Wednesday, March 31, 2010

.: Ji Muis :.

At the mention of ji muis and chut mun games, my schoolmates aka mass emailing buddies are suddenly so excited over my wedding (wish I feel the same, but *sigh*)

Ser said that she will not be as lenient as she was on her first time being the ji mui -> knowing her, she must have literally handed the keys to the groom, she’s just way too soft.

Fei said that she is not as ganas as Qian, so Qian should be the head ji mui.

Qian said she would be busy snappin pictures, but I already explained to her that I will engage two photographer (hopefully) so she would just need to concentrate on torturing the groom and his heng tais.

Xiao also wants in, and she’s super excited that she too wants to get married -> will hint to Benjamin if I get a chance to meet him again.

All in all, I am so happy that my ji muis are as excited as they are. As for me, the battle still continues as I carry on searching for the perfect bridal shop. One that has great gowns (my size of course) and great photography concepts. And of course one that is within out budget! But most importantly, one that offers good service and a pleasant experience. So far, I have seen Love Vision, Red Bliss, De Casamia, Lasposa & Aspial. My preference in terms of gowns is Lasposa, but in terms of photography concept it would be Red Bliss and Aspial. Still have yet to decide, hopefully I could just pick one and move on to other parts of my wedding planning.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

.: Bennibal Lector :.

I was watching Criminal Minds with my brother last night. He enjoyed the show very much, and to my surprise, it was his first time watching this five-seasons-running-with-the-sixth-season-in-line series.

It’s pretty much like CSI, for those who, like my brother, have not watched this before. But I personally prefer this to CSI as it tend to focus more on the killer and the profile of the killer itself, rather than the crime.

After watching last night’s run, I realize that the profiles of most of the serial killers are somewhat similar. So my curiosity got the better of me, as I started Wiki-ing on the BKT killer, and as one link leads to another, I was somewhat between amused and crept-out reading about the Macdonald Triad.

In short, according to the Macdonald Triad (also known as the triad of sociopathy) is a set of three behaviors associated with sociopathic behavior identified by J.M Macdonald. The triad links animal cruelty, obsession with fire setting and persistent bedwetting past the age of five to violent behaviors.

Now, if you all know my brother very well, he has displayed two of the three behaviors listed above, and I need to check with my Mom if he has a bedwetting problem.

With that, does that make my brother having a significant tendency to be a killer? Worse still a serial one? *dramatic gasps*

I would love to list down the things my brother have done, but due my kind-heartedness, I shall spare him from having to explain to PETA or my mom for the animals he tortured or the things that he has burned down (explaination given to my mom was that the things “mysteriously disappeared”)

So, Ben the psychopath serial killer. The Bendiac Killer. Ben the Ripper. Bennibal Lector (fictitious I know).

Ah, but too bad, after reading the list of general characteristic of a serial killer (listed here), I can safely eliminate that his can be one, considering point

2) – he’s not at all intelligent – refer to this post here :)
3) – well, he’s a pharmacist but I dunno if I can classify as a menial tasked job
4) – our family members are stable, with the exception of him :)
5) – nopez, not abandoned but the domineering mom is true! :)
6) – no such records in our family
7) – no abuse (hey, me beatin him up does NOT count as abuse ok. it was self defence, honest!)
8) – nopez
9) – not that I am aware off
10) – to check with Mom

So, jus having 2 ½ points (well for point 1) he’s single, but not white) doesn’t warrant me to call in the FBI or BAU does it? Hehe :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

.: Rest :.

Brook Besor. Don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of the place. Most haven’t, but more need to. The Brook Besor narrative deserves shelf space in the library of the worn-out. It speaks tender words to the tired heart.

The story emerges from the ruins of Ziklag. David and his six hundred soldiers return from the Philistine war front to find utter devastation. A raiding band of Amalekites had swept down on the village, looted it, and taken the women and children hostage. The sorrow of the men mutates into anger, not against the Amalekites, but against David. After all, hadn’t he led them into battle? Hadn’t he left the women and children unprotected? Isn’t he to blame? Then he needs to die. So they start grabbing stones.

This could be his worst hour.

