Sunday, October 12, 2008

.: Put On Your Parteee Hat :.

To : Elaine, SYen
From : Kathlynn
Subject : It's Fri - put on your parteee hat!~

Hey, it's Friday! Happy, happy, happy!
I'm going to have a hectic Sat, a test that I haven't even studied for, but what the heck......
It's Friday!

To : Kathlynn
Cc : Elaine
From : SYen
Subject : Re : It's Fri - put on your parteee hat!~

You wild crazy girl! It's only 9.02am and you're sending this kind of email, shouting for a party! :)

So I was extra happy on Friday, thinking this must be an exceptionally beautiful Friday, but it all ended when I felt nausea and threw up and was down with a fever in the mid-afternoon.

What a way to start the weekend!

So there ends my chain of "beautiful days" but I enjoyed it while it lasted!

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