Thursday, August 2, 2012

.: The End Of One Chapter :.

In case you guys have not already known, I have left my previous job of 5 years plus with the Group.

My facebook status of my employment was changed to “Full Time Housewife” on 4th July, marking my last day with the Group. It was purely coincidental that my last day falls on America’s Independence Day and we even joked that it marked me being “released” from the “clutches’ of the Group, but truth to be told, it was an emotional day for me. I have mentally prepared myself that I will feel sad on my last day of work, but I never knew that I’d feel this emotional to the point that I nearly broke into tears.

It has been, 5 wonderful years, and was definitely blessed with wonderful people & job scopes that were challenging so much so that my I have gained so much experience & exposure. As cliché as it may sound, it was really a tough decision to make, as there I was, with an almost close to perfect job; and I have to give that all up and take a chance with something else, starting out totally fresh & anew. But I remember my ex-boss/mentor quote me this years ago, to which I hold to “It is only by venturing out of one’s comfort zone in obedience that one can benefit most!” (paraphrased). And during my quiet time, He has made me feel at peace with this decision; hence, I know that it’s the correct decision to make.

“With a heavy heart, I will had say my goodbyes. Not to bosses, but to great mentors; not to colleagues, but to remarkable friends. It has been an amazing journey and wonderful experience for the past 5 years; but I am looking forward to the adventures that lies ahead” so quote my Facebook status.

Indeed, it’s goodbye to yesteryears, and hello to a new adventure ahead.

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