Saturday, October 18, 2008

.: Mamma Mia! :.

I must confess that I actually enjoyed this movie. Not that big of a fan when it comes to music from the 70's, but I just can't refrain myself from tapping my feet to the familiar ABBA songs like "Honey, Honey", "Money, Money, Money", "Mammamia", "Dancing Queen", "Super Trouper", "Take A Chance On Me" - tho I don't think the storyline was that great (unlike Dream Girls)

Another confession to make, I think I want to re-watch this again! :)

Arg! Can't get the tunes out of my head.....

"So I say thank you for the music,
The song I'm singing,
Thanks for all,
The joy they're bringing..."

And thank you JC for the movie date *wink* :)

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