But he makes it one of his best.

David redirects the men’s anger toward the enemy. They set out in pursuit of the Amalekites. Keep the men’s weariness in mind. They still bear the trail dust of a long campaign and haven’t entirely extinguished their anger at David. They don’t know the Amalekites’ hideout, and, if not for the sake of their loved ones, they might give up.

Indeed, two hundred do. The army reaches a brook called Besor, and they dismount. Soldiers wade in the creek and splash water on their faces, sink tired toes in cool mud, and stretch out on the grass. Hearing the command to move on, two hundred choose to rest. “You go on without us,” they say.

How tired does a person have to be to abandon the hunt for his own family?

The church has its quorum of such folks. Good people. Godly people. Only hours or years ago they marched with deep resolve. But now fatigue consumes them. They’re exhausted. So beat-up and worn down that they can’t summon the strength to save their own flesh and blood. Old age has sucked their oxygen. Or maybe it was a deflating string of defeats. Divorce can leave you at the brook. Addiction can as well. Whatever the reason, the church has its share of people who just sit and rest.

And the church must decide. What do we do with the Brook Besor people? Berate them? Shame them? Give them a rest but measure the minutes? Or do we do what David did? David let them stay.

He and the remaining four hundred fighters resume the chase.

David and his men swoop down upon the enemy like hawks on rats. Every Israelite woman and child is rescued. Every Amalekite either bites the dust or hits the trail, leaving precious plunder behind. David goes from scapegoat to hero, and the whooping and hollering begin.

And what about the two hundred men who had rested?

You might feel the way some of David’s men felt: “Because they did not go with us, we will not give them any of the spoil that we have recovered, except for every man’s wife and children” (1 Sam. 30:22).

A Molotov cocktail of emotions is stirred, lit, and handed to David. Here’s how he defuses it: “Don’t do that after what the Lord has given us. He has protected us and given us the enemy who attacked us. Who will listen to what you say? The share will be the same for the one who stayed with the supplies as for the one who went into battle. All will share alike.” (30:23–24 NCV)

Note David’s words: they “stayed with the supplies,” as if this had been their job. They hadn’t asked to guard supplies; they wanted to rest. But David dignifies their decision to stay.

David did many mighty deeds in his life. He did many foolish deeds in his life. But perhaps the noblest was this rarely discussed deed: he honored the tired soldiers at Brook Besor.

Someday somebody will read what David did and name their church the Congregation at Brook Besor. Isn’t that what the church is intended to be? A place for soldiers to recover their strength?

If you are listed among them, here is what you need to know: it’s okay to rest. Jesus is your David. He fights when you cannot. He goes where you cannot. He’s not angry if you sit. Did he not invite, “Come off by yourselves; let’s take a break and get a little rest” (Mark 6:31 MSG)?

Brook Besor blesses rest.

Brook Besor also cautions against arrogance. David knew the victory was a gift. Let’s remember the same. Salvation comes like the Egyptian in the desert, a delightful surprise on the path. Unearned. Undeserved. Who are the strong to criticize the tired?

Are you weary? Catch your breath. We need your strength.

Are you strong? Reserve passing judgment on the tired. Odds are, you’ll need to plop down yourself. And when you do, Brook Besor is a good story to know.

From Facing Your Giants
Copyright (Thomas Nelson, 2006) Max Lucado

.: Tigger-ific Monday :.

Congratulations to my Tigger who found herself a companion! :)

May your couplehood years be filled with bouncing joys and boinkin funs! :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

.: Breathe :.

Sometimes I rather just cut off from the real world and be in some secret hiding place.

Moments like this where conflicts and conflicts seems to be endless that I feel like giving up, to just shrivel and die.


Just give me some breathing space and leave me alone!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

.: XoXo Bridezilla :.

I have been busy lately with the preparation of my weddings, single-handedly, with no help from my bridesmaid-to-be, whatsoever.

I am seriously considering replacing them, since both them have not been of any help. And if they plead ignorant to their duties, here are links to note such duties, Duties of a Bridesmaid or Bridesmaid Duties, just to name a few. I love the quote of one website that says "Being a great bridesmaid, its not about just looking pretty." *laughs*

Anyhows, I am still managing fine at this stage, with only one explosion (but I blame it on a combination of lack of sugar, lack of sleep & PMS).

