was given the opportunity to review one of the three fragrances above, I was excited when I received my Pos Express (soggy from the rain, but intact nonetheless) envelope. As I hastily tear open my parcel, like a child on her first Christmas day, I was all excited when I pull out this :

The unmistakable playboy bunny in a tuxedo bow tie logo

Guess which fragrant of the three I got?

Hint : Look carefully below!

Yup, I got Play It Lovely! As described, it is indeed a lovely, light refreshing scent once it touches my skin. One can detect the very delicate floral scent, that is not too strong and overpowering, but just enough to tease and linger in one's nose. And the hint of citrus, but that's only for the first few minutes before the floral scent completely takes over (or is it that the citrus scent completely disappears?) Either way, it is indeed perfect for daytime wear on a weekend or when your out doing grocery shopping and running errands, but I reckon that it's a tad bit too mild for officewear. Definitely not suitable as evening or night-time - you may want to try Play Is Sexy & Play It Spicy instead. 

The only set back is that the fragrant can only last bout 3 hours max before the scent completely evaporates off. Not as strong and lasting as I expect a parfum deodorant to be, but for only RM16.90 for a 150ml bottle (the sample size I got is only 75ml), I reckon it is worth every single penny. A good alternative to the more expensive branded perfume, I must say!

For more info on Playboy fragrances for women, you can check out there website here.

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