Monday, October 13, 2008

.: Jungle Trekking :.


"Get it off me!!!!"


--------- minutes before----------

Uncle Albert (from SLS) invited JC and I for jungle trekking last Sunday.

So, in spite of the rain, and the fact that I was taking my nap on Sunday evening (that's like the bestest time to nap), we went to FRIM.

We hiked for about 200m, stopped at a small hut to take a breather, when uncle Albert asked us to roll up our pants, to check for leaches.

At first glance, it seemed that I was "leach-free" and we proceed to check on JC. And just when I was about to roll back my pants, I saw this slimy black thing crawling at my left leg and I started screaming my lungs off.......

And there I was, making a "scene" in front of other onlookers that was giving me that funny look, while Uncle Albert uses his saliva to get rid of the leach.

I was still screaming when that thing was off me, and didn't really stop until I realise how hilarious this whole situation was and started laughing at myself.

JC thought I went nuts when I stop screaming and started laughing.
Of course, Uncle Albert had the pleasure of making fun of me through out.

Such an "adventure", my first and last. Don't get me wrong, I love hiking, but absolutely hate leaches and other creepy crawlers alike and now that I am fully aware that there are leaches there, I'm not going anymore! :)

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