Anyways, here are my updates since the last recap posted a month ago

1) Church venue – St Mary’s Cathedral

2) Dinner venue – Oriental Banquet, Section 19

3) Wedding band – got a simple, matchin white gold band for the both of us

4) Pre wedding photographs – manage to visit three bridal shop around SS2 which came in highly recommended by our friends and family (Love Vision, De Casamia & Red Bliss). So far we have selected our preference, which is one within our budget, photography concept also to our liking. But I am still hesitant to sign up just yet, until I visit another bridal shop, just to be extra sure. Once I am sure of which bridal shop I would like, I am gonna bring my mummy along to do to do the bargaining (to ensure that I get the best price and package)

And now that the vital things are off the way, I am gonna take care of the finer details such as:

1) Theme – yes, I know, it should be the main detail I should take care off, but after much consideration, I realize that it is gonna be tough for me to stick with a theme, because then, it is gonna be very rigid, so I rather stick to a simple, themeless wedding. But not to worry, it’s not gonna be all jumble up and all. I am not gonna have a clown at one corner and jazz music playing on another corner and have a beach-theme reception table. It will all gel off nicely, just themeless. I do hope I am right with my gut feeling that a theme is not necessary, if not………

2) Florist – Well, our initial plan was to get a church member who does flower arrangement as a hobby to help us out with the flower décor, but we just found out that she would be tied down on that week. Hence, we are back to square one. Will appreciate if anyone with a florist contact to help me out on this! Thank you! :)

3) Musician – Currently, we have already gotten Enoch Lau, JC’s ex-church friend, to be our pianist. Other than that, the plan is still fluid as we are still deciding if we should need a guitarist/bassist and/or a drummer. According to JC, Enoch is a great and talented pianist, and havin jus him is actually quite sufficient already. But anyways, I will see how it goes, if there is then there is, if there is not, then Enoch will go solo. And ya, I am still waiting for Bridget to agree to be our violinist for our wedding march (send her a YouTube link about a few days ago and she still hasn’t say yes *hint*hint*)

4) Photographer – Well, we would need a photographer on our actual wedding day. I have gotten quotation from a couple of freelance photographer including the very famous Andy Lim, but their quotations are way off budget, ranging from RM3k-RM6k (which incidentally is more expensive that my bridal shop package – which includes pre-wedding photographs in albums, rental of gowns, etc). So I am still trying to get a lower range photographer, but of course someone with experience and a good portfolio. Afterall, there are no second takes on your wedding day right? Or is there? Hmmmmm…

5) Caterer (for Church) – Well for one, the caterer we are selecting has to be Halal for our Muslim friends. I was thinking of getting the caterer of our AGMs, which everyone claims that the food is nice and the price is reasonable. I will most likely be serving finger food (sorry guys if you were expected roast lamb and such), so it will most likely be cupcakes, cakes, sandwiches, tarts, etc.

Ok, the photographer, caterer and florist would be a handful for now.

Oh and before that, I need some suggestion for the groom’s chut mun games. Yes I know it’s usually the ji mui that plans all this, but as mentioned earlier, my two lazy bum bridesmaid is not helping AND more importantly, I want to have control of everything! So the games suggested has definitely gotta be filtered by me! Not fair I know, but that doesn’t mean I don’t allow you guys to torture JC and his heng tais. It’s just that I wanna make sure that it doesn’t go overboard – like being too lewd and untactful, that’s all!

Till then, TTFN!


Friday, March 19, 2010

.: My Dream Wedding :.

Well, as I have mentioned somewhere before, I have never dreamt of my wedding before, but after much research, I realize that I would actually love to have a more personal, small ceremony rather than a big bash. But, as negotiation with Daddy-kins and Mummy-kins, we somewhat came to a compromise.

