Wednesday, August 22, 2012

.: Cupcakes Galore :.

This weblink I discovered while daily-surfing for inspirations on Pinterest caught my attention. Shall put on my baking apron & give this a try to see if it's as good as it claims to be!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

.: Conquest To Conquer Malls :.

The much awaited long break in-between jobs was spend mostly on shopping. As an additional bonus, it was exactly on the same time when Malaysia was having it's annual Mega Sales *excited*. So my mom & I decided to conquer the main malls of the Klang Valley. We went on a marathon to One Utama, e@Curve, Ikea, KLCC, Tropicana City Mall, Midvalley, Sunway Pyramid & Pavilion.

I think I managed to rake up the credit card bill to close to a thousand ringgit just on shopping alone. It's not that I bought much, but it's a dress here, a pair of shoes there, stuff like those. I didn't ever spend that much at any one point of time while I was working, so I suppose this is my period of indulgence - all the "unspent years". The Husband winced in pain when I highlighted to him that since I am not earning any income at the moment, my credit card bills for this month will have to be settled by him. Come to think of it, I should make him settle my credit card bill altogther, regardless whether I am working or not!

Anyways, nearing to my last few days before I start my new job, I told my husband that I really am compelled to request for a delayed start in my new work. Reason being is that I felt that a stretch of slightless less than a month wasn't quite enough just yet for me. The Husband always kept silent when this matter was brought up time and again. I suppose he fear that he had to pick my credit card tab for another month? Hmmm…

So I got a couple of new working dress (mostly from Nichii & Zara), some long pants, a skirt or two (from Lee Ann Maxima), and a pair of dinner heels (which was going at RM30 at Charles & Keith, an absolute steal!). Oh, and I got myself a couple of accessories too (don't know why I just had this sudden obsession with accessories of late!).

I am still looking for a pair of pumps (in red perhaps?) because the one that I wear to work is in boring black. Also, I am still looking for a nice dinner dress - as there will be a couple of wedding dinners to attend lined up for this year.

Oh, joy of shopping! But bleh, the un-joy of credit card bills the following month!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

.: Matters Of The Heart :.

Sometimes, I wish I have the magical powers to heal. More specifically, to heal a broken heart. Sometimes, I wish I have the wisdom of Solomon, so I'd know what to say to make you feel all better. Sometimes, I wish I can rationalise with you; like how 1+1 will always = 2. But logic and sensibility goes out the window when matters of the heart are involved. It defies all logic, defies all common sense, the most intelligent of person can act most irrationally. I know it is easier said than done. I know that it hurts. But I want you to know, that I am always here for you, no matter what. To be your shoulder to cry on, to be your listening ear, to be your venting outlet. I want you to know that....

Remember, time heals all wound. Be strong!

.: Up On Stage Again :.

I was invited by Pat via a phone call two months back to give a speech to high school students on the ICAEW programme [click here to read my past experience on stage]. If you have read, you would have known that I just have this phobia of going on stage. My palms gets all sweaty, my pulse rate doubles, I have butterflies & knots in my tummy, that sort of things. But, for some weird reason, I said ok (perhaps it is because of my inability to say no).

Long and short of it, the date was decided to be on 7th July, at Sunway University's Multipurpose Hall. I later found out that it will be forum style (which is much better, as I don't have to stand solo, delivering a bunch of mumbo jumbo which probably bore the kids half to death anyways.

Anyways, again, to cut a long story short, the whole event went pretty well. Must really give credit to the CFAB students who managed from head to tail the whole event. I know plenty of hard work went behind the scene to make that day a sucessful one.

Our forum slot was scheduled for an hour and the half. At first, pre-discussion, we were worried that we may not have enough to talk to the kids about. But the moderater, Jane, was excellent in moderating the whole forum, and we did have a bunch of engaging crowd. The students were enthuasistic to ask questions to the members of the panel, which I must say, the panels did a good job answering them. It ended up we have overrun our time, but I am sure most of the students didn't mind one bit, and so did we.

I had my moments of stage fright & I could hear the shiver in my voice over the mic, but again, I'm glad I step-up to that personal challenge. I told myself never again, but if I know myself better, if another opportunity arises, I will still say yes.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

.: Happy Endings :.

There are no happy endings;
Endings are the saddest part.
So just give me a happy middle;
And a very happy start.

- Shel Silverstein -

Thursday, August 2, 2012

.: The Prelude Of My Adventures :.

So, what DID I do, now that I am a housewife? I went on a short impromptu trip to Phuket, I shopped (Malaysia Megasales *woots*), I spend quality time with my mother and my grandma, I went up on stage again in spite of my stage fright, I completed Project Masterpiece (finally!), I helped out the husband with Project Casa : Phase 2, I helped kickstart a project (secret at this stage) with some ICAEW students, and of course, what is a housewife if she doesn’t do a little bit of cooking & housework isn’t it? :)

Will detail my adventures in the next few post! :)

.: The End Of One Chapter :.

In case you guys have not already known, I have left my previous job of 5 years plus with the Group.

My facebook status of my employment was changed to “Full Time Housewife” on 4th July, marking my last day with the Group. It was purely coincidental that my last day falls on America’s Independence Day and we even joked that it marked me being “released” from the “clutches’ of the Group, but truth to be told, it was an emotional day for me. I have mentally prepared myself that I will feel sad on my last day of work, but I never knew that I’d feel this emotional to the point that I nearly broke into tears.

It has been, 5 wonderful years, and was definitely blessed with wonderful people & job scopes that were challenging so much so that my I have gained so much experience & exposure. As cliché as it may sound, it was really a tough decision to make, as there I was, with an almost close to perfect job; and I have to give that all up and take a chance with something else, starting out totally fresh & anew. But I remember my ex-boss/mentor quote me this years ago, to which I hold to “It is only by venturing out of one’s comfort zone in obedience that one can benefit most!” (paraphrased). And during my quiet time, He has made me feel at peace with this decision; hence, I know that it’s the correct decision to make.

“With a heavy heart, I will had say my goodbyes. Not to bosses, but to great mentors; not to colleagues, but to remarkable friends. It has been an amazing journey and wonderful experience for the past 5 years; but I am looking forward to the adventures that lies ahead” so quote my Facebook status.

Indeed, it’s goodbye to yesteryears, and hello to a new adventure ahead.
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