Tuesday, October 21, 2008

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Your personal brand is what people say about you behind you back. It's the word they use to describe you to other people and its how you make other people feel about you - just like a corporate brand or a product brand.

We are now in a business world where people represent a brand more strongly than any slick website or glossy brochure ever can.

The top ten things to do to create a strong and memorable personal brand:

1) Make sure it's authentic
- uncover and clarify your strenghts...

2) Measure the perceptions
- get feedback from others on how they see you...

3) Be clear on your uniqueness
- if you were to write your life story so far, what would the title of the book be?

4) Clarify your target market
- write down the top 100 people - people who will help you reach your business, career and personal goal...

5) Increase your visibility and exposure
- how can you be more visible - write an article, attend networking groups,etc...

6) Check out your first impressions
- it takes seven seconds to make a first impression - do it right the first time...

7) Don't dilute the brand with inconsistencies
- be consistant in all ways you communicate, be it via email or face-to-face conversations or on the phone...

8) Pay attention to your brand packaging
- how do you present yourself? your voice, tone, dress, appearance, etc...

9) Clearly define your goals
- if you don't clearly articulate your goals, you are very unlikely to reach them - write it out and stick them somewhere...

10) Start NOW!
- don't delay and do it NOW!

Article from Lesley Everett

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