Negotiation is not easy I tell you, especially when you have a Dad who has PBB’s culture in his blood. If you all do not know, the founder of PBB is one very extravagant man. Look at all his Annual Dinners or Birthday celebrations and you would have a rough idea how over-the-top this man can be. Ah, but he’s a bazillionaire, ranked the top 5 richest man in Malaysia, while I am earning peanuts here.

Anyhows, somewhat between tugging and pulling, we manage to find a middle ground for certain things. And for the remaining others, the bargaining and negotiating still continues.

But, really, if I had it MY WAY and ONLY MY WAY, I would love to have a small ceremony in the chapel below, with really close friends and family.

Ah, but a dream shall remain a dream huh? ;)

.: Bali, Bali :.

Romantic Bali!

What could be more perfect that a honeymoon in Bali to kickstart the rest of your lives together?

One of the best 4 stars hotels in Bali according to IndonesiaMatters, Waka Di Ume ( has plenty to offer.

The hotel is pleasantly situated amidst typical Balinese rice paddies a short distance north of Ubud. An oasis of quiet and serenity, only minutes from the hustle and bustle of Ubud, the cultural and artistic heart of Bali. One will be staying in one of the sixteen individualistic and distinctive dwelling units, scattered down the gentle flanked by rice fields. 

Just the place to unwind, to relax, to luxuriate, to escape the rush and noise of the outside world and to immerse yourself in quiet and comfort.

And the reviews from their guest have been nothing but excellent! (TripAdvisor)

Published Rate: valid until Mar 31, 2010

Villa with Pool USD 411.00
Family Villa (2 bedrooms with Pool) USD 532.00
Lanai Rice Terrace USD 202.00
Terrace Villa USD 358.00
Lanai Garden USD 184.00

The price I need to pay for a 3D2N honeymoon here : FOC :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

.: Rain On My Parade :.

Just when I thought I am finally out of my emo-ness,
you can just put a rain to my parade.


Blinkin brilliant!

.: CNY 2010 :.

I love CNYs for the sole reason that it’s the one of the few times where the whole complete family (from my maternal side) gets to sit down, and have dinner together.

My grandma, with her seven children and their spouse, and her ten grandchildren, all seated down in the dining room, divided into three tables – the adult table, the young adult (we have upgraded to call ourselves young adults) and the children’s table (which is actually the living room marble table outside).

We eat the traditional peranakan food usually of…

1) Ponteh / Pong tay (Chicken or pork cooked in brown bean paste with mushroom)

2) Chak Bek (Pork and liver slices cooked with shredded ginger)

3) Ayam Buah Keluak (Chicken in Black Nut Curry)

4) Sambal ayam/udang/telur (Chicken/Prawn/Eggs Sambal)

5) Pig stomach with black pepper soup

6) Others such as fish, vegetables, etc

…accompanied by homemade sambal belacan (for ponteh), homemade cili cuka (for chak bek), Peranakan acar (which is crunchy pickled cucumber and chili stuffed with grated young papaya).

All this flushed down with an icy cold drink (which is usually limited, so one has to really rush to ensure they get a cup) and the occasional wine.

We eat, we drink and boy we were so loud and merry that it will probably put a crowded Irish bar to shame.

And in the past years, we used to have games like charades, taboo, etc right after dinner.

However, this year, everyone was so engrossed with playing the computer, watching YouTube, running virtual restaurants, etc that our customary games took a back seat. Such a shame, but oh well!

On the first day of CNY, we will all gather for our family photo – one big happy family! :)

It would be very likely that I wouldn’t be able to join them next year, at that’s what makes my heart break so much. But let’s just see, perhaps I can negotiate with JC to let me go back Malacca next year. Afterall, he doesn’t really have a big reunion dinner like we do anyways! :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

.: Spending Time :.

Lil did I realize that I have been spending less time with the people that I care most.

But indeed, that post was a wake up call, and as I reflect back on the two weekends, I realize that it is true, and with that, I apologize.

I promise to dedicate more time for you when you’re around.

And for the record, you’re not ranked 62nd place, just 38th :)

Love you no matter what, unconditionally.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

.: Quickies :.

1) Decided to be nice to myself lately, so I bought a novel by Sidney Sheldon's Are You Afraid Of The Dark for RM15. Finished reading it in a day. Not too bad, shall find myself looking out books from this author in the public library soon.

