Friday, June 8, 2012

.: Madagascar 3 in 3D :.

Madagascar 3 in 3D, much thanks to Capital FM for the four premiere passes to catch this movie at Midavalley’s GSC on Tuesday.

It was one of my favourite movies of the year. It may not have the best cinematography or storylines but it’s definitely compensated with the vibrant & colourful characters, full of the circus-spirit that makes you feel like you're watching a circus (for real!) and pretty decent soundtracks.

The characters are pretty hilarious (as they were in the first two movies) especially of Martin the Zebra (Eddy Murphy) and the cute little penguins; Skipper (Tom McGrath), Private (Christopher Knight), Rico (John DiMiggio) & Kowalski (Chris Miller). But of course, nothing beats the annoyingly-love-to-hate King Julien (psstt, he fell in love with the most unlikeliest of characters!)

The antagonist, Captain Chantel DuBois character was also highly entertaining. Her accents and antics keeps the young ones & old ones laughing out loud.

They always say that the sequels of movies are rarely as entertaining as the first ones (e.g. Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, etc), but this time round, Madagascar 3 proves that third time’s a charm.

*hums circus tune in head (since Wed)* *polka dot polka dot polka dot afro! move it move it!*

p/s : Worthy of a mentioned is this cute poster by while I was searching for some pics.

Cute, much? You can check out more of her other cute designs from her blog here.

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