Wednesday, October 29, 2008

.: Guess Who's Back? :.

Qian's back!


Last weekend (Sunday) a small group of ex-5 Bataians met up. Apart from the usual SJian, Jes & myself; SMay, EWei (who's now working in Singapore - with 3 bosses under him [private joke]) & CKong joined us.

We had dinner at BubbaGump Shrimp, The Curve.

Tho we have aged (I mean we knew each other for almost 5 years now), but some of us are still the same. We laughed, we teased each other, we had fun! :)

I love meeting up with my ol' buddies - there's so much catching up to do, and time do fly when we are all having fun! :)

So now that CKong & Qian are back for good, we can have lots more outings and lots more fun (coz Qian is the fun-est person to be with! - [She reminds me of Tigger - spelt T .I. double-Grr. Errr])

Ok, I think I should continue to hit the books now.......

[I'm in SyUC library - it's as nerdy as I can get]


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