2) Went to Bukit Tinggi to pick up Yin. Had one of the best tom-yum steamboat ever (homemade mind you!). Lip-smackingly spicy, just the way I love it! *slurps*

3) Went back to my exercise regime after a long three weeks break. I need not be reminded how much weight I put on. Grrrrrrr.

4) Went for acupuncture for the first time ever. It was cool, considering the fact that I am absolutely terrified of needles. I think I finally got over my fear for pokies-pokies. Yay! *Poke, poke!* :)

5) Surfing for wedding related stuff. Taking it leisurely for the time being, but I know the clock is ticking pretty fast. Then there is the USJ Howse (spelling on purpose) Project coming soon. *screams*

6) Work. Tomorrow. Don't wanna talk about it. *sulks*

Friday, March 12, 2010

.: Don't Wake Me Up For Anything, Except.... :.

It is always difficult for me to get up early in the morning. It has been this way ever since as far as I can remember.

Even during primary school days, I remember that I would be rudely awaken by the alarm clock, went downstairs, open the fridge, sit in front of it, and fall asleep. Until my mom sees me, and rudely awaken me from my power nap (that’s what I like it to be known – power nap) only to continue dozing off in the bus all the way to school.

The same it is for me now, minus (of course) the fridge-power-nap. And since I drive to work, I can’t be dozing off while driving can I?

But it’s always a difficult task for me to wake up even until now. As light a sleeper as I am, I do wake up at the buzz or vibration of my handphone, which I so strategically place right next to me,I will then automatically switch if off, and take go back into slumber until the snooze alarm goes off.

Usually I will wake up after the second snooze, but sometimes, I am just so lazy that I go back to sleep until it’s really, really late and I will rush about like the White Rabbit (which reminds me, I wanna watch Alice In Wonderland – anyone wanna be my date?).

Well you would think that someone like me, who finds it such an uphill task to wake up in the morning, will spend the weekend in bed til noontime, no? Sadly, that’s not the case, as I somehow seem to wake up at 8am – 9am on weekends. And I usually can’t get back to sleep. Weird, but I am sure you may have noticed that I am weird after reading the first few sentences of this post (albeit my morning power-naps).

Anyways, reason why I am ranting all bout sleep is that I feel a need to take some shut eye now, as I have always felt when I am at work (dear work, it's really not me, just you). But somehow, I still find myself fully awake and energized to make the avatar of Kevin or Tammie plunge my clogged toilet in Restaurant City at 2am in the morning.

Now why is that so?

Ya, I know. Humor me!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

.: Of Legal Age :.

Upon explaining that Yin needs to be in Bukit Tinggi to babysit Tammie & Kevin for the weekends as Tammie’s parents will be heading to Malacca,

JC : What? Yin babysits them?
Me : Yes
JC : I don’t see the difference
Me : Well, Yin is older than Tammie you know? Yin is 21, Tammie is only 18.
JC : Well, it’s not materially different
Me : But Yin can make all the LEGAL decisions Tammie can’t
JC : -.-‘ What legal decisions?

I don’t know, but with that logic, JC agreed to drive up to babysit them instead of hanging around to find out... Haha! :)

So Yin, Tammie & Kevin, you guys owe JC big time ya!

.: Bunny Hopping :.

Received this sms from JC this morning.

Sometimes he can just be so random.

Bunny bunny hop hop
Bunny bunny hop hop
Bunny sick today?
Kesian. Muax. Love you.

Yes, I am sick, AGAIN. And it’s not like I didn’t even try to build my immune up. For the past two months, I have been religiously popping one multivitamin tablet a day. My immune is absolutely hopeless!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

.: Simple & Fulfilling :.

I was watching HIMYM and Criminal Minds yesterday.

It’s been a while since I really sat down and slouch on my couch doing mindless surfing and catching on the latest series.

And, ah yes, I still have my CNY post pending. And to upload the pictures of my road trips.

I miss my road trips. I wish I can just quit my job, buy a caravan and travel around.

Life would be so simple and fulfilling wouldn’t it?

Monday, March 8, 2010

.: Exciting Week :.

'When you wake up in the morning, Pooh,' said Piglet at last, 'what's the first thing you say to yourself?'

'What's for breakfast?' said Pooh.
'What do you say, Piglet?' 'I say, I wonder what's going to happen exciting today?' said Piglet.
Pooh nodded thoughtfully. 'It's the same thing,' he said.

It’s been a long, exciting week for me two weeks ago. As some of you may have known, I am supposed to be off to Melbourne, and as we speak type, I should be visiting some tourist spot right now. But alas, due to certain circumstances, I am still here.

Well, as much as I am bummed that I missed this opportunity to go to Melbourne, I must say that I did have a fun whole week off anyways. Well, the reason I mentioned “opportunity” is becoz JC has recently resigned from his current job as an auditor with PwC and is now currently on a three-weeks break before starting his new high-flying, adrenaline-pumping, late-night-working, no-time-for-the-fiancée job in CIMB Corporate Finance’s division.

Anyways, given that I have already taken two weeks off, and I reckon a break is much deserved after the big hoo-haa on the wedding arrangements, JC & I decided to proceed with a Cuti-Cuti Malaysia instead.

The night before our mini-traveling plan begin, we had lunch with Enoch Lau, a long-time church friend of JC. It was really nice to get to know this warm, sincere character and we pretty much did talked about everything under the sun while enjoying the food at Tony Roma’s.

On Monday, in JC’s small lil Viva, we traveled down to Port Dickson. Our first stop was the famous PD resort – Avillion.

We then head down to Hong Leong’s very own Thistle.

We proceed to Bagan Lalang Beach and spend some time enjoying the sea breeze and watching people pass us by.

Right before sunset, we head to a place in Tanjung Sepat for a nice lil walk at a small jetty and then for some seafood dinner.

And that was the end of the first day, and it was good.

On the second day, we started off our journey to Bukit Tinggi at about 10am. We took the trunk road to Ulu Yam right after Gombak. We stopped by at Ulu Yam waterfalls, took a short dip and headed on our way to our favorite Loh Mee shop at Ulu Yam Lama. For more, read here.

After a hearty meal of Loh Mee and Saito Fu Chuk & Fishcake, drop by Batang Kali to look-see-look-see, we went straight to Bukit Tinggi – Selesa Hills Resort (where Tammie & Kevin resides)

JC and I went for a swim with Rachel in the evening at the swimming pool and it was a good swim as we had the whole pool to ourselves! :)

We then came home, took our bath and had a delicious, warm meal prepared by my uncle. We later went out to McDonalds in Sempah for ice-cream and some snaps-snaps moments with Tammie :)

And that was the end of the second day, and it was good.

On the third day, we woke up, had nasi lemak (which JC has bought from the nearby morning market) and headed to Janda Baik.

There isn’t much to do in this small town located just about 15 minutes from Selesa Hills, but there are quite a few spectacular picture moments.

Anyhows, considering that we had much time left, we decided to check out Berjaya Hills. On the way up, we stopped by a Rabbit Farm (which charges RM3 per entrance per person). It was such a delight to have lil bunny hopping around.

Bunny, bunny, hop, hop!~
Bunny, bunny, hop, hop!~

We then went up, paying another RM10 per person to enter into Berjaya Village. JC felt that it was a rip off as the places of attraction up there wasn’t that attractive, but I personally felt it was ok, for the sake of exploring the place for the first time. But honestly, I wouldn’t pay to go up the second time.

We started off in Colmar Tropicale, a French-themed village attraction there. There wasn't much visitor (perhaps it is because it's a weekday) and the place is quite quiet. But there are many good picture-taking opportunities there.

Then we drove to the Japanese Tea Garden, which is about 15 mins uphill drive. Quite a quaint lil garden, and one could also rent some traditional Japanese costume and have a traditional tea ceremony in a traditional lil Japanese house.

Adjacent to the Japanese Tea Garden is a Botanical Garden. Nothing particularly spectacular about the garden, just some flowers here and there (or perhaps I just didn’t know how to appreciate it)

So the visit to the French Village & Japanese Tea Garden marks the end of our visit to Berjaya Hills, and we then headed down. As we have about an hour to spare before we head back to prepare dinner, we drop by at Lentang Waterfalls. The place was not as cooling and clean as Ulu Yam waterfall, and it was quite disappointing, so we left immediately after.

We headed back home, prepared dinner consisting of otak-otak (all the way from Muar), 3-variety steamed eggs (consist of chicken eggs, century egg & salted egg), fried chicken drummets and some vegetables. Tho a simple dinner, it was all polished down in minutes.

We later then went to a nearby mamak (which serves the BEST iced-coffee) with Tammie. We chat and laughed (well it was Tammie that laughed most of the time, coz she caught a whiff of the laughing gas of something – coz she couldn’t stop laughing at EVERYTHING)

And that was the end of the third day, and it was good.

The next morning, we woke up and prepared ourselves for a hiking adventure. According to one blog, the hike would take 45 minutes. So according to our calculations, we take 45 minutes in, spend bout ½ hour at the waterfalls and then another 45 minutes out. That would take about 2 hours right?


Because of the lack of stamina and bad sense of direction (as the trail had many forks) we took about 1 ½ hours to hike in, ½ hour at the waterfalls and 1 hour to hike out. So all in all more than three hours of hiking!

The waterfall is actually located in the midst of many vegetable (both legal and illegal) plots, and while we were hiking, we stopped many farmers on their motorbikes to ask for direction. One farmer, who we bumped into twice, was nice enough to wait for us further up just to tell us that this is the spot to turn off to the waterfall. As JC said, he could have been our guardian angel as there was no obvious path to the waterfall and if it wasn’t for him, we would have missed in and hiked to who-knows-where!

The Tanglir waterfall (I think that's what it is called) was amazing, as it was clean and the water was clear. Too bad I am not such a great camerawoman and these pictures do not do justice to the actual beauty of this place.

Upon hiking out, there was a leech incident which I am far to embarrassed to elaborate. If you think the incident in FRIM with Uncle Albert is bad, this is worse. I screamed to a point where I was hyperventilating after. And all this because I saw two leech on the path which blocked my way and I was so darn terrified of crossing that path. JC cajole me, but his words were muted by the throbbing heartbeat and fear in me. I kid you not! I finally gathered whatever courage that was left in me and hastily crossed the path. Thankfully I didn’t sprain my ankle and even more thankful was that I wasn’t bitten by any leech.

We had a late lunch and headed back to KL as JC has music practice that night.

And that was the end of forth day, and it was good.

All in all, I really had a great time, and especially so that I get to spend it with JC.

Looking forward to our next adventure soon! :)

-pictures to be updated : erm, maybe not ever?-

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

.: Waffles, Waffles :.

My cousins from Bukit Tinggi came down to stay with us for a day (coz the just can’t get enough of me even tho I have spent the whole week with them *wink*).

They arrived in the evening of Friday (a public holiday) and had to leave on Saturday morning as Tammie starts work at 9am.

JC was asking Rachel if she wanted me to make some waffles for breakfast. Rachel replied “ok…” but added “…but I don’t want to be a chartered accountant” (random right?).

Anyways, I was busy googling for a waffle recipe as the one I’ve tried a few months ago was not to my liking.

So I got this one recipe from Martha Stewart and decided to give it a go.

And the outcome?

It tasted absolutely delicious! I love it! And so did my cousins, who gobbled it down with lotsa maple syrup and marmalade.

There was some batter left, so I kept it in the fridge for JC the next day, and guess what?

It tasted even better!

So I reckon that any batter (be it waffles or pancakes) are best left overnight.

Anyways, here is the recipe to share.
No pictures as I was semi-awake while assembling the recipe at 6.45am. (I am so NOT a morning person)

Here's the recipe

Martha's Simple Waffles

8 tbs butter
2 cup flour
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp salt
3 eggs
2 cup buttermilk
Dash of vanilla essence

Monday, March 1, 2010

.: Exactly :.

Exactly 2 months since he proposed.

Exactly 10 months to the actual wedding